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Evan: The worst thing about night shift, <Name>, is that I drink a lot of coffe to keep awake and that makes me go to the bathroom all the time.
Evan: Right now, there are many people planning future murders that we'll have to solve.
Gino: <Name>, I received a call from a woman that says she heard someone shooting bullets and people screaming.
Evan: Another murder, huh? Let's go, <Name>. I just hope activists and Green Year Parade aren't part of this case.

Chapter 1

Investigate Armory
(Before investigating)

Evan: Are you the woman who called us?
Juliet: Yes, I'm Juliet Aiken. I heard a shot there in the armory.
Evan: Ok. We'll go there and be back in a few minutes. Wait for us here, yes?
Evan: <Rank> <Name> and I will be in the armory if you need us. Let's go, <Name>.

(After investigating)

Evan: <Name>, there's a dead woman. And I... I know her!
Evan: She's Yale Williams, the one from the case in the train. She had two identities, because her father was a criminal. Can that be related to this murder?
Evan: While we wait for the autopsy results, we could examine this 9mm. It's definitely our murder weapon!
Evan: Oh, and we must interrogate Juliet too. What will we start with?

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: First of all, <Name>, your killer aimed perfectly! The autopsy shows the killer and the victim weren't so close, but the bullet was shot at the right target!
Daniel: You must be looking for a killer who practices shooting. They aimed right at the heart!
Evan: This case took place in an armory, and we only know the killer practices shooting. Almost every suspect must do that.
Daniel: Are you underestimating my job, Evan Day? Listen what I'll tell you know.
Daniel: I also found some little and very short hairs in your victim's blood. She fought with the killer and pulled those small hairs.
Daniel: Now, you also know the killer has a stubble.
Evan: How did she pull the killer's beard? That's weird but useful. Thank you, Daniel.

Examine 9mm
Evan: Tell me you found fingerprints, <Name>. Please tell me-
Evan: Oh, that's a... liquid substance. Well, it has to be good. Let's give it to Sabrina.

Analyze Liquid substance
Sabrina: I ran some tests on the substance you gave me from the 9mm, <Name>.
Sabrina: This turns out to be wine! Your killer must have been drinking some when they killed Yale.
Evan: Then our killer drinks wine. I hope Juliet doesn't.
Evan: What? No, no, of course I'm not in love with her, <Name>, I swear!
Evan: We know someone who drinks wine in this district. Gustave Rod!

Contact Gustave Rod
Gustave: <Rank> <Name>, you're back! I wasn't expecting your visit. What do you need now?
Evan: We're here to ask you about Yale Williams.
Gustave: Is that a person? It doesn't ring a bell, sorry.
Evan: She also used the name "Susan Vianne".
Gustave: But of course I know her! She's Green Year Parade president! I wonder who's going to take her place.
Evan: How did you know she was dead, Gustave?
Gustave: Well, you investigate murders and you said that she "used" another name, instead of "uses".

Talk to the woman that witnessed the murder
Juliet: I'll tell you everything, <Rank> <Name>. However, it's practically what I said on the phone.
Juliet: I live right across the armory, in this house. I was just going to the greenhouse, and-
Evan: Why were you going to the greenhouse?
Juliet: At night, the greenhouse is beautiful! The dragonflies make it a very nice place, so I decided to take nocturnal gardening lessons with botanist Klovan.
Evan: We found a dead woman. Did you know Yale Williams?
Juliet: No, I don't.
Evan: Ok, then we- Wait, did you know Susan Vianne?
Juliet: Yes, she's the main organizer and judge of Green Year Parade! She... she had two identities?
Juliet: Oh dear, I knew the Sount family wasn't good. They should've never got involved in the parade!

Evan: <Name>, she said the Sount family! After all, Pablo Sount works here! Remember him?
Evan: I should've recognised this place, we've already been here! We must interrogate that boy!

