Previously on Criminal Case...

Administrative Assistant Smith: <Name>, i've just heard recently that Michael Badwinned, the Retro Smoker, has escaped from prison!

Gordon Christian: Hey old woman, you are just joking right?

Administrative Assistant Smith: No Christian. I'm not joking. 

Gordon: Not another murder investigation...<Name>, i am going to blow right now.

Gordon: I know we need to go there, no need to tell me.

Gordon: I hope that burning turkey might not do the "escape then die" technique. For the mean time, <Name>, let's go find him now!

During the manhunt...

Gordon: Gore! What the h*ll are we doing here in this burning house?

Gordon: You must be crazy. Please investigate this cr*ppy house before i burn my temper.

Chapter 1

Investigate Burning House

Gordon: Impossible! Michael is dead! And...and...his right eye. Look at his right's gone and a hole.

Gordon: Then what's next? A h*ll missing feet? Or a missing organ of his cr*p body?

Gordon: Let me send this serial killer's body to the lab.

Gordon: I can see you're the world's greatest <Rank>. You even managed to find a book with blood on it.

Gordon: I'm affraid with this phone, but hope you crack this-

Peatro Schmittys: ARR!

Gordon: Raise your hands or i'll shoot you like a clock weirdo!

Peatro: Who are ya? Arr...i donna let people entar my home!!!

Gordon: I can tell you that your h*ll burning house is a part of our investigation pirate-like pigeon!

Peatro: And you st*pid want to talk to me? Arr...i guess!

Runs away

Gordon: NO!!! That st*pid has escaped!!! First Michael! Then that pirate now!!! Let's go find that crazy!!!

Gordon: D*mn! No need to tell me!

Examine book

Gordon: I'm sure this blood has nothing to do with this.

Gordon: I'm sure that 69 years-old woman has something to tell us.

Examine victim's phone

Gordon: Good job kid, you unlocked that phone in no time.

Gordon: I hope that mad scientist can tell us more about this killing machine.

Analyze blood

Leonarda Miltonwood: <Name>, that blood you sent me has alot of things that explodes.

Gordon: Did you mean that this blood comes from a bomb?

Leonarda: Hahaha! Just kidding!

Leonarda: By the way, the blood belongs to the victim.

Leonarda: But...i think i found something interesting. Droplets of ketchup was also in the blood.

Leonarda: When i examine it, i founded that the ketchup was made by Ketchup Bonanza. I famous ketchup made to dip fries in it.

Leonarda: And that means...

Gordon: The killer eats fries? Potatoes will fry them up inside jail.

Analyze victim's phone

Dr. Gigabotocks: Ha! <Name>, you sent me a phone?

Dr. Gigabotocks: Did you know that i more want a robot head?!!!

Gordon: Hey you mad lab person, tell us what did you found in the phone before i could lost my temper!!!

Dr. Gigabotocks: Calm down Christian, or i'll shoot you a laser in your chest.

Dr. Gigabotocks: Pardon me <Name>. The phone of your serial killer has nothing. Only several contacts, photos, and millions of messages.

Dr. Gigabotocks: But i found something interesting, two messages by the killer.

Gordon: How did you figure out that the one who messaged the Retro Smoker is the killer?

Dr. Gigabotocks: Because the messages says "Hope you not kill me too, because i'm faster than you."

Gordon: So what-

Dr. Gigabotocks: And the next message says "You and the people you killed will meet finally. But fire will turn you into a roasted turkey and they will be free."

Gordon: We've heard enough mad scientist. This message is so upside down.

Autopsy victim's body

William Rey: I'm shocked that this killer's eyes was shut down by a sniper.

Gordon: So you're telling us that the murder weapon is a sniper? We'd better watch for it <Name>.

William Rey: But, i'm affraid i've got some bad news.

Gordon: No...not now please?

William Rey: There are no any clues left on the victim's body.

Gordon: Well, looks like our killer is smart enough. 

William Rey: But...

Gordon: Yes? What is it mister brains?

William Rey: I found a brand burn on the victim's stomach. And i saw a comet with a knife on it.

Gordon: A comet with a knife on it? Why not call-

William Rey: I already call-

Bubba Devon Saturn: What's your problem Williamson?

William Rey: Can you please tell us more about this comet with a knife?

Bubba Devon: Uh! That piece quality has been famous on 1946 until 2005 after a new design, a sun with a chainsaw, was released.

Gordon: We're not asking you about the history of that sign astronaut, we-

Bubba Devon: I'm not an astronaut hot-headed man!!!

Gordon: Then what if i kick you out of this lab?!!!

