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Robin Bloom
Biographical information
Full name Robin Bloom
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1973
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Banker
Family Clive Bloom - brother(Deceased)

Mason Bloom -nephew

Chelsea Bloom -niece

Violet Bloom - mother

Affiliation(s) Laroy Bay Bank
Game information
First appeared Case #2 Curse of the Bloom Family

Robin Bloom was a suspect in murder investigation of his brother,Bloom family head Clive Bloom in Curse of the Bloom Family (Case #2 of Laroy Bay) and scientist Bruce Green in Set your Heart Ablaze (Case #53 of Laroy Bay).


Robin is 45 years old Clive Bloom 's brother.He has short ginger hair under golf cap.He wears brown jacket and red-white tartan flannel shirt.He has green eyes.

Age 45
Height 6'1''
Weight 178lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type A+

Curse of the Bloom Family

Robin became suspect after team found his phone in victim's bag.He said that his brother Clive was the worst brother ever.He treated him like a garbage.When he was 20,Robin was homeless because Clive said that they don't need him

Robin was interrogated again when team found his criminal record from 2012 where he tried to shot Clive.He clamied that Clive lied to everyone about Robin's nature.People believed that he is thief,rapist and phedophile.

Robin was proven innocent when team arrested Lavinia De Brills for murder.

In Additional Investigation,Robin said that he lost his car keys somewhere near Orchard bridge.Team found his lost keys,and he rewarded player with new suit and haircut.

Set your Heart Ablaze

Robin was interrogated after team found his DNA on cigarette box used to kill the victim.He said that he bought those cigarettes,but he left them at gas station accidently,he also claimed that he doesn't know the victim.

Robin was spoken to again after team found picture of him and victim from highschool.He said that Bruce was his friend,but their relationship tore apart after Bruce stole Robin's girlfriend and mocked Robin infront of everyone,

Robin was found innocent for 2nd time after team arrested Giovanni Costa.