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Riddled with Time
General information
Season 2
City Helsinki, Finland
Region Scandinavia
Case # 19
Initial release date 23rd May 2021
Partner(s) Ethan Pierre (All Chapters)
Bianca Newton (Chapter 1)
Heather Mercury, Savannah Rodriguez, Scarlett Pierre, Carlos Sanchez, Stella Mercury, Mikhail Ivanov & Qendrim Qosja (Secrets Surrounded by Mist 6)
Violetta Rose & Ellie Silverman (1 task in Secrets Surrounded by Mist 6)
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Strings that Hold Back On Thin Ice
(in Russia)
Time can get really tricky, not to mention the timelines, since thanks to some people from the original timeline, a lot of alternate realities are now existing with each other. However, the main concern is that our timeline is now on its way to end up having a dystopian future as Matrix Alliance is desperately trying to contact with people from the future, which already gives them the advantage. Anyway, the EASD will also get future help despite it seems to be a lost cause, so now it's time for them to end everything that's going on in Helsinki regarding time travel and save the timeline- but wait, someone has just got murdered due to radiation- another task added in your list to finish as you'll need to find the missing people as well, detective.
—Case Teaser

Riddled with Time is a case featured in Criminal Case as the nineteenth case of Mysterious Secrets of Europe (Season 2) and the seventy-second case overall. It is the sixth and final case to take place in the Scandinavia region.


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On the way to Helsinki, Spanish journalist Carlos Sanchez kept his gaze fixed on the blue sky, attempting to divert his attention away from himself. However, Kristoff approached him and murmured that everything would be alright, even though he didn't seem to believe it himself. Carlos nodded as they noticed Ethan getting ready with the player as they weren't far from the frozen lake. Soon after, Mikhail landed the plane near the lake and exited with the others, only to discover that the area was completely empty. Chief Salminen said that it was strange considering that Matrix Alliance would require a laboratory to develop a time machine/tunnel and asked everyone to disperse out to look for anything unusual. After a few minutes, Ethan came across a crashed futuristic mini-jet and approached it cautiously, only to find unconscious time traveller Bianca Newton inside. He then informed everyone about the jet as they soon gathered together, wondering what had actually happened there. Carlos pulled his water bottle out and sprayed water on Bianca, bringing her back to reality. She then dizzily observed the jet and sighed, sayng she knew that she wouldn't be able to fix things alone. Sav questioned what she was talking about, and she explained that they had ran out of Nidomenium, so, despite understanding the magnitude of the threat, she had traveled alone to 2021 to assist the EASD. Bianca then responded to Ethan's question about Matrix Alliance's involvement with time travel by explaining that some people from the original timeline had gone back to different points in time to fix their own timeline, creating a lot of alternate realities in the process, and that Bianca's timeline was now co-existing with a few similar timelines, the majority of which were dystopian. However, she and her crew were attempting to obliterate the various timelines, including their own, so that just one existed at a period that, if everything went well, wouldn't be dystopian. Now, because they couldn't modify their own timeline since it would be useless, they had to chose this timeline and preserve it from potential annihilation because it had the highest possibility of becoming the best future. Sav stated it was complicated, and Bianca agreed, before Chief Salminen asked what they should do next, prompting the time traveller to whip out her tablet, which revealed that there was a lab underneath the lake, and that she had already discovered the entrance. Hearing the word underwater, Ethan rolled his eyes before following Bianca and the player inside Bianca's jet, as the others gathered inside Bianca's jet per Chief Salminen's command, who felt it was better to supervise the trio's activities, saying it might be dangerous for all of them to go there with a chance of getting stuck. After going down a long tunnel, the trio then finally found the entrance which was surprisingly futuristic, and Bianca explained that it was because Matrix Alliance had been able to contact their enemies and that the latter had somehow helped the former, albeit only a few times due to a shortage of Nidomenium. They went inside, and noticed long corridors while Bianca looked for heat signatures, and soon she quickly pointed out that the area was clear except for someone who was still sitting still in one of the rooms, causing the three to discreetly stand in front of that room. Suddenly, Bianca stopped the duo from entering, revealing that her equipment had detected high radiation inside. Bianca then found a switch and turned it off before checking the radiation level, which was quickly decreasing. Muttering it was also future technology, Bianca opened the door after the radiation ceased, causing the trio to get surprised as they found former EASD chief Davíð Sveinsson tied to a chair, his body completely burned due to radiation.