William Rey: Will you please shut up too, i didn't want noise in my peaceful lab.

Gordon: Then why don't you tell that on that star. 

William. Rey: Gordon, stop it and calm down. Bubba, stop insulting him and cut to the chase.

Bubba Devon: Well, i can tell you that the killer knows astronomy.

Gordon: Haha, very funny. The killer is a space magician like you? That's sounds crazy.

A while later...

Gordon: <Name>, i'm affraid we still didn't yet have any suspects.

Gordon: Wait...i've got an idea! Let's go investigate Michael's lair! I'm sure we can see anything on it!

Investigate Retro Smoker Lair

Gordon: Wow...a gun? Ha! That gun is better than that bloody towel.

Gordon: Say, i never though you found a jar with that weird thing. We'd better send this to th-

Lifto: HELLO human POLICE!

Gordon: <Name>, prepare your gun and let's shot this talking can!

Gordon: When did you meet this h*ll?

Lifto: <Name> knows WHO Lifto IS.

Gordon: Stand in their robot. We'll going to talk to you.

Talk to Lifto

Gordon: What are you doing here walking washing machine?

Lifto: LIFTO is HERE because HE wants TO find WHERE is HIS master.

Gordon: Master? <Name>, is this talking coffee maker can think for himself?

Gordon: I can't believe that! This is the first time i saw a robot with a mind!

Lifto: WHY are YOU talking TO Lifto?

Gordon: Who is the "master" are you talking about binary-made clock?

Lifto: GRAYSON Stevenson IS Lifto's MASTER.

Gordon: Wait...<Name>, didn't we already met Grayson Stevenson a year ago?

Gordon: I'm glad you remembers who he is.

Lifto: LIFTO's master IS very GRATEFUL. Lifto's MASTER hates THE Retro SMOKER every HUMAN is TALKING about.

Gordon: So that cuckoo clock knows who Michael is?

Gordon: We've heard enough computer, we're going to catch up your "master".

Talk to Grayson Stevenson

Gordon: Long time no see Stevenson. Looks like your beard is now bigger than before.

Grayson Stevenson: <Name> your back!

Gordon: You didn't greet me Mr. Beard.

Grayson: What did you say?!!!

Gordon: Shut up or i'll lose my temper, kid.

Gordon: BTW-

Grayson: Did that "BTW" means "By the way"?

Gordon: I'm so happy you knows what did that means.

Gordon: Alright. Your taking television told us that you hate Michael Badwinned alias the "Retro Smoker".

Grayson: What? Lifto told you about that?

Gordon: Then i just think you've got an explanation beardo.

Grayson: I hate that serial killer because he killed my parents the day you interrogate me!!!

Gordon: Wait...did you mean that Michael is already a killer before we know his monsterous identity?

Grayson: Yes. You're right. 

Gordon: Grayson, that's a very strong motive for you to kill a killer.

Grayson: What do you think of me flamingo? A killing machine? A tank? A-

Gordon: And what are you going to do with that gun smarty pants?

Grayson: You know, i'm going to kill Michael but i've just founded that someone came to kill him first.

Gordon: What kind of murderer are you? You're under arrest for attempted murder!

Grayson: What? You just can't-

Gordon: We'll let you go if you cooperate brief! Did you ate fries?

Grayson: Yup. That's my most favorite food.

Gordon: And did you know astronomy?

Grayson: Yeah, i know astronomy. Can i go now?

Gordon: Hahaha! Well i fooled you smarty pants! You're coming with us into the jail! Haha!

Grayson: No!!!

Examine bloody towel

Gordon: <Name>, i'm now tired. Glad that you collected a sample of that blood. Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze blood

Leonarda: I analyzed the blood from that towel <Name>.

Leonarda: The blood didn't belongs to the victim, as the victim's blood type is AB+, this blood belongs to your killer.

Gordon: Awesome, haha. Very funny. Then tell us what type is that blood?

Leonarda: Ladies and Gentleman: Your killer's blood type is AB-!

Analyze gun

"Lefty" Thompson: That gun you sent me is clearly a colt peacemaker <Name>.

Gordon: Mr. Lefty, can you tell us more that can help us identify the killer?

"Lefty": Off course i have. I found multiple fingerprints, but i can't identify whose fingerprint is that since it was strongly faded.

"Lefty": However, the fingerprint belongs to a woman!

Gordon: Wait...a woman killed a serial killer? That's a new experience though!

Analyze jar

Leonarda: <Name>, i have a meeting later so i'll be fast as i can.

Leonarda: The thing inside is an ear, and it's very disgusting.

Gordon: What the h*ll! That can't be an ear! Is there anything you fou-


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