General Information
Founder Hank Trolope
Established 1768
Country Flag of USA U.S.A.
Inhabitants Americans
Population 45,500+
Primary LEA Raxelville Police Department
Raxelville Mystery Squad
Key city figures Alisa Avermalio (mayor)
No. of cases in season 30
No. of districts in season 6
Initial release date TBD
Season Guide
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- Secrets of Yahatu
Raxelville is a major city in the United States, and the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in United States, Raxelville is consisted of two big areas. First one peaceful and glorious, the second one problematic and dangerous. After Raxelville PD completely abandoned the second area of the city, group of young teenagers, with their professor's help, decided to bring justice to this problematic part of the city.


The Valgeris

Cases #1- #5 are situated in this district...


Cases #6-#10 are situated in this district...

Eastern Town

Cases #11-#15 are situated in this district...

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