Rita Lopez (1979-2025) was the killer of assassin Carolina Tate in Lighter Than Air (Case #5).


Rita is Carolina Tate's maid. She wears a blue apron and has long hair. She is known to know acupuncture, use talcum powder, and eat chocolate cake.

Height 5'6"
Age 46
Weight 126 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O+

Role in Cases

Jackson Walters and the player first approached Rita after they found the victim's to-do list. All of the tasks related to home all had Rita's name on it. Rita complained that Carolina was overworking her for a meager sum of money. She planned on quitting the previous day but Carolina refused to let her leave.

Rita was approached a second time so Jackson and the player could ask her if she knew anything about Carolina being an assassin. Rita was shocked when she learned that Carolina was an assassin but provided no more helpful information to the cops.

Rita herself approached the team, complaining that she could not be able to make her tea right because Li Huang barred her from the herbal shop. Rita complained that Li was discriminating against her because she was related to Carolina. Jackson and the player left to resolve the issue with Li.

Rita was eventually incriminated as the killer of Carolina. Jackson assumed it was because of her abusive behavior but Rita said it was something much bigger. Rita said that she was in the organization Carolina was assassinating people for. Carolina replaced the old Western Elements murders with murders related with the phases of Wu Xing. Because of this, the leader promoted her to right-hand woman. Carolina started getting overly proud of herself because of this. When Li Huang informed her that Carolina was misusing Wu Xing, Rita had enough of the victim's behavior. She killed her with helium soon afterwards, saying that a murder with air was a break in the pattern and a return to the old ways.

When Rita was about to be arrested, she pulled out a detonator. Refusing to die at the hands of anyone but herself, she told Jackson and the player to run before detonating a surgically implanted explosive device inside her. Jackson was incapacitated by the blast.

Case Appearances

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