Having no time to lose, the trio decontaminated Davíð's body and shipped it to Nicholas before searching the room, soon flagging Norwegian bodyguard John Christensen as a suspect since, after learning about the underwater laboratory, EASD director Edmund Carter had dispatched John to acquire information about the place in a discreet manner as he hadn't wanted to put the EASD in risk, however, John was able to understand that he was being used as a bait. Meanwhile, the team added Finnish scientist Toni Martinen to the suspect list and arrested him after learning that he had gotten into a fight with the victim because the latter had been unable to collect the last battery from Dinamo, which was necessary to turn the quantum tunnel on. Ethan then asked him why the laboratory was almost empty, and Toni replied that only the scientists and a few of the highest-ranked members of their organization had access since they hadn't left any chance for anyone to go rogue and spill the secrets about their project to anyone. Anyway, after getting Toni reveal the location of their control room, the trio went to the main experiment room where they discovered a quantum tunnel designed to travel in time. There, some clues allowed them to suspect SÄPO director Heather Mercury and Norwegian drink promoter Jackie Carlsen since the victim had kidnapped Swedish hacker Axel Mercury in order to taunt Heather, causing her to come to the laboratory with her daughter Stella Mercury and Albanian professor Qendrim Qosja since the victim had ordered her to meet him without any backup, while Jackie had escaped prison and somehow discovered that Davíð was the reason of his problems, motivating him to pursue the former agent with the goal of killing him. Again, Nicholas deduced that the killer had engaged the victim in a hand-to-hand battle, which the latter had easily lost based on the wounds he had noticed during the autopsy. He also stated that the killer had attempted and almost managed to erase the evidences, but that some little fragments had luckily helped him in determining that they had taken sleeping tablets.

Following that, after making sure the suspects were with the rest of the team, the trio sprinted around the laboratory, trying to figure out what to do next. Suddenly, Violetta appeared out of nowhere, then knocked out the player and overpowered Ethan before putting a gun to Bianca's head, ordering her to go with her. Bianca started struggling as Violetta attempted to take her away but the agent's grip was too strong for her. Ethan instantly stood up and proceeded to reason with Violetta, only for her to tell him that his negotiating techniques wouldn't work, prompting him to sigh and draw his revolver. Violetta then smirked and injected Bianca with a syringe as the latter fell unconscious before the agents held each other at gunpoint, refusing to shoot right then. After a few tense seconds, Ethan successfully disarmed Violetta before putting his own gun back. He then engaged Violetta in a hand-to-hand battle, only for her to gain the upper hand, but Ethan managed to keep her motionless. He then proceeded to cuff her, asking what was wrong but she kicked his leg and overpowered him once again, leaving him numb as she left the place with Bianca on her shoulders. However, noticing the dizzy player waking up, Ethan also stood up although he was in pain thanks to Violetta's skills as he wondered why she was in the laboratory and what she wanted with Bianca. Scratching his head, he suggested the player that they should try to follow her as the player nodded in agreement, but by doing so, they simply lost their way and returned back to the tunnel from where they had entered into the laboratory and decided to go back to the jet to inform others about the problems given Violetta had also snatched their communicators. After learning about Violetta's activities, everyone stood surprised, not being able to believe that she was potentially working for Matrix Alliance. Chief Salminen then sighed, saying that they had done some researches about Davíð which had allowed to them to discover that he had gone to the city's ghost station earlier that day. Sav exclaimed that it wasn't a good idea to let Ethan and the player go back to the laboratory again without any backup, and Chief Salminen replied that he believed getting all of them together was exactly what Matrix Alliance wanted, as the organization wouldn't be able be able to find them anytime soon inside the jet counting it was completely in stealth mode. Sav got his point, as the duo wasted no time and went to the said station. On their way, Ethan recalled how he had entered into the station secretly a lot of times with Marko back when the latter had just adopted him. Anyways, it turned out that the station was being used as the communication platform with the future. Being skeptical, they searched the area and learnt that supernatural hunter Scarlett Wilde had also come to their timeline from another timeline, with the timelines being classified respectively as Timeline X13N28 and Timeline X17N92 by the hunter. She also revealed that her timeline wasn't the same as Bianca's timeline which was named Timeline X16N95, and that hers was one of the timelines co-existing with the aforementioned two timelines. Ethan asked why was she there, and she replied that the EASD, Bianca and/or Matrix Alliance had done something which had messed with the timelines, almost merging all of them into an even more dystopian timeline, and that she felt compelled to do something to stop it because she had an experience of time travel. She continued by saying that people of Timeline X16N95 had no Nidomenium left unlike Timeline X17N92 which was why they'd need Matrix Alliance's help in order to travel in time, and that it could only be stopped by burning down the laboratory since it was almost impossible for 2021's technology to backup all the necessary data, but if Matrix Alliance somehow managed to build a time tunnel thanks to the Nidomenium they had, they would be able change the timelines by causing severe changes, including orchestrating Newt Darkstone's death before he could have hold the supernatural cube back in 1995 (which had actually happened in a dystopian timeline), since he had a vital role in determining how the future would be. When asked if she had a plan, she replied that she'd try to get Bianca out as she rushed outside, prompting the team to question their next suspect who was none other than Edmund since he had personally come to Helsinki after learning the victim, whom he counted as a enemy, was involved with Matrix Alliance. Meanwhile, it was also discovered that Davíð had tried to manipulate John in order to turn him against Edmund and the EASD but failed, and that the victim had ordered a hit on Jackie in order to stop him from helping the agency.

