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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Martha Janders told me she saw a corpse by the river. Just go there and see who killed that man!

Chapter 1

Investigate River coast
Evan: Great work, <Name>! The corpse will keep us busy enough for a while.
Evan: Let's also interrogate our witness, ok?

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: The body was James Robbast, who had been slain with a sharp weapon, although I don't know what was used.
Evan: Any other information? Any potential profiles of the killer?
Daniel: There were many wounds in the victim's chest. Surely your guilty party had been hurt while murdering James.
Evan: Then our killer has a scar! Thanks Daniel!
Daniel: And I'm sure about that because the killer bled. And the blood was in James's clothes!
Daniel: The sample is useless, but I found nicotine and tobacco in it. Your killer is a smoker!

Ask Martha Janders what she saw
Evan: You saw the body, right?
Martha: Yes, I did. I noticed something weird by the river, so I told the police. That's it.
Evan: I see... What else do you have to say about this?
Martha: Well, as I approached the corpse I noticed that ... I knew him! His name is James Robbast. I was really surprised!
Evan: What? Did you know James?
Martha: Ha! Of course! He was my boyfriend for a lot of time, but he left me for someone else. It was a woman with brown eyes, brown hair, and a very small nose.

Evan: <Name>, we have to know who that woman is. Can you compare that info with our database?

Examine Suspect's description
Evan: So James's girlfriend is called Rita Jouse. Come on, <Name>! Let's talk to her!

See if Rita Jouse was dating the victim
Rita: Is James Robbast dead? I knew this couldn't be good!
Evan: What kind of relation did you and James have? Were you boyfriend and girlfriend?
Rita: Yes, we've been dating a long time. But we just split up. We used to argue most of the time. He said he'd suicide, and he ended up dead.
Evan: Right. Anyway, he did not commit suicide. Someone killed him! And it's better if the killer isn't you. You're already a suspect, so take care!
Rita: I understand, but if I were you, I would go to the building site near the river. That's where James used to work. He was making the new highway.

Investigate Building site
Evan: Look, <Name>! There's a paper sheet here, but I can't read a thing. Can you see what's written on it?

Examine Faded paper sheet
Evan: This paper says the one and only workmen in here were James Robbast and Troy Lancer. He must know something. Let's have a talk with him.

Talk to Troy Lancer about working with James
Evan: Do you know anything about James Robbast's death?
Troy: Well, nothing useful at all. We worked together at the building site, and we didn't even talk too much. He would always stay in the crane doing his job.
Evan: And did you get on well or badly?
Troy: We didn't even get on. He never talked to me, as I said before. And, I have to say, I was envious of him! He dated Rita Jouse, and I loved her!
Evan: Really? How did you know about them?
Troy: As if I couldn't! She came to the building site everyday to complain for something different. I'd talk to her if I were you.

Chapter 2

Evan: This is hard, <Name>. We just have love stories and nothing against the killer!
Evan: But we should talk to Rita again! Just to see if these things Troy told us were true.
Evan: And he also said James worked in a crane, right? Let's investigate there.

Ask Rita about shouting at the victim
Rita: What happened? Did you find the killer?
Evan: No, not yet. But we have to talk to you. We received some information from Troy Lancer. He says you went everyday to the building site to shout at James.
Rita(crying): Oh no! I won't let this happen! I was paid by someone to argue with James in the building site. That person wants to make me guilty.
Evan: What? This is suspicious. Anyway, we would like to ask you some questions, can we?
Rita: Well, if you want... I guess that's your job.
Evan: Do you have any scar in any part of your body?
Rita: A little one in my scalp. I hit myself accidentally.
Evan: Do you smoke?
Rita: I tried a cigarette when I was little, but I don't smoke.
Rita: Just one thing. I was paid in foreign currency, from Africa. I'm Mexican if it's useful.

Evan: Maybe, <Name>, it'd be worth talking to Martha. This story is very baffling.

Talk to Martha Janders
Evan: We know you hated James Robbast and Rita Jouse, right?
Martha: Yes, that's true. I've already said it and I don't feel like repeating. What did you come for?
Evan: We just need to ask you something. How long have you had that scar?
Martha: It's been on me since I was a girl.
Evan: How often do you smoke?
Martha: I hardly ever do. Just when I'm angry or I feel sad. Anything else?
Evan: Just one thing. Where are you from?
Martha: That's easy. South Africa. I came here a few years ago to meet my James.

Investigate Crane interior
Evan: Why would someone tear this apart?
Evan: Well, we can only know if we piece this paper back together.
Evan: This letter is for James, <Name>. However, it doesn't say who wrote it. Let's give it to Lindsey so that we know who sent it.

