Reina Turney
CCProfilePic ReinaTurney001.png
Full name Reizen Turney
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth April 2
Nationality Filipino - American
Family Juniper Turney (mother)
Cyrus Turney (father)
Regina Turney (sister)
Profession Sniper
Appearance(s) Sign of Hatred (debut)
There's just one time...
—Reina Turney

Reizen Turney, better known as Reina, is suspected of a murder of Cyrilla Damascus.


Height 5'2"
Age 25 (!)
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes black
Blood B+

Role in Case(s)

Sign of Hatred

Reina was spotted almost beside the murder scene, thus marking her as suspect along with Sergei Yamarov. Reina was only shocked to see her friend got killed in the scene but Sergei calmed her down for a second. Reina was found innocent after Alvin Yabut gets caught and arrested of the murder.


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