Richard Wells
Biographical information
Full name Richard Wells
Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Lindordia
Past profession(s) Scientist
Affiliation(s) Lindordian Justice Squad
Lindordia Justice Squad
Rank Coroner
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Back to Past
First appearance Case #1 New Start,New Murder
Trust me, it's perfectly safe. I tested it on myself last week!
—-Richard Wells
Richard "Dick" Wells is a main character in Criminal Case: Back to Past where he serves as Lindorian Justice Squad's coroner.


45 years of age, Dick's eyes, hair, and mustache are all of the same color—brown. He wears a lab coat, with a bright red carnation on his right and a large bloodstain on his left, over a blue shirt. Furthermore, he has a scar on the right of his forehead.

While Dick is known to have a brilliant mind, he is a poor conversationalist and lacks empathy. He is also easily distracted. He enjoys playing the violin and testing out new surgical techniques, sometimes even on himself.

Age 45
Height 6'0''
Weight 182lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type 0+

Case Appearences


Case #1 New Start,New Murder

Case #2 Branding on My Heart

Case #3 Dead on Tracks

Case #4 You Steal,I Kill

Case #5 In the Act of Nature

Case #6 Like a Thief in the Night

Case #7 Strut One's Stuff

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