After a while, Sav informed the duo that they had caught Violetta while she was sneaking around, trying to find the team. Hearing so, the duo came back to the jet and interrogated the imprisoned junior agent who smirked and said that she wouldn't reveal anything to them and that it would be way easier for them to let her leave with the last battery required to light up the tunnel. However, someone blew a hole in the wall just behind Violetta as the lights went out, forcing the squad to stumble in the dark. Violetta then freed herself by catching a laser pen that came through the hole before all of the doors got shut, disconnecting the rest of the team with the four. Getting caught off-guard, the team got easily defeated by Violetta and the anonymous person who quickly escaped the place after the latter made a gesture which meant they had got the battery. After the lights came back, Stella worked on the jet's controls, opening all of the doors. Sav hurried towards the room where Violetta was being held and discovered Ethan and the player, who were both motionless. However, Nicholas was able to wake them up, only for Ethan to get furious after being beaten twice by the junior agent. He immediately tried to follow them, but Sav stopped him, advising them to go back to the ghost station to finish the case because they wouldn't be able to catch Violetta and retrieve the battery in time, and arresting her wouldn't help because she was too secretive to disclose anything if she didn't want to do so herself. So, they returned to the station and discovered that one of the co-leaders of Matrix Alliance, Nodeflex, had threatened Toni and the victim by saying that they had become useless now that their involvements with the organization had been exposed, Davíð had criticized Heather and her friend, MI6 director Madison Walker, implying that they weren't fit to run a security agency, Scarlett was willing to murder Davíð despite knowing the consequences given the latter was responsible for her mother's death in Timeline X18N92, and that Edmund had confronted Davíð about the latter's plan to use the video clips he had collected to accuse the director of partiality towards Chief Salminen in front of the entire world.

Finally, the puzzling murder investigation ended when Ethan and the player gathered all of the evidence needed to apprehend Violetta for the crime.

