Queen Radiqi is a fictional character in PetersCorporal's series.


A legend said that Radiqi I was the last queen of an empire called Nodlanis, on the homonymous island, whose population died after a volcanic eruption.

Role in cases

Radiqi's legend was told to the player by Trent Wilson, a gemologist. He explained that Radiqi kissed a stone in public to show her love for small things. Just after that, a volcano erupted and the island sank, dying all of the Nodlanis population along with Radiqi. The legend said that the stone turned into a volcanic rock with a mixture of water and sand. The resulting gemstone was called Queen's Kiss and when a gemstone that fit the legend was found, it was thought that the kingdom of Nodlanis had really existed. Many people wanted to buy it all around the world, but the one who bought it was Laurean Ohdie, and ironically it was used to kill him.

The Queen's Kiss got ruined after Wade Naff engraved it with a laser, and is now kept at Townville's Courts of Law as part of the evidence in a murder case. After some years, it will be auctioned again.

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Queen Radiqi
Biographical information
Full name Queen Radiqi I
Gender Female
Status Dead
Nationality From the Island of Nodlanis
Occupation Queen
Game information
First appearance Jewels Of Death (mentioned)
Game stats
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