Ask Pablo Sount about the murder
Pablo: Good evening, <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan. We meet again, right?
Evan: Yes, and it's serious this time too. We're talking about another murder, but it happened in the armory this time.
Pablo: You must be kidding! Oh, dear, I should've been at home! Dad must be really worried!
Evan: Can you please stop talking about your dad once? We'll see if we need him later.
Evan: Did you know Susan Vianne?
Pablo: Don't tell me Susan is dead! We were about to sign that d*mn contract!
Pablo: My father and I wanted to participate in the parade. We don't like flowers, but some advertisement for the armory would be good. People are always looking for self defense.

Evan: <Name>, why don't we take a look outside the armory? I don't think the killer is still there, they must've escaped.
Evan: Is it a deal? Ok, let's go!

Investigate Fremont Road
Evan: I have to say my idea was a bit ridiculous. This street isn't a pool of clues, exactly.
Evan: At least we found this bottle of wine. We're gonna see who matches that profile.

Examine Bottle of wine
Evan: Good job! That bottle was full of fingerprints. Let's send the samples to Lindsey.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: You two, always giving me fingerprints. Such a potential in vain.
Evan: C'mon, girl. Who drank that wine?
Lindsey: Write it down, <Name>. The bottle belonged to Pablo Sount.
Evan: Well done, kid!

Chapter 2

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, what's that thing Gino is talking about? Are you in a new case?
Evan: Yes, Chief!
Alan Smith: That's a good reason why Pablo Sount is here. He looks a bit hysterical. Can you see what's wrong with him?
Evan: Yes, of course! Let's go, <Name>.

Listen to Pablo
Evan: You could have called us, Pablo. Our Chief said you're kind of upset.
Pablo: You are the only ones who can help me! Please, I really need you!
Pablo: It's... it's my father. He's very sad, and he doesn't want to get out of home. I think he know there's been a murder, and... he's shocked.
Evan: Ok, Pablo. Where's your house?
Pablo: Right in the armory. Behind that door, there's my house.
Evan: So your living room... is an armory? You know this district could disappear if there's a fire in your house? Pablo, I'll talk to an inspector to make you move that armory!
Pablo: I don't care about that now! My father is everything to me, and I can't see him locked up in our backyard! Do you listen to me?

Evan: Do you remember that case, back at the Countryside? Pablo was a suspect, and he told us he practised shooting. That's also relevant in this case.
Evan: Oh, and let's see what happends to Pablo's dad. If he's still inside the armory, he is a prime suspect. The murder happened like 2 meters from him!
Evan: Let's go to that backyard, <Name>.

Investigate Backyard
(Before investigating)

Evan: Don't worry, we're the police! Can you listen to us, sir? Hey, sir! Here! Can you listen to us?
Evan: He's crying, <Name>. What do I do when he's crying?
Evan: Oh, yes. Calm down, Mr Sount. Please get inside and calm down. <Rank> <Name> and I need to investigate here.
Ignace: I CAN'T CALM DOWN! I have a gun, you hear? I know how to use it. Perfectly, yes?
Ignace: MY... MY GUN!!
Evan: How did you put his gun down, <Name>? Why are you putting the handcuffs on- Where will you take him?

Evan: <Name>, I'm afraid that monster destroys our patrolling car. Well, let's focuse on this backyard.

(After investigating)

Evan: Why sould someone paint a grafitti in a backyard? What does it mean, <Name>?
Evan: I'll take a photo of it and give it to Lindsey. She'd better be thankful this time!
Evan: Oh, and what's that paper sheet you found in those trash bags?
Evan: It's... it's a permission to buy a handgun. A... a 9mm! And it's signed by Yale Williams!
Evan: So Yale was buying a 9mm and the killer... shot her when she was buying it? We have to examine this!
Evan: That's sensible, but maybe... I don't know. The thing is that Ignace is the perfect suspect for this crime! He told us he knew how to use a gun. Let's write that down too!

Analyze Grafitti
Lindsey: It's a pity I found it out so quickly. It was the first time you gave me a real task, but it turned out to be so easy.
Lindsey: Whatever. I'm gonna say this in a way you can understand. The grafitti you found in that backyard is a signature.
Evan: A signature? Who paints a signature in a wall.
Lindsey: It's not the signature you write in a contract, Evan. This person signs with a grafitti similar to this one wherever he goes.
Lindsey: I guess you already know who he is.
Evan: Don't tell me it's-
Lindsey: Doodley! He burgled Pablo's house, y'see. He's also a shoplifter... of armories.
Evan: Could Doodley kill Yale Williams? <Name>, Gino told us he's already free after we sent him to jail, in that case in Newville I. Let's talk to him!