Ethan and the player wandered around the lakeside, trying to figure out how to find Violetta. Suddenly, they heard gunshots and noticed her approaching them with her gun. However, although she came closer, none of the bullets hit them. Ethan's phone then vibrated, notifying him of a message. He quickly checked it out before making a subtle gesture, asking Violetta if she was alone. She narrowed her eyes but nodded silently, causing him to show her the message that he had received, where Stella wrote that she had disconnected Violetta's tracker chip from Matrix Alliance's server. Violetta grinned and put her gun down as Ethan also smiled, saying it was clever for her to leave a message inside his pocket during their "fight", and Violetta muttered that she hadn't fought him intentionally, explaining Nodeflex had ordered her to do so by threatening that they'd harm Ellie. Ethan asked if she knew who was Nodeflex, and Violetta shook her head, replying they had never revealed their identity, but that they were operating the entire project. She then confessed that she had murdered Davíð and muttered that she had no choice, since the victim had continued monitoring her all the time, using Ellie's safety as a way to stop her from tricking them. When asked where were Ellie, Julien and Jamie, Violetta shrugged and said that she had no idea, explaining someone had hit her on the back of her head after messaging her about Ellie's abduction, ordering her to meet them at the Gothenburg square. Anyways, she had woke up inside the laboratory where Davíð had told her how she would need to work for them and against the EASD so they'd be inevitable, and that in order to save Ellie she had decided to listen to their orders for a while. She then said that Davíð had also revealed that she had been chosen out of the eleven members because they had found her strong and vulnerable at the same time, knowing her secretive personality and protectiveness for Ellie. Ethan chuckled and said that they wouldn't see anything coming since they wouldn't be able to control her anymore, and Violetta explained further by saying that she and Davíð had gone to the radiation equipment room where the latter had accidentally slipped how Violetta couldn't be traced if she was inside the radiation equipment room since all of the signals involving the futuristic technologies entangled with each other, creating a complex middle ground inside the area that prevented them from using their tracker devices there, giving her an opportunity to get away from him and his constant threats as she had beat her up and tempered with the radiation switch, exposing Davíð to high radiation. She had then covered up the traces and disabled the victim's communicator before quickly going back to her room to wait for her next instruction, and the suspects of the case had made her work easier by leaving Matrix Alliance in a confusion. Sighing, she said that she didn't want to kill anyone and that she knew how it felt to lose a loved one but there was nothing else she could do to free herself, knowing she wouldn't be able to help the EASD secretly if he had followed her constantly which would have resulted in the team's downfall. She then got silent and Ethan asked her about Bianca, to which she replied that she was currently with Nodeflex but that she had no clue exactly where she was, and that the project leader had decided that they'd murder Bianca after contacting with their friends from the future in order to prevent others from intervening in the future. When asked about the person who had helped her escape with the battery, Violetta tilted her head and said that she didn't know who they were but that they had disappeared after getting her out without exposing their identity. She then rolled her eyes and said that Nodeflex had the battery, which was they'd need to hurry and stop them. She then instructed Ethan to tell Stella to reactivate her chip until she located the hostages, and added that she had a hunch about where they could be before handing them a spare tracker via which they would be able to locate her. Ethan nodded, as she rushed towards the woods, getting out of sight.

Post-arrest, after returning to the jet, Ethan explained Violetta's motives as Scarlett, who had failed to find Bianca alone, reminded them that they needed to destroy the lab. Sav asked how'd they do that, and Mikhail murmured that they'd need to construct a weapon to do so, just as Stella approached them and said that she had reactivated Violetta's chip while turning on a screen that displayed the agent's movements. After observing Violetta for a while, they understood that she was quietly trying to find the captives like she had promised since Matrix Alliance could also track her now. As Edmund and Marko decided to stay and supervise the mission, Sav ordered the lab quartet to assist him and keep Toni and Jackie under surveillance. Then, Marko formed three teams- Team 1 (consisting of Ethan, Carlos, and Heather), Team 2 (consisting of Stella, Mikhail, and Qed), and Team 3 (consisting of Sav, Scarlett, and John). However, as he ordered T1 and T3 to go first, John abruptly clutched his head and sat down, asking himself what was happening to him before muttering that he was experiencing flashbacks. Being annoyed, Edmund told him to get a hold of himself, and John snapped by saying that he had no right to talk to him like that after using him as bait. As Edmund proceeded to answer, Marko intervened and advised John to take a break before ordering T1 and T3 to go without him. Edmund returned to the control panel, obviously upset, only to see the screen monitoring Violetta go dark, indicating that Nodeflex had deactivated her chip.

