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Reuben Thacks is a main character throughout the entirety of PetersCorporal's second season, Blue Coasts. His death is the main mystery that needs to be resolved in the season.


Reuben was a local Bluecoaster, one of the city's first settlers, who founded a local organized criminal group called MAFIA. He died in 1918 and the details surrounding his death are obscure. Unraveling the mystery that his death constitutes is the reason the player relocates to Blue Coasts in the first place and is an issue that takes all season long to solve.

Role in cases

Season 1: Townville

Throughout the first season, one of the main concerns of the Townville Police Department is discovering who Dr. Cyanide is and stopping them before they can commit a bigger crime (which they're not successful at). During the season, Dr. Cyanide (later revealed to be Barbara Thacks), hints at his motive for poisoning different living creatures with cyanide is to "know how he died", with "he" being Reuben. When Barbara is finally confronted about being the cyanide poisoner, she reveals that "he" was an ancestor of hers who died in 1918. She also says that her motive for targetting Linda Farren was that the Farrens had been the ones who killed her ancestor and implied that the two families were enemies. It is also known that the Perkins family (related to Gary Perkins) was also involved in the matter. Frida Larry, who had overheard details about this story, tells the player that the family feud originated in Blue Coasts, which prompts the player to relocate there and join the Blue Coasts Police Department.

Season 2: Blue Coasts

While investigating a farm where a delegation of MAFIA (a criminal organization) had been hiding, the player and Jerry Bryar found an old drawing (around 100 years old) of Reuben's face, although the identity of the person in the drawing could not be determined at the time. When she was asked about it, Bella Matthews hinted that the person drawn in the sketch was someone important to MAFIA.

With Annabelle Chashiroua's help, the player found an old document that contained a photograph of the same man they'd seen in the MAFIA drawing. This time, they were able to identify the person in the picture and found out Reuben's name. However, they were unsure about him being the ancestor that Barbara had spoken about because the historical files said that Reuben had been executed, and Barbara had implied that her ancestor had died by cyanide poisoning. Hans Rougel did a little more research and found out that he had been executed by hanging on November 27, 1918, which was the date that Barbara had given for her ancestor's death. However, an autopsy that was performed three days after his execution ruled his death as cyanide poisoning. It was unclear what the actual cause of his death was, so the team asked Judge Peggy Jasmine to look into the Court's old files to find more information.

Peggy met the player outside of the Court of Law after the case killer's trial, and informed them that Reuben had been sentenced to death for royal treason, which was weird considering that Blue Coasts had never been part of any kingdom. She also discovered that Samuel Constantin Perkins had been the judge who sentenced him to death, which explained why the Perkins family was a part of the issue too.

Reuben Thacks
Biographical information
Full name Reuben Thacks
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death November 27, 1917
Cause of death Hanging (according to his execution)
Cyanide poisoning (according to autopsy report)
Nationality Flag of England.pngEnglish (Manchester)
Residence Flag of United States.png Evergreen Tops, Blue Coasts
Occupation Thief, mob leader
Family Barbara Thacks (descendant)
Affiliation(s) MAFIA
Game information
First appearance Climb Out The Culvert (first referenced)
Manhunt (face seen for the first time)
Hollywoods (name revealed)
Game stats
Height 6'1"
Age 47
Weight 161 lbs
Eyes Green
Blood AB+
Hair Black
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