Riban Priest
Biographical information
Full name Riban Priest
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Blunt force trauma
Personal information
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Alpha Bay, USA
Profession(s) Journalist
Family Rachel Priest (sister)
Partner(s) Nina Madison (girlfriend; incarcerated)
Affiliation(s) CCN
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #5: Secret Knocks the Door (s1)

Riban Priest was the victim in Secret Knocks the Door (Case #5 of Alpha Bay).


Riban was a journalist who worked for CCN. He had a clean shaven face, green eyes and short messy black hair. He was seen wearing a black coat over a white shirt and a red tie.

Murder details

Riban was found lying in a pool of blood with his skull smashed. The team found his smashed computer beside him and assumed it was the murder weapon. Eva confirmed that they were right and that Troy said all the data got deleted from the computer's hard disk. However, Eva confirmed that the killer uses hand cream counting the computer was covered in that substance.

Relationship with suspects

Both Louis Leroux and Rachel Priest were annoyed with Riban's behaviour and wanted him to leave CCN. Actress Felicia Steppingstone, about whom Riban kept publishing scandals, asked Mayor Drew Winston to sue Riban. Mayor Winston was also humiliated by Riban in public and Riban's girlfriend, Nina Madison tried to keep him away from investigating at any cost.

Killer and motives

The killer turned out to be Nina.

Upon admitting to the crime, Nina said that she had to kill him as he was about to discover the secrets of their gang. When asked which gang, she replied that it was none other than The Flames. Susan said her to say more but she said that wouldn't say a single word. She was then sentenced to 37 years in jail.

Case appearances


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