Talk to Doodley now he's been released from jail
Evan: We meet again, Doodley. <Rank> <Name> has already sent you to jail. Do you want to get back there? You shoplifted the local armory.
Doodley: <Rank> <Name>, I'll be honest. There's a thing only my lawyer, I... and some other people know.
Doodley: I don't want to do this. They're forcing me to do it.
Evan: Who are "they"? Why can't you show your face? Are you drunk?
Doodley: First, I can't tell you who they are, but you had better not mess with them. Second, I can't show my face because they don't let me. Third, I just drank a glass of wine today.
Evan: You have to go to jail anyway, and you're sporting a handgun. Do you have a license?
Doodley: They'll kill me if I go to jail, you don't know them! I don't steal things for me, it's all for them. And of course I have a license, I even practise with it. A challenge, <Rank>?
Evan: Scums like you should be in jail and-
Doodley: What's wrong with jail? Why don't you talk to the oenologist again? He's done some time in jail too. We always know where you are.

Evan: <Name>, this psychopath was following us. And he said "we always know"... What does "we" mean?
Evan: I'm scared of him, but if he's telling truth, we can't send him to jail. A life is a life.
Evan: I really doubt Gustave could be the killer, but we have to ask him about that story.
Evan: Oh, and I saw something. Doodley wears a balaclava, but I could see his stubble behind it!

Ask Gustave about being in prison
Evan: Hello gain, Mr Rod. We heard something about you, and... well, we need to know if it's true. Someone told us you... you've been in jail.
Gustave: Never mention that here! If a client listens to you, they'd spread the news. And this personality would be ruined.
Gustave: It was before I started Grand Vine. This firm is now all over Townville, and every person who reads a newspaper or watches a newsfeed, or listens to the radio...
Gustave: They all know me. They can't know my secret.
Evan: And did Susan know your secret?
Gustave: She... she did, yes. She knew it.

Examine Paper sheet
Evan: Wonderful! Now, <Name>, we need to give this yellow substance to Sabrina.

Analyze Yellow substance
Sabrina: You can be sure about this, <Name>. Yale was filling this document when she died.
Evan: I can't believe it. Ignace has to be the killer!
Sabrina: Keep a cool head, Evan. I'm now talking about the sample you gave me.
Sabrina: It was lemonade with some gunpowder in it.
Evan: So our killer drinks lemonade with gunpowder? That's very disgusting.
Sabrina: The gunpowder dropped by the killer while prepairing the 9mm. They only drink pure lemonade.
Evan: Lemonade and wine, a good mix. Let's write it down, <Name>. And let's also arrest Ignace for being a prime suspect in this murder investigation.
Evan: You're right. We could check the armory again. Let's go.

Investigate Guns Exhibitor
Evan: This is not related to the murder, but... this photograph is very interesting.
Evan: I didn't know Juliet and Pablo were dating. Juliet should have mentioned it.
Evan: Let's talk to them, please. At least we can get a chance to make them spill the beans.

Ask Juliet about her relationship with Pablo
Evan: Juliet, when you talked to us... you didn't mention you were Pablo's girlfriend.
Juliet: What are you saying? We... we fell out and split up. I'm his ex-girlfriend.
Evan: Why did you split up?
Juliet: He was obsessed with Green Year Parade. That was everything he thought about. I didn't exist.
Juliet: Those times... when we used to drink wine together, at night. It was so beautiful... And it was over. I would only be his girlfriend after the parade.

Evan: <Name>, what if Juliet lied to us? What if she killed Yale because she was taking her love away?
Evan: What if Ignace was really in the backyard at the time of the murder? What if Pablo had already escaped when we talked to him? His father would cover for him.
Evan: Ignace was the perfect suspect... and... Ok, let's free him.

