Return to Laroy Bay
General information
Season 9
Setting U.S.A.
Founder Richard Morales
Country U.S.A
City Laroy Bay
Key city figures Shane Garcia (mayor; deceased)
Martha Price (mayor; formerly) incarcerated
David Kuzmanov (chief of police; deceased)

Diane Miller (chief of police)

No. of cases in season 60
No. of districts in season 10
Released ?.?.2019
Appears in Criminal Case
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Venusville TBD


Return to Laroy Bay is a third season of Criminal Case. It takes place after Venusville and it's a glorious comeback to 1st season city Laroy Bay.


Goyote Beirge (Cases #1 to #6)

Goyote Beirge is a first district of Return to Laroy Bay. Considered to be the most affluent district of the city, it deals with self-centered individuals as well as people who pride themselves of their wealth. This district focuses on Lucifer, notorious criminal who wants to complete Gillenati's mission.

Allywood Hills (Cases #7 to #12)

Allywood Hills is a second district of Return to Laroy Bay. It is a hillside neighborhood notable for its views, expensive homes, and celebrity inhabitants. It focuses on Hardwin family and their connection to the family cult, a cult that kidnaps young children.

Santsey Banks (Cases #13 to #18)

Santsey Banks is the third district of Return to Laroy Bay. Santsey Banks is home to multiple gangs around the city. This district focuses on finding missing children and Julia Hardwin's drug.

Sunnyland Beach (Cases #19 to #24)


Tech Town (Cases #25 to #30)


Erisity District (Cases #31 to #36)


Melbury Valley (Cases #37 to #42)


University (Cases #43 to #48)


Airport (Cases #49 to #54)


The North (Case #55 to #60)


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