Full name ROX-ANN
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birthday 2015
Nationality British
Residence Kensington Heights, England
Family Cora Portillini (Creator)
Profession Police Officer
Affiliation(s) KHPD
Your answers do not compute. Neither does your sense.

ROX-ANN is a Robotic Official X-Raying-Automatic Neurological Nexus designed by Cora Portillini. She is one of the player's partners.


ROX-ANN is a grey robot, she has the letters "CP" on her chest. To make her seem a bit more human, she has black eyeliner on. She is calm, clever and kind.

Height 6'0"
Age 1
Weight 370 lbs
Eyes grey
Blood C+

Notable Events of Criminal Case

Cutting Off Loose Ends

Meeting ROX-ANN

We first meet ROX-ANN when Amanda introduces the player to ROX-ANN before meeting going on an investigation, ROX-ANN seems pleased to meet the player.


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