Officer Renee Montoya
Biographical information
Full name Renee Montoya
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1990
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Pinefield, U.S.
Family Alfredo Montoya (brother)
Partner(s) Unnamed boyfriend
Affiliation(s) Pinefield Police Department
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #2: A Heart of Gold (s1)
Looks like we're both newbies here! I'll do anything I can to assist you in your work!
—Renee Montoya

Officer Renee Montoya, acting as a recurring character in Season 1 of Criminal Case, was a suspect in the murder investigation of supposed gang member Victoria Perkins in Ride or Die (Case #5 of Pinefield).


Renee is a 27-year-old field officer of the Pinefield Police Department. Renee has long wavy black hair and brown eyes, along with black eyeshadow and a light layer of lipstick. She normally sports a typical female Pinefield PD uniform which consists of two Pinefield PD badges on the sleeves, white outlines around the shoulders and collar, and the word "POLICE" written in yellow on Renee's left side. She also has a shoulder speaker concealed behind her hair and a locket (which she always leaves opened) of her and her brother.

Per her first suspect appearance, it is known that she knows mechanics and uses a GPS device. She also sports an oil stain on the left of her uniform.

Events of Criminal Case

Ride or Die

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Case Appearances


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