Ask Pablo about Juliet
Pablo: Juliet... I really miss her, you know? She was so sweet, so perfect.
Pablo: I'll always remember her. My life is not the same now. She said I spent too much time planning the strategy for the parade, trying to rent a truck, cutting flowers... But no flower for her.
Evan: Had you met Susan too many times?
Pablo: Just two. My father and I were just going to sign the contract. The parade will be delayed now. First, a contestant dies. And now the very president of the jury.
Pablo: Wait, I'll go for a glass of lemonade.

See what happens to Pablo's father
Evan: The car, <Name>! Check the car! Is it ok?
Ignace: Why did you lock me up in this cage??? Who are you? C'mon, face me!
Evan: Was he already crazy when we found him crying, <Name>?
Ignace: I'm not crazy, I'm ok, ya know? I... Now I will... I will go home. Where are my keys?
Evan: <Name>, his breath smells like wine! He drinks wine!
Ignace: Yes, do you care at all? C'mon, I've got a pocket knife!
Evan: Enough, man. You'll wake up in a cell. <Rank> <Name>, we'll arrest him until he's fine.

Chapter 3

Gino: Hey, guys! Did you hear the news? Green Year Parade's president of the jury is dead!
Evan: Yes! We... we're investigating that murder! What else does the tabloid say, Gino?
Gino: The jury is going to meet to choose a new president. The candidates are Earl Hikee, an employee of a bank... Wait. Ivonne Ouleaunge, a baker... Lillete Noah, a perfume seller...
Gino: There's also the botanist, Carlton Klovan... And the well-known Will Ohdie.
Evan: Gino, does the tabloid mention who reported the murder?
Gino: No, it doesn't. But... Wait, the Chief's calling.
Gino (phone): Chief, officer Reina is on duty! Yes... ok. The Sount armory, right.
Evan: Uh? Gino, don't move! Tell the Chief <Rank> <Name> and I are going there right away!

Investigate Armory front door
(Before investigating)

Evan: Another grafitti? Who painted it? It wasn't here when we found the body.
Evan: I'm sure Doodley did it! We need to find something that proves Doodley painted this!
Evan (phone): Gino, come and bring a sponge, detergent and water.

Gino: It was so hard! The wall is clean again!
Evan: Great, now let's look for something that prooves Doodley painted this!

(After investigating)

Evan: What did you find, <Name>? A spray paint can? Wow!
Evan: Now, we have a lead to make Doodley pay a fine for vandalizing the armory!

Ask Doodley why he vandalized the crime scene
Doodley: Can't I have a glass of lemonade in peace? What's wrong now?
Evan: You have to pay a fine for painting a grafitti in the armory.
Doodley: What? You'd already told me I stole guns from the armory. And if you knew it, that's because you saw my grafitti, right?
Evan: I mean, outside the armory. In the front door.
Doodley: You're wrong, cops. I only painted one when I got away climbing a wall in the backyard.

Evan: Arrgh! That scoundrel won't be more clever than <Rank> <Name>. What's on your mind? Any plans?
Evan: The can? Oh, you're right! We should examine it.

Examine Spray paint can
Evan: Fingerprints? But... Doodley doesn't exist in our database, <Name>. He must have a name.
Evan: You're right. It's presumed that his name is Gary Perkins because Gary wrote that insulting grafitti in the case in Newville I, after Doodley robbed there.
Evan: Well, let's see who touched this can.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: Damn, our database is failing! It says the fingerprints belong to Juliet Aiken.
Evan: What? Did Juliet... No, <Name>. Why? Are you sure?
Evan: But she... she just... I mean... What?

Fine Juliet for vandalism
Evan: Juliet, why did you paint that grafitti in the armory? We know you did it.
Juliet: At last! I was calling you with that grafitti, please, I need you.
Evan: You could have used a phone, you know?
Juliet: I need you. Please, I need you. Please, I need you.
Evan: Juliet, are you drunk? Get back home.
Juliet: It's Gustave Rod. He... I couldn't. I handle guns but I couldn't shoot him! Where is he? Where are you, Gustave?
Juliet: I'll find you, and you won't do this to me anymore.

Evan: Ok, she's not right in the brain. What's that she said about Gustave? Do you think he was hitting, molesting or stalking her?
Evan: This is not related to the murder, but Juliet and Gustave are suspects, and if he was mistreating her, we need to lecture him.

