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Reuss Stein
Full name Reuss James Stein
Other name(s) Apollo (SSS Codename)
Nationality WE01 British
Residence Oxford, England
Family Thalia Stein [Wife]
Mark Stein [Son]
Isabella Roux (Adoptive Daughter)
Profession Astrophysics Scientist
Head of SSS
Affiliation(s) SSS
Appearance(s) All cases regarding Project Stein.
Personal Info
Status Alive (As of 15 June 2007)
Birthday 4 February 1962
Death N/A
Height 185 cm (6'1)
Weight 76 kg (168 lbs)
Blood Type B-
Eye Color Brown
Hair color Brown
Knowledge is power, power is knowledge; basically it just goes all around.
—Reuss Stein
Reuss Stein is an astrophysics scientist and the founder/leader of Stein's Scientists Squadron. He pioneered the Project Stein, a time-traveling project developed by SSS.  Reuss is the primary option for the player to opt to use.


Reuss has messy brown hair and brown eyes. Reuss wears a pair of spectacles and has a thick, messy beard. He usually dons a white lab coat over a black shirt with a picture of a pelvis captioned with a white 'Pelvis Priesley'. Reuss also wears black trousers, black boots, and an Elvis Priesley badge. To signify his codename, he also wears an entrance badge with 'Apollo' imprinted on it.

During the Renaissance, he can be seen wearing a white long-sleeved shirt underneath a purple robe. He also wears black pants and leather boots.


Reuss is a stereotypical by-the-book genius who would not gave up until his business is finished. Some of his project had led him to undergone several extreme occasions such as not taking a bath for 4 years (Experiment 31) and almost died of heart attack while working Project Stein. Reuss is very focused on one subject, and won't bother to anything else once he entered his world of experiments. Reuss dislikes being called 'old', and had undergone a plastic surgery once and spent 21.000 pounds for anti-aging cream, hair dye, and other things. This obsession had led him to the point where Abe once though him to be Thalia's nephew.

Even though Reuss is very strict, he still shows a much less darker side. Reuss was known to be a big fan of Elvis Priesley, and would give everything for it. Reuss is also a formidable Othello player, unbeaten for a streak of 6 World Championships between 1987 to 1993.

Personal Life

Reuss is born in Oxford, England, at 4th of February 1960.

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Case Appearances

As one of the title character and pioneer of Project Stein, Reuss appeared in all cases.


  • Reuss is modeled after Buddy Munro, a stuntman.
  • According to Thalia, Reuss worked so hard for Experiment 31 to the point where he didn't take a bath for four years.
  • Reuss is the unbeaten Othello World Champion for 6 years.

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