Rani Gajerdgar
Biographical information
Full name Rani Gajerdgar
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1991
Personal information
Nationality Indian
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Gangster
Family Unnamed father
Game information
First appeared Case #9 Up in Flames
Rani Gajerdgar was a suspect in the murder investigation of VRClub employee Aaron Seabrook in Up in Flames (Case #9 of Laroy Bay)


Rani is 24-year-old gangster born in India.He has short black hair and black eyes.He wears suit with cards on it and he wears white shirt under it.He also wears gold chain.

Age 24
Height 5'10''
Weight 144lbs
Eyes Black
Blood Type A-

Up in Flames

Rani became a suspect after he wanted to talk with player about Aaron Seabrook.Aaron rent money from Rani so that he can rent a house.But when Aaron got a job as game creator,he didn't gave money back to Rani and Rani was angry.

Rani was interrogated again after team found drawing of the victim dead.He said that he was planning to kill Aaron,but he is happy because somebody did it before him.He was planning to shot him to death,not to push him into fire.

Rani was revealed to be innocent after team arrested Elaine Seabrook for a crime.

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