Ravenstone is the city which the first season of Rifqitheflipper's Trilogy takes place.

Located in the United States of America, Ravenstone is a vast metropolis with various cultures and citizens, ranging from high-deal poker games to a hollowful fest, just to name a few. There are ten districts, fifteen arcs with four episodes in total.

The Ravenstone Alps Police Department is the law enforcement agency in Ravenstone.


Ravenstone features a total of ten districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

Riptide Coasts

As its name implies, Riptide Coasts houses treacherous tidelines and precarious waves that somehow attracted tourists' attention. A lengthful boardwalk runs throughout the shorelines connecting the district to others. The infamed Kahuna Bar and Sunset Palace is located here.

Nirvana Islands

The Nirvana Islands are a cluster of four islands, each decorized with stunning beaches, luxurious estates, and a glamorous studios. These islands are home to superstars, moguls, and five-star hotels, hence its name.

Capitol Valley

The Capitol Valley is the heart of the city; the town hall is located here, and the great Stormholt Monument; a monument that symbolizes diversity and peace. Citizens of various nationalities live here, mainly due to the fact that the airport is also located in the Valley.

Frozen Alps

Located in the northeastern area of the city, Frozen Alps features neverending snowing mountains, a fossil-filled mining cave, and menacing ski ramps.

Deserted Ravines

Deserted Ravines are the sinner's end to the convicts. Thr prison is isolated in the middle of an island surrounded by lakes and canyons. Other than the prison itself, the ravines also feature towering canyons and a demented leafless forest.


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