Riccardo Santorini
Biographical information
Full name Riccardo Santorini
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1977
Nationality Flag of Italy Italian
Residence Pheadmouth
Profession(s) Museum owner
Family Artemio Santorini (brother)
Vitto Santorini (brother)
Sofia Santorini (sister)
Samuela Santorini (sister-in-law)
Silvio Santorini (adopted nephew)
Francesco Santorini †
Affiliation(s) Riccard Museum
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case: Pheadmouth
First appeared Case #10: The Cursed Museum

Riccardo Santorini was a suspect in the murder investigations of artist Marco Marino in The Cursed Museum (Case #10 of Pheadmouth) and his brother, wine shop owner Artemio Santorini in End of the Santorinis (Case #12 of Pheadmouth).


Riccardo is the 42-year-old owner of Riccard Museum with brown eyes and short blond hair under a blue hat with feathers. He is seen wearing a beige jacket with a scarf. Additionally, he sports a pair of glasses. It is known that Riccardo uses Crème de la Terre, works out and has an Irish Wolfhound.

Height 6'0"
Age 42
Weight 180 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood Type O+

Events of Criminal Case: Pheadmouth

The Cursed Museum

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End of the Santorinis

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Case appearances


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