Quickly Victim
Season 1
City Cooold City
District TV World
Case Number #20
Date of Release September 26th, 2015
Partner(s) David Jones (Chapter 1)
Amy Young (Chapter 1)
Marina Romanova (Chapter 2-3)
Preceded by Succeeded by
When the Fireworks Fall on You The New Mayor

Quickly Victim it is the fourth case of the TV World, and the twentieth at Cooold City.

Case Background

Field of voting for the new mayor is officially opened! It all starts quiet, but the ratings are canceled after the murder of Rebecca Correa. The suspects are Jones, Amy and Jack Archer. In addition, Geena, Vincent, Andrea, Grace and Diana.

The murderer in this case is the sweet old Diana, who in chapter 3 Andrea and Vincent kidnaps to kill them, but she is killed by Vincent after being hit by Jack Archer. Vincent was sentenced to four years in prison.

Finally, further research: Marina transforms a section of "Bureau" in a sale of souvenirs. Also Marina becomes the first quasi-suspect the game; He not is suspected of murder but being added laterally.


  • Rebecca Correa
    Found dead in the tabern of Geena Jones

Killer and motives

Diana Peña


  • Geena Jones (Tabern's Chief and David Brother)
  • Official David Jones (Police Member)
  • Amy Young (Police Member)
  • Jack Archer (Hero Police)
  • Diana Peña (Camp Woman)
  • Vincent Gumucio (Camp Guy)
  • Andrea Corduroy (Camper)
  • Marina Romanova (Quasi-Suspect; added in the Additional Investigation)
  • Grace Knight (Marina's Enemie and Vincent's Wife)


All time: Marina Romanova

Crime Scenes

Tabern Whiskies Tabern Bonus
Camp Enter Vincent House Camp Enter Bonus
Diana's Sleep-room Table of Jones Diana's Sleep-room Bonus


When the Fireworks Fall on You Quickly Victim The New Mayor

In the next case....

This case no have info of the next case.

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