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Quick Voice in Door
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General information
Season 2
City Smart City
District Bayou City
Case # 8
Initial release date 18th January 2018
Partner(s) Larry Clark (All Chapters)
Richard Wells (No Breaking News Now 3/5)
Case chronology
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The Life is Off Horror in the Room

Ouick Voice in Door is a case featured in Criminal Case, appearing as the sixty-fourth case of the game and the eighth case of Smart City. It takes place in Bayou City, a district based in Smart City.


One year prior, something fell from the sky into the Smart City forest. In the present, the player reunited with Larry in the Smart Police Department headquarters. He said that there were a few changes to the department and to the city, but hoped the player still liked it. Jones then asked Chief Wilson for permission to take the player to the zoo (where former coroner Lars was working as a veterinarian) while it was still early in the day. There, they found Nathan tied up and dead, covered in snake bites.

Mid-investigation, the Eastern coral snake used to kill Lars slithered onto Jones before the player grabbed the snake away from him. Later, Diego - now a consultant for the GPD - showed up while Jones and the player were talking in the zoo. The team then found enough evidence to arrest Kit Partridge for the murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, Kit said that his son, Zachary, became a suspect in a drug bust when he and Nathan were still coroners ten years prior. He asked Nathan to doctor the evidence to relieve Zachary of suspicion. However, Nathan refused to sacrifice his ethical code, leading to Zachary's arrest. Still holding a grudge against Nathan, Kit saw him working in the zoo in the present day. He then studied Nathan's routine daily before the day of the murder, when he stole an Eastern coral snake from the terrarium and coaxed it to kill Nathan. Judge Takakura sentenced Kit to 27 years in prison.

Post-trial, the player met up with Gloria, who was also on her first day in the SPD. She asked the player if they could accompany her in finding a birthday gift for her daughter Colette in the zoo shop. In the shop, the player found a DVD of CCN's "Grimsborough: A Year in Review." From the DVD, Gloria and the player found out that a satellite had crashed into Grimsborough, but fortunately, nobody was harmed. Jones then elaborated, saying that a commercial satellite suffered a technical difficulty and crashed into the empty forest. He then said that people had mostly forgotten about it.

Meanwhile, Larry and the player helped to give Annika and Lars's child servant Lucas Castro a home by matching their adoption profile with Angela Castro, getting Larry and Marla to partially reconcile in the process. Back aboard the airship, the team vowed to the mass execution.



  • Lars Avery (found dead at the zoo)

Murder Weapon

  • Eastern Coral Snake


  • Kit Partridge


Lucas Castro
Height 5'2"
Age 17
Weight 112 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A-


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Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats chocolate.
  • The killer reads The Jungle Book.
  • The killer is right handed.
  • The killer has brown hair.
  • The killer wears green.

Crime Scenes

Jail School Room 'Jail' - Puzzle
Golf Ball Food Shop 'Golf Ball' - Blackout
Power Off Grass 'Power Off' - Spot the Differents


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