Reena Hollingsworth
Full name Reena Hollingsworth
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday 1991
Nationality Flag of United States American
Residence Campbell City, USA
Family Philip Hollingsworth (brother)
Profession Barista (formerly)
Affiliation(s) Campbell City Police Department
Position in the Agency Junior Officer
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (Season 1)
The most important part of a police department is the Chief. But, next comes the officers, and that's where you come in!
—Reena Hollingsworth
Reena Hollingsworth is the Junior Officer of the Campbell City Police Department.


Reena Hollingsworth's favorite animal is a guppy and her favorite food are beignets. She is naïve, inexperienced, yet caring.

She is 23 years old, stands 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighs 140 lbs, and is O-.

Notable Events

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Personal Life and Personality

It is known that Reena was born in the district of Palm Beach

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters, Reena either appears or is mentioned in almost every case of Campbell City.

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