Analyze Letter
Lindsey: What this letter said, basically, is that James would be fired if he didn't start working better.
Evan: But who wrote it?
Lindsey: His boss, obviously. He's called Tristan Roberts and this is his handwriting!
Evan: Let's talk to Tristan about this murder, <Name>.

Ask the project manager why he'd fire the victim
Evan: Mr Roberts, we're afraid your employee James Robbast has been murdered.
Tristan: Murdered? Oh, that's horrible!
Evan: We know you were going to fire him. Why?
Tristan: Because he never worked properly! Every project I planned was always delayed if James Robbast was involved in it.
Tristan: When I visited the building sites, there was always a failure. See this scar in my arm? A piece of ceilling fell onto me.

Examine Torn page
Evan: I can't believe it, <Name>! This is just a list of places in which the building site and James's house are mentioned.
Evan: Obviously James wouldn't have written "James" to talk about himself. Troy Lancer wrote this.
Evan: I'm sure we could get some info if we go to the victim's house.

Investigate James's house
Evan: Look! This is a note Rita Jouse wrote to James Robbast. She's asking for money, and she multiplied some numbers in the corner of the paper.
Evan: It must've been some change she had to give to someone for something. And... in the back it says "Give me 7!" And Rita multiplied by seven here.
Evan: Troy surely wrote it. Let's compare it with the handwriting in the list of places!
Evan: Hey you! Who are you? Townville Police Department, raise your arms!

Examine Note
Evan: The note and the list of places were written by the same person, Troy Lancer! He wanted Rita to argue just to give clues that say she's the killer.
Evan: Now we can go interrogate him.

Ask Troy Lancer about the note
Evan: Troy, we've been investigating you and we found some curious things, like notes and lists that could mean not just you killed James, but that you're a bad person, of course!
Troy: Let me see... The list of places mentioned where I could meet my Rita. About the note... I'd never seen it.
Troy: Did you come here just to bully me? What do you need?
Evan: By the way, do you know a woman called Martha Janders?
Troy: I don't. I she James's killer?
Evan: Probably, but there are still chances on you. Do you smoke?
Troy: Usually. James used to complain about my cigarettes.
Evan: Where were you born?
Troy: Marrocco. It's in Africa, if you didn't know.
Evan: I know right. Do you have any scars or wounds?
Troy: In my arm, I have a big one. My left arm.
Troy: Any other questions? You're starting to upset me with your talks!

See who that man is
William: I'm William Robbast, and I live here! What happens to you?
Evan: Robbast? Are you related to James? He's dead.
William: WHAT? Now I see why he wasn't coming home.
William: Well, leave me alone. I don't want to see anybody!

Chapter 3

Evan: <Name>, that man closed his door right in our faces! We need to interrogate him!
Evan: C'mon, let's go.

Ask William how he got on with his brother
Evan: William, we need you to tell us more about James.
William: He was my brother. We lived together in this house. I don't know what I'm gonna do now.
William: I eat with James's salary, I don't have a job. What can I do now? I can't even afford a pack of cigarettes.
Evan: Calm down, William. Now, we'll take another look at your house.

Investigate Living room
Evan: Oh, look <Name>! This knife must be the cutting weapon we were looking for. It's got blood. Let's examine it.
Evan: These gloves are the ones builders use, but James worked in a crane. The gloves aren't his!
Evan: Why don't we take a closer look at them?

Examine Knife
Evan: Now let's give this blood to Sabrina!

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: There were two different types of blood on the knife. One was James's, but the other one was the killer's blood!
Sabrina: He or she must have bled from a wound. The murderer's blood is B+!

Examine Gloves
Evan: You found a sample of DNA? Well, let's examine it and see who it belongs to!

Examine DNA
Evan: <Name>, these gloves belong to Tristan, James's boss! Why are they were?
Evan: Well, we can only know that once we ask him.

Ask Tristan why he was in the victim's house
Evan: Mr Roberts, do you recognise these gloves?
Tristan: My gloves! Thanks, I thought I'd lost them!
Tristan: I bought them in Africa, my homeland, and it's the only thing I keep from my times there. I want to return, but-
Evan: Alright, alright. They were in James's house. Why did you visit him?
Tristan: I didn't visit him, I visited William. He wanted to get a job in my projects.

Evan: Why don't we get back to the riverside, <Name>? Do you agree?
Evan: Well, let's go then. You drive!

Investigate Rocks
Evan: This helmet is the ones builders use for protection! It must be James's!
Evan: Let's see if it has any clues. 

Examine Helmet
Evan: Oh dear! This is blood! <Name>, I think we have to send it to Sabrina.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: The blood found on James's helmet was not his blood. It was another person's, in this case the killer.
Sabrina: This time I analyzed the DNA, and I know something new. The culprit has brown eyes!
Evan: <Name>! Clues are enough now! Let's go and arrest the killer!

