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Roald Stefode was a character in PetersCorporal's first season, Townville. He is one of the main themes to investigate throughout the New Townville district.

Role in cases

After Bryan Stefode escaped from jail for a second time with Samuel Kennedy's help, he left a torn document for the player and Evan Day on the streets of New Townville, since Evan had lured Samuel into thinking that they were part of the Black Eagle Society as well, in order to find out what Bryan's plan was. The torn document turned out to be a paternity test indicating that Bryan was the father of an unnamed child. By analyzing the DNA sequence specified in the document, they were able to determine that it was a certain Roald Stefode. However, the database contained practically no information about him and even if they now knew that Bryan had another son, his intentions were unclear. Samuel said that Bryan hadn't told him about his full plan either, but he had mentioned that he was going to have "a reckoning with the one who started it all".

Octavius Keys told the player and Evan Day that he had found an essay on the internet about the dangers of agrochemicals which mentioned the name Roald Stefode. The essay had been written by local agronomer London Brighton, so they interrogated her about Roald but she said she didn't remember much of it apart from the boy being dead.

Later, Sabrina Stone said that she had been talking on the phone to Kate Lynn and she had told her about their investigation on Roald. Sabrina said to her that after reading London's essay, it was most likely that Roald had died since it talked about him as a victim of contamination, and after that Kate had said "then I guess I don't need this anymore" and ended the call. Evan went back to the Archaeology Convention to see what Kate had gotten rid of, which turned out to be Roald's birth certificate. After analyzing it, Lindsey Vain discovered that Roald was the son of Bryan and Brooke Lynn, Kate's mother, which also made him Kate's half-brother.

Evan managed to lock Bryan Stefode up in a cell to avoid whatever was going to happen at the fake music festival Kate had been invited to. However, Bryan had given the team an hour to release him before he escaped his cell regardless of what they did. Since Bryan had intentions of carrying out his plans anyway, Alan Smith told the player and Evan to at least get information from him while they still had him in their HQ. Evan started pressuring Bryan to talk about his old family, which made him confess that he had killed Brooke Lynn because she wanted to expose the Black Eagle Society, and then he started asking questions about Roald. Bryan explained that Roald had gotten intoxicated after eating crops from a field that belonged to Jamin Family Company, but said that it wasn't the actual cause of his death.

Shane Lynn, Kate's father, later told the player that they didn't know whether Roald was alive or not and that he had disappeared a few days before Brooke died while he was in hospital. He said that Kate had always had hopes of finding Roald alive and reuniting with him and also mentioned that on the last day they saw Roald in hospital, he had found a long strip of paper with a black bird drawn on it, which Kate always carried around along with Roald's birth certificate and Brooke's last letter to her. After Evan found the paper in Kate's backpack, they saw that it was a note from Robert Jamin to Bryan, asking him to "solve his issue quickly", and also mentioning a room number.

Lindsey Vain analyzed the note to find out that the room mentioned was Roald's hospital room. She decided to take a look at the hospital's database and discovered that Roald had died fifteen hours after entering the hospital from leukemia. This was obviously a made up lie since no one had ever mentioned leukemia and the child's family would have known if he had that disease. However, the situation got suddenly worse when it was revealed that Bryan was staging a bizarre number in the canyon while holding Sabrina Stone, Kate Lynn and Robert Jamin as hostages.

The player and Evan went to the canyon in one last attempt to make Bryan stop, as he explained that Robert had asked him to get rid of a boy who had gotten intoxicated in his field in order to keep his company's environmental damage secret. However, Bryan did not know that the boy was actually Roald and had told a nurse to let the boy die, only to later find out that he had ordered the death of his own infant son. To atone for his own sin as well as taking revenge on Robert, he was planning to kill him and later commit suicide, also maybe killing Kate in the process for having caused the downfall of the Black Eagle Society and maybe also Sabrina. Using a very risky method, Evan persuaded Bryan to not keep making his own life worse and trying for once to do the right thing instead of continuing to live as a criminal.

Bryan repented and chose to stay with Kate, but Robert seized his gun and shot Bryan right before escaping.

After Bryan Stefode woke up from his coma, he had lost his memory. Kate visited him in hospital every day because even if she had hated him before, she now knew that he had suffered for Roald just as much as her. Since everyone knew how hard his son's death had been on him, as well as Brooke's death and his whole criminal life, everyone made a pact and agreed not to ever tell Bryan about the Black Eagle Society, or Brooke Lynn's murder or Roald's death.

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Roald Stefode
Biographical information
Full name Roald Stefode
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Disconnected from life support
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Family Bryan Stefode (father)
Brooke Lynn (mother)
Kate Lynn (half-sister)
Game information
First appearance Victim Of The New Lands (first mentioned)
Game stats
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