Concerned for Violetta's safety, the sextet headed towards the experiment room, where they had seen her wander the most. Following Sav's suggestion, they looked around and discovered a fading piece of paper, which the player examined, revealing a cryptic message in the process. After getting a confirmation about the handwriting being Violetta's by Ethan, Heather took it and smiled, impressed to see how the junior agent had used one of the secret code languages of SÄPO. As Carlos advised her that they should change the codes soon, she decoded the note and explained that Violetta hadn't been able to find the captives but that she believed Jackie could give them some information. Ethan recalled how the drink promoter had followed Davíð for a while and said that counting how the former EASD chief had kidnapped all of the captives, Jackie could spot something unusual. Getting his point, they then interrogated Jackie, who thought a lot and revealed that he had lost Davíð near the ghost station and had never been able to find him again that day. When Ethan and Scarlett heard that, they exchanged glances, realizing Davíð had gone down the communication platform, prompting the sextet to explore the area. They soon discovered a locked hologram device that, according to Heather, might help them find the captives, as well as a diary that Scarlett recognized to be late supernatural hunter Leif Nordin's. Being skeptical, Ethan asked what the connection between her and Leif was, and she smiled, saying they would know that soon. Nodding, Sav ordered T1 and T3 to split up as Ethan, Carlos, and Heather unlocked the device with the player before sending it to Lena. After a while, she finished the analysis before explaining that the device contained the whole map of the laboratory and that she had found numerous rooms where Matrix Alliance could keep the captives, meaning she couldn't pinpoint their location. However, she then told them to check a hidden room situated at the edge of the laboratory, saying how she believed they might find something there. Being furious, Heather led the way, and soon, they stood in front of the hidden room's door that Lena opened by hacking into Matrix Alliance's server. They then went inside the futuristic room, where they found only one person preparing to start the tunnel. Heather got shocked, realizing the scientist was none other than her husband Bjorn Mercury, who had left the family 20 years ago without any explanation to travel the world.

Being caught off-guard, she asked what Bjorn was doing there, to which he responded by pulling out a pistol and pointing it at her before Ethan ran at him and tackled him to the ground. Bjorn grinned as Carlos told him to answer the question, explaining that he had always been a nature lover and that by assisting Matrix Alliance with his knowledge, he was trying to make the world a better place. After getting handcuffed by Ethan, the scientist specified that he was one of the founding members of Matrix Alliance. Heather somehow remained calm as she demanded him to tell them about the organization's origins and how he became associated with it, and he sighed before saying that he and his colleagues had come up with the concept of creating a superior organization that would free the world from corruption. Heather wondered if he had left her with Stella and Axel all those years ago, and he replied that he had done so to prevent Heather from thinking of him as anything other than her adventurous, perfect husband. Then, as he said that he obviously wouldn't reveal how they were planning to take over the world, Ethan said that individuals from 2030, whom they were trying to bring to 2021, would use Matrix Alliance as a tool. Bjorn laughed and stated that they were aware of it and that they had already taken steps to outwit them with their plan. When asked by Carlos how many people were working on the project, Bjorn put up four fingers as Ethan wondered why he was giving away all the information. The scientist grinned and said that he hadn't told them anything important and that it was only a method for him to give them some hints about Matrix Alliance's capabilities, given only four people were almost able to finish such a complicated project. However, as Bjorn then said that Heather could consider his cooperation to be a gift to her, she told her to shut up, but he cut her off, saying she should try to see things from his perspective. Ethan recalled the events of Katowice and said that after seeing what Matrix Alliance was doing, it didn't seem like that to him as Heather agreed with him, demanding to know where her son was. Bjorn shrugged, saying that she'd get Axel back when they finished their work, and Heather called him heartless before muttering their project would never be successful and that he was a terrible person and father. Understanding he wouldn't help them, the quartet searched the room for clues about the captives' whereabouts. Suddenly, Carlos found a city map with an abandoned factory circled, where they decided to go. Anyway, they then brought Bjorn to the jet, where both Marko and Edmund were shocked to see him as they had known him from long ago and believed he had disappeared intentionally all those years ago.

Leaving Bjorn with the others, the quartet then went to the factory and swept the place, soon finding the captives except for Ellie. Seeing Julien, Carlos started tearing up and pulled him closer as Heather quickly hugged Axel, who was delighted to see his mother. Meanwhile, Bianca thanked the team for rescuing them and Jamie acknowledged that it was stupid for her and Julien to go after Matrix Alliance on their own. Ethan asked where Ellie was, the captives shrugged and said she had been with them but had gone missing a few hours earlier while they were all asleep due to a strange scent. Having their work finished, T1 returned to the jet again with the captives, where Bianca learnt that Matrix Alliance wouldn't be able to travel in time anymore. She then said she should take a rest as she was exhausted, counting Nodeflex had wanted to hand her over to her enemies instead of killing her after having a change of heart. She then went inside her room, hoping that no one had managed to secure the backup files of the project since it would be problematic.