Arrest killer
Evan: Troy Lancer, you are arrested for killing James Robbast!
Troy: What? Are you crazy? I didn't kill him!
Evan: You put a knife through his body in his own house! But you forgot to take it with you instead of leaving it there.
Troy: How... How did you investigate all of that?
Evan: Then you got rid of his body leaving it in the river. But Martha Janders was clever enough to tell the police.
Troy: I can't go to jail... He was meeting my love Rita! She had to be in love with me!
Evan: Judge Esteban Gonzalez will say what you deserve.

Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Troy Lancer, you have been declared guilty for James Robbast's death! It's 50 years...
Troy: Yes, that's true. But I did it for Rita Jouse. She has to marry me! I love her!
Esteban Gonzalez: Troy Lancer, you're under 50 years of condemn.
Esteban Gonzalez: Session is adjourned!

Additional Investigation

Evan: Well, <Name>! Another case solved, huh?
Evan: We should check up on William and Martha. They must be pretty sad.
Gino: <Rank> <Name>, hello! I'm Officer Reina. Gino Reina.
Gino: Tristan Roberts wants to see you.
Evan: Oh, and also talk to Tristan.
Evan: But...haha. I...well, I don't want to see Wiliam again. Please!

Check up on William
William: Just in time, <Rank> <Name>! I'm looking for James's will. I know he wrote one, he'd told me once. He just forgot to tell me where he'd put it.
William: Can you help me? I'm sure it's in this house.

Investigate James's house
William: No, I didn't search there. Not yet. Are you sure it could be in that drawer?
William: Well, if you think so, let's check.

Examine Drawer
William: Yes, that's James's will! Thanks, <Rank> <Name>.
William: What? Why do you need to analyze it? It's legit, I swear.
William: Well, if I don't have any other choice... Tell me when you're done.

Analyze Victim's will
Lindsey: <Rank> <Name>, this signature is James's signature, and this document is legit!
Lindsey: As for William, James wanted to leave him the house, and his job. That's a cool brother, isn't it? Mine wouldn't even let me know he wrote a will!

Talk to William about James's will
William: And, <Rank> <Name>? What happened? Is it legit?
William: Ha, I told you! And what do I have to get? What was James's will?
William: Really? Wow, that rocks! I think I'll talk to Tristan to get a job. Thank you, <Rank> <Name>!

Tristan requested your help
Tristan: <Rank> <Name>, I lost my cellphone! I had it in my pocket, and then it wasn't there anymore.
Evan: Where do you think it could be?
Tristan: Maybe at the building site. I was there this very morning.
Tristan: It's a Knock-Ya F0. If you find it, tell me!
Evan: Ok, we'll see what we can do.

Investigate Building site
Evan: Well, did you find it in the crane? I searched there and I...
Evan: Oh, a sandbag? I believed you'd found the Knock-Ya. But why do we want a sandbag?
Evan: Do you think Tristan's mobile is there? Well, if you say so...

Examine Sandbag
Evan: I can't believe it! There WAS a cellphone in the sandbag. Is is the Knock-Ya?
Evan: I don't know either. Let's compare it with our technical database.

Examine Cellphone
Evan: Yes, this Knock-Ya belongs to Tristan! Let's give it back to him.

Give Tristan his lost cellphone
Tristan: Ya-hoo, that's my cellphone, yes! Thanks a lot, <Rank> <Name>!
Evan: Next time you're near a sandbag, control your pockets.

Check up on Martha
Evan: Hello, Martha. We wanted to know if you were alright. Is there anything we can do for you?
Martha: Hum... I lost my earring when I discovered James's corpse. If you could find it...
Evan: An earring? Is it serious? It could take hours or maybe days to look fo-
Evan: He he, but not when <Rank> <Name> is in the house, right, <Name>? We're heading to the river!

Investigate River coast
Evan: Wow! We found an earring in the river coast. Whose might this be? We'll have to investigate a bit more.

Examine Earring
Evan: <Name>, this DNA here might be a good point in our investigation. I'm sure Sabrina we'll be able to see who this belongs to.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: I examined this DNA's characteristics and a few people in our database have a similar structure. But...
Sabrina: Martha Janders's characteristics would fit the DNA you found almost exactly!

Return the earring to Martha
Evan: Is this your earring, Martha? <Rank> <Name> found it.
Martha: Yes, it is! It is, in fact! Thank you, <Rank> <Name>! These earrings were a gift from James. I won't be able to forget him.
Martha: Thanks for your time. Why don't you take this? As a reward, you deserve it.