German teacher found murdered in the teacher's lounge. Is this The Keepers first attack or something else?
—Case #3 Teaser
Right Between the eyes
Season 1
City Metrocity
District School
Case Number 3
Date of Release December 27th, 2018
Partner(s) Mark Olly

Daniel Cross (Old Teacher, New Techer 3/6)

Preceded by Succeeded by
Mindless A Trap for a Rat
Right Between the Eyes is the third case in School, and third case overall in Metrocity.


David and The Player found out geography teacher's name: Christine Dill. They also found out that The Keepers have three generals. One female and two males.


Mark and the player went to School when they recived a call about a death of german teacher, Joan Jill. Joan was found shot between the eyes in teachers lounge.

Timothia Key became a suspect when Mark found a treath to Joan from her. Timothia treathnend her because students liked Joan more than Timothia. Stephen Smith, history teacher, was in secret affair with the victim and he was angry because she was married. Music tecaher Zoey Sillias also became suspect after it was found out that Joan was setting her fierd. It was later discoverd that Zoey and Christine are best friends. Mid-investigation, Christine Dill apperad at the station with an information about Joan. Christine told Mark about Joan's fight with Matthias Bell about some of her students, who were rude to Mathias. Christine also had a motive because Joan was for Timothia and Christine's firement.

Stephen turned out to be the killer. He killed Joan because she didn't want to levae her husband for him. He also had antoher motive, and that is the fact that he was a part of The Keepers. He said that Joan was mistaken about Christine. Stephen was sent 10 years in prision.

Daniel Cross came to the station. He was a member of The Keepers before Joan was killed. Now, he left them and he is wanted by them. He said he hasn't got much time left before he gets killed. Daniel told them all the unknown members of The Keepers. Petra Rose, Barbara Rose, Dominic Marr and Irwina Marr were or still are the member of The Keepers. Also, he knows about the generals, but he doesn't know who are them. He said that they weren't in charge, but someone else known as The One. He said that two teachers are also the members of The Keepers, but he doesn't know their indenteties. Mark told him Stephen is caught. Daniel said goodbye to the detectives. He was later found murderd all eaten by the rats.



  • Joan Jill (found shot in teacher's lounge)

Murder Weapon:

  • Gun


  • Stephen Smith


Timothia Key - school principal

Age 43
Weight 70 kg
Eyes Green
Blood Type B+
Height 165 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a gun

Reads Holy Bible

Stephen Smith - history teacher

Age 40
Weight 56 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type B-
Height 170 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a gun

Reads Holy Bible

Is a teacher

Waers glasses

Zoey Sillias - music teacher

Age 48
Weight 59 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type AB-
Height 172 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a gun

Reads Holy Bible

Is a teacher

Waers glasses

Christine Dill - geography teacher

Age 29
Weight 61 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type 0+
Height 171 cm
Profile/Appereance Is a teacher

Matthias Bell - math teacher

Age 45
Weight 78 kg
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A-
Height 168 cm
Profile/Appereance Has a gun

Reads Holy Bible

Is a teacher


Daniel Cross - student

Age 13
Weight 59 kg
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+
Height 169 cm
Profile/Appereance ---------

Crime Scenes

Teacher's lounge Desk Teacher's lounge Bonus
Gernan classroom Window German classroom Bonus
Hall Bench Hall Bonus

Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has a gun.
  • The Killer reads Holy Bible.
  • The Killer is a teacher.
  • The Killer is male.
  • The Killer wears glasses.
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