Meanwhile, Sav, Scarlett, and the player examined the hunter's diary and discovered that someone had filled it up with cryptic notes before sending it to Ashley. After analyzing it, she grinned and informed the trio that the notebook belonged to British socialite Cathy Crittenden and that Leif had most probably gifted it to her before explaining how she was Nodeflex. Being surprised, Sav wondered how Director Carter's daughter-in-law was one of the co-leaders of Matrix Alliance, and Ashley shrugged, saying that she was just informing them what she had found. She then said that the strings were connecting perfectly since Cathy was from a rich family who could easily invest in a media conglomerate like Dinamo and that by being a socialite, she had befriended a lot of people who could help her. Besides, as a former quantum physics student, she was able to plan the project properly. Scarlett could see her point and asked where Cathy was currently, and the historian revealed that Lena had tracked her already and that she was in Helsinki, possibly hiding in the city center. So, the trio quickly went there, and Sav spotted Cathy, prompting them to sneak up from behind and grab her before taking her inside a narrow alleyway. Cathy understood that they had figured out her secret identity, and asked them how they could realize that she was Nodeflex. After learning Leif's gift to her had blown her cover away, she rolled her eyes and said that it was Leif's nature to be extremely useful and useless for her at the same time. When asked to explain, she said that Leif had always been a caring boyfriend before getting engaged with his paranormal investigations too much, which led to their breakup. But later on, after knowing the events of 1995 would influence the timeline, she had tried to reconcile with Leif to use his knowledge. A hint of pain struck Scarlett's face, but she shook it off before asking why she was using the diary. Cathy replied that it was a gift from Leif to her and that using it was one of the ways to frame Leif since if someone twisted Ashley's analysis a little, they could think Leif to be Nodeflex since he had a similar past with Cathy and shared a few traits with her. But since the EASD had already known about her relationship with Leif, Ashley had managed to figure out that Leif wasn't Nodeflex and pinpoint Cathy as the true mastermind. To interrogate her more later, Sav proceeded to handcuff her, but Cathy was too agile as she quickly pointed a gun at her head, prompting Scarlett to draw her gun at Cathy, but the socialite managed to shield herself with Sav. Scarlett got anxious as Cathy started to walk away with Sav, ordering the hunter not to move. Not understanding what to do, Scarlett stood there with a terrified expression, right when Violetta pressed a gun on Cathy's head from behind. Cathy froze, reminding Violetta that she could still kill the agent's girlfriend in a second, and a weak Ellie spoke up, saying she had lost in her own game. Rolling her eyes, Cathy dropped her gun and let Sav go before putting her hands up, allowing Sav to handcuff her as Scarlett asked Violetta what was going on. Violetta held Ellie tightly, who was having trouble holding up, and explained that Cathy had disabled her chip for some reason, disconnecting her from everyone in the process. She then continued by saying that she had searched around the lab and found a passport belonging to a certain Kielo Korhonen that she had found suspicious. Not having her phone with her, Violetta had gone to the nearest hotel and checked out the directory, discovering that the passport owner was none other than Cathy. Understanding that something was wrong with her, Violetta had flirted with the receptionist, who had informed her that Cathy had mentioned Lonna island being one of her favourite vacation spots. So, Violetta had gone to the said island and searched the shady places, eventually finding Ellie inside an empty house before sweeping Helsinki for Cathy. Sav asked how she had managed to find them, and she replied that luck was in favour of her and that thanks to Ellie, she had found out how Cathy would go to the airport to leave the country. Besides, counting how Cathy was sneaky, the agent had determined that the socialite would have taken alleyways to go there, prompting her to get the quickest route and follow it with Ellie, relieved knowing Cathy had disabled her chip. Cathy couldn't believe that she had caught her like that, and Violetta grinned, saying that they should credit Ellie since she had successfully understood how Cathy worked, which helped Violetta a lot in catching the socialite. Finally seeing how everything ended well, the quintet got inside the car with Cathy, as Sav told Ellie to rest.

