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Residential Zone is the fourth district in Townville to be investigated by the player in PetersCorporal's fangame. It contains eleven cases, as well as every other district in Townville. After this district is finished, the player will head to the Cultural Center.

The main themes in this district are the Hades-Flukes gang war, the Townville Soccer Tournament, and Harry Clover.


Case #34, Guns In The Backyard:

Guns In The Backyard

  • Victim: Ramon Greensworth
  • Weapon: Needle
  • Killer: Greg

Case #35, A Cake To Die For:

A Cake To Die For

  • Victim: Hansel Brondele
  • Weapon: Dynamite
  • Killer: Johanna Wickle

Case #36, Soccer And Firecrackers:

Soccer And Firecrackers

  • Victim: Kelvin Cross
  • Weapon: Flare
  • Killer: Kingsley Winds

Case #37, Off With The Head:

Off With The Head

  • Victim: Manuel Prada
  • Weapon: Breakdown lorry
  • Killer: Oscar Burgh

Case #38, Up The Roof:

Up The Roof

  • Victim: Arnold Eastfield
  • Weapon: Glass dome
  • Killer: Lilette Noah

Case #39, Dress The Veins:

Dress The Veins

  • Victim: Paula Thomas
  • Weapon: Scissors
  • Killer: Miguel Llanos

Case #40, Suspended Match:

Suspended Match

  • Victim: Herman O'Fray
  • Weapon: Iron bar
  • Killer: Dany Jafar

Case #41, Killing In The Borderline:

  • Victim: Franco Baldebin
  • Weapon: Biting
  • Killer: Matthew Baldebin

Case #42, The Parking Lot Of Homicides:

  • Victim: Hank Roberts
  • Weapon: Asbestos
  • Killer: Timm Nesta

Case #43, The Restaurant Phantom:

  • Victim: George Framel
  • Weapon: Wine glass
  • Killer: Lucy Framel

Case #44, Demise In Fresh Air:

  • Victim: Harry Clover
  • Weapon: Arsenic
  • Killer: El Pantera

Killing In The Borderline

The Parking Lot Of Homicides

The Restaurant Phantom

Demise In Fresh Air




Police Dogs Shop

To unlock the police dogs shop in the Cultural Center, the player has to earn 46 gold medals first. The available dogs in the shop are the next:

Dog Cost Output
Fox Terrier 800,000 coins

5,000 coins (Small)

300 XP (Tiny)

Chow Chow 900,000 coins

10 Energy (Tiny)

3 Lucky cards (Small)

Doberman Dog (Premium) 900 cash

2 Orange juices (Small)

15 Energy (Small)

Level Hearts required Stats increase
Level 2 70 Hearts Skill 2: +1 bar
Level 3 280 Hearts

Skill 1: +1 bar

Skill 2: +1 bar

Level 4 840 Hearts

Skill 1: +1 bar

Skill 2: +1 bar

Level 5 1680 Hearts Skill 1: +2 bars