Riverbank Slaughter
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District Walcott Banks
Case # 28
Initial release date 11.7.2020
Partner(s) Anisa Alvarado
Case chronology
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Nightcall Turn A Blind Eye

Riverbank Slaughter is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-eighth case of Raxelville. It's also the third one to take place in Walcott Banks district.


After recieving a call for help from Nigel Maynard, Anisa and player decided to find him and help him in case he's in danger. After Alex Carrington told them that he saw Nigel near the riverbank just five minutes ago, Anisa and player went to find him. Around twenty minutes later, Anisa and player arrived to the riverbank and noticed a dead body near the water. Horrified, Anisa and player went to inspect it, only to realize that the dead body is their friend, archaeology student Kelly Garcia, who was stabbed multiple times before having her throat slit. Horrified after seeing Kelly dead, heartbroken Anisa and player sent her body to Alex Carrington before investigating the scene. After clearing the scene, the pair found enough clues to suspect Nigel himself, survivalist Preston Figueroa and soldier Jasper Conway. When they returned back to the main crime scene, Anisa and player recieved a call from Salvador Weiss, who told them that animal rights activist Shawn Wolfington told Kelly to meet him at the riverbank, just thirty minutes before she was killed.

The team then went to interrogate Shawn who expressed sadness towards Kelly's death and revealed that she was his childhood friend. After speaking to Shawn, Anisa and player investigated the city square and discovered enough clues to suspect uber driver Gregory Farnsworth. Through their investigation, they discovered that Kelly is actually Jasper's long lost daughter and that Preston and Kelly were rivals in high school. After returning to the riverbank, the duo recieved a call from Alex, who told them that Kelly had a very sad secret.

With a loud sigh, Alex told them that Kelly was pregnant last year and lost her baby, but never mentioned it to anyone. The pair then decided to ask Shawn about it, but he denied knowing anything about Kelly's pregnancy. After speakingto Shawn, Anisa and player then decided to investigate the park where Kelly was last seen. The duo searched the park and later discovered that Kelly accidentally crashed into Gregory's car and that she embarrassed Nigel after spilling her drink on his crotch area during his red carpet event. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the team discovered that Kelly's murderer is her uber driver Gregory Farnsworth.

After getting confronted with evidence, Gregory cracked and told them that it was the only possible choice. Rubbing his forehead, Gregory revealed that he was dating Kelly for few years now, along with two other girls in secret. Gregory revealed that he and Kelly never actually slept together because Kelly wanted to wait till marriage. Wiping his sweat away, Gregory explained that, one night, he came home drunk, took advantage of Kelly and raped her. Still in love with Gregory, Kelly forgave him, saying how he didn't knew what was he doing. However, few weeks after that, Kelly discovered that she is pregnant and told Gregory about it, who forced her to abort, fearing that his other girlfriends might discover that he's dating Kelly too. Gregory sighed, and said that, few weeks ago, the same thing repeated and he did the same thing to Kelly once again. After Kelly forgave him once again, believing that he is a good person, Gregory thought that it's going be alright and that Kelly will keep quiet about it. However, earlier today, Kelly informed Gregory that she is pregnant once again and that, this time, she is going to deliver the baby. Despite Gregory's pleads not to, Kelly told him that it's her choice and that it's his fault that he can't control his drinking problems. Fearing for his other relationships, Gregory took a letter opener, found Kelly at the riverbank, stabbed her over twenty times before finally slashing her throat and putting her out of her misery. Disgusted, Anisa and player handcuffed Gregory immediately before taking him back to the Cross mansion.

After temporarily locking Gregory in the basement, the team got approached by resistance leader Pierce Cromwell, who told them that he has an idea on how to temporary stop Aurora and Josip's shapeshifting until they find the generator. Pierce told them to find Kelly's laptop and meet him at the Cross mansion. Anisa and player then searched the park and found Kelly's her broken cellphone. After going through her messages, they discovered that Kelly left her laptop in her father's car. The team quickly went to find Jasper, who sighed and thanked them for putting Gregory away before giving them Kelly's laptop. After unlocking it, the team went to reunite with Pierce, who told them that he'll hack the power plant control tower and cause a blackout, meaning that Aurora's generator won't have power to keep Aurora with Alisa Avermalio's body. With Ed's help, Pierce successfully caused a blackout before Bianca suggested that they should head out and find Aurora now that she's powerless. After helping Anisa find her disguises that she left on the riverbank, the team was ready to find and arrest Aurora. However, right then, panicking Pierce told them that he fucked up. After calming down, Pierce revealed that the blackout caused prison's security system to fail and that all prisoners have been released now. Knowing what kind of psychopaths they have arrested in the past, the team hurried outside to make sure that no one gets hurt.

Meanwhile, tearful Shawn wanted the team's help to organize a small memorial for Kelly before her funeral can be held when the whole Aurora situation gets solved. After Shawn told the team that he needs Kelly's purse, Salvador and player investigated the riverbank and found Kelly's purse in the trash. After going through it, the team found a small plush wolf toy. The duo then reunited with Shawn, who pressed the toy against his heart, saying how he gave it to Kelly back when they were kids and that he's so grateful that she kept it for all of these years. Shawn then sighed, saying how he blames himself for not being there for Kelly before Salvador told him that Kelly never told him about her problems because she didn't wanted him to worry, making Shawn smile and wipe his tear away. Later on, the team gathered in the Cross mansion's garden where everyone (including Shawn and Jasper) gave their speech about Kelly, thanking her for being the sweetest and kindest person they've ever met. After Shawn and Jasper left, the team gathered in the Cross mansion.

After all of these events, Bianca calmed everyone down and told them that everything will be fine and that they'll return all escaped prisoners to the prison. Pierce sighed and apologized, saying how it was an accident and how he just wanted to temporarily disable Aurora's powers. Right then, the TV in the living room turned on, Aurora's face on the screen. Aurora then snapped at Pierce, calling him a stupid idiot for disabling her powers. Aurora then smirked, telling them that they (especially Pierce) will pay for this before the TV turned off...



  • Kelly Garcia (stabbed multiple times before having her throat slashed open)

Murder Weapon:

  • Letter Opener




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats Take It Cheesy snacks.
  • The killer plays Counter Compassion.
  • The killer has high blood pressure.
  • The killer is under 25.
  • The killer wears leather.

Crime Scenes

Riverbank Pavement Riverbank Bonus
City Square City Founder Statue City Square Bonus
Raxelville Central Park Smart Bench Raxelville Central Park Bonus
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