After everyone reunited inside the jet, they found John sleeping in an uncomfortable position as Heather and Axel went to see Bjorn, who claimed that his children had inherited intelligence from him, causing Stella to say that none of them was willing to compare themselves with him after seeing what he had done. As their argument started heating up, Nicholas and Kristoff sighed while treating people who had gotten kidnapped, and Edmund went to see Cathy, who was behind bars. The EASD director facepalmed, asking why'd she betray them like that, but the socialite remained silent as he exclaimed how disappointed he was at her. However, Chief Salminen and Sav then interrogated Toni about the anonymous person, who had freed Violetta earlier, but like Nodeflex, Toni kept quiet. After a while, the team gathered inside the control room, where Stella sat on a chair with an exhausted expression, asking Qed and Mikhail to come near as she explained her plan. She said that her supplier had given her explosives, which should burn down the lab, but that they'd need lithium batteries to activate them which they were lacking. Qed scratched his head and said that they might find the batteries inside the radiation equipment room. Grinning, Mikhail said it'd be ironic to destroy Matrix Alliance's lab using their equipment, and the trio nodded in agreement before leaving for the lab as the members of Matrix Alliances glared at them. Soon later, after searching the said room, the quartet found the batteries that Mikhail analyzed with Stella before informing Qed and the player that they were powerful enough to activate the explosives. So, the quartet then set up the explosives inside the radiation equipment room, given it was the center, and set the timer at 20 minutes before leaving the place quickly.

Hearing this, Violetta suddenly went silent, and Chief Salminen decided to leave her alone as he went to say goodbye to Bianca and Scarlett, who were planning to leave soon. Sav exclaimed it would be best for them to leave quickly, given the fire would catch Helsinki's police's attention, which they might want to avoid. Ellie then wondered where the EASD's jet was, prompting Carlos to reveal that they had decided to use Bianca's jet for the time being since its controls were still functional and more advanced. However, nodding, Bianca shrugged and said that she'd need to abandon her crashed jet since she didn't have any more Nidomenium left, which was why Scarlett would need to travel to two different timelines, on which the supernatural hunter gladly agreed. So, everyone quickly got out of the jet and gathered outside after Stella implanted some explosives inside it as well, as Bianca said she didn't want anyone from 2021 to find her jet and use the equipment. Bianca and Scarlett then got inside Scarlett's jet as an inter-timeline portal opened, and they went inside with it closing slowly. After they left, Ethan said they should leave as well before getting engaged with the local police, prompting Mikhail and Sav to start the EASD's jet. There, out of frustration, Edmund decided to fire John for his earlier breakdown and for being irresponsible, causing the bodyguard to shut him down by saying that he wouldn't work for him anymore. As Edmund stood stumbled, John murmured that his flashbacks suggested that his past wasn't exactly what it seemed to be before going away from the director. Again, while interrogating Nodeflex, Marko and Sav heard a beep as Cathy pulled out an earpiece from her necklace, grinning. Sav quickly took it, and Cathy laughed, saying they could keep it since the agent, who had helped Violetta steal the battery earlier, had managed to secure the project files and escape Finland with the other agent. Marko wondered if Bjorn was lying about only four people working on the time travel project, and Cathy shook her head, saying the agents weren't tied with the project. Sav then rushed to Lena and Stella as they couldn't afford to let the agents use the files to build another time machine, and the techie duo quickly traced the agents' location, which was Nizhny Novgorod. Ellie then approached them and asked what was happening, and Sav explained the situation as she rolled her eyes, saying that she'd love to go back to Russia, which she preferred to be under better circumstances.

Worried, the team arrived in Stockholm, where everyone but the EASD members exited from the jet, as Marko and Director Carter discussed what to do with the criminals, and everyone said their goodbyes and went back to their ways. Anyway, Director Carter then said that he would deal with Judge Martin about Violetta, but that the agent would have to accompany him, causing her to sigh and join him as the rest of the team headed to Nizhny Novgorod to arrest the anonymous agents and prevent them from using the backup files.

Meanwhile, inside a private mini-jet, Anna Martinen sat alongside Lisbeth Bergstrom and laughed, stating that the EASD was stupid to believe she didn't know anything about her father's researches. Lisbeth shrugged, reminding how they had also bought that they were girlfriends, even though their relationship was completely professional. Anna nodded, recalling how she had enjoyed breaking Violetta from the jet in the dark before they both fell silent as they looked out the window at the city of Nizhny Novgorod.



  • Davíð Sveinsson (Got exposed to high radiation)

Murder Weapon

  • Radiation


  • Violetta Rose



Killer's Profile

  • The killer knows electronics.
  • The killer takes sleeping pills.
  • The killer can operate tracking devices.
  • The killer wears a tie.
  • The killer is female.

Crime Scenes

Radioactive Equipment Room Futuristic Machines Radioactive Equipment Room Bonus
Experimental Section Prototype Tunnels Experimental Section Bonus
Ghost Station Communicating Platform Ghost Station Bonus


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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Secrets Surrounded by Mist (6/6)