Lecture Gustave about his manners towards women
Evan: Gustave, do you know Juliet Aiken? What did you do to her?
Gustave: I just paid her for a night together yesterday. She's still looking for me. Can you tell her I'm not in love with her?
Evan: How can you?
Gustave: Well, she accepted the money, didn't she? It's not my fault if someone agrees with me.
Gustave: C'mon, <Rank> <Name>, it's very late and you're still interrogating suspects. I need to sleep. Come over my house and let's talk. You're a good person.
Gustave: Let me pick up a wine... This one! Oh, dang, it's hot. Ok, I'll have to drink a lemonade now.
Evan: Sorry, Gustave. We're not going to your house because we're in a murder investigation! So stop it.

Evan: Well, Gustave's so far the only suspect with an alibi. He was working in the wine vault.
Evan: About the others, nothing's proven yet. Ignace could be innocent, but we need to learn more about him, right?
Evan: We could check the trash bags that were in that backyard!

Investigate Trash bags
Evan: <Name>, this is stained with blood! Ignace was crying here a while ago, and blood's still fresh.
Evan: Let's examine it and let's also ask him about it.

Ask Ignace about the rag
Evan: Hello again, Ignace. We found this in your backyard, is this yours?
Ignace: My head aches, <Rank> <Name>. I've got a headache. I'm not feeling good.
Evan: Is this yours?
Ignace: I don't know, I'm not fine! Please leave me.
Evan: If you don't feel well, stop drinking wine. That doesn't make any sense.
Ignace: Oh, curse you! I'll go for some lemonade, ok? Can I drink that?

Examine Bloodstained rag
Evan: Why didn't you collect a blood sample from the rag, <Name>?
Evan: Oh, you found... What's that? It's a type of grease.
Evan: Let's give it to Sabrina and she'll tell us.

Analyze Greasy subtance
Sabrina: I analyzed that greasy substance you found in that rag, <Name>. But I need more time to know what it is.
Sabrina: However, a quick deduction will help you.
Evan: Of course it will, Sabrina! Tell us.
Sabrina: This greasy substance usually sticks on glass or plastic. As this rag is full of blood, it has to belong to your killer.
Evan: Why not to Yale?
Sabrina: Because she needn't have gone to the backyard, first.
Sabrina: And second, because this rag was used to clean eyeglasses with that greasy substance! So the killer used it to clean glasses.
Evan: And Yale didn't have glasses! <Name>, our killer wears glasses!

Arrest killer
Evan: Ignace Sount, you're under arrest for the murder of Susan Vianne. And if you're not feeling well, we'll give you some coffee to sober up.
Ignace: Susan? C'mon, you must know her real name. Yale Williams!
Evan: What? So you knew it? Why did you kill her?
Ignace: She was going to buy a gun, and... I accidentally shot, just that!
Evan: You know perfectly how to use a gun! You aimed right at the heart, it was no accident!
Ignace: Why? Why? It's ok, I'll tell you! I knew she was the daughter of a criminal, she was a liar!
Evan: Did you kill her because she had two identities?
Ignace: I saw her filling the document, and I saw her name! She was identical to her father! It was clear that because of her, many people were having objects stolen.
Evan: I can't believe it, it's the most stupid murder ever!

Esteban Gonzalez: You have been taken to this Court for the murder of Yale Williams. How do you plead?
Ignace: Guilty, your honor. Guilty, like the victim and the victim's family.
Esteban Gonzalez: You've said it. Your actions left you right at the level of those you call criminals. You're one of them, Mr Sount.
Esteban Gonzalez: And let me tell you, the victim never faced any trials or wasn't convicted of any crime. It was Ernest Williams who did.
Ignace: It's the same blood, your honor! It's the same blood, they're all the same, they won't ever change!
Esteban Gonzalez: I've heard enough. This Court sentences you to life imprisonment with a chance for parole in 30 years. Court is adjourned!

Evan: You know, <Name>. They say it's in the blood, that families don't change. And it's a lie, because the Williams Family changed, but the Sount one...
Evan: Don't worry about Pablo. I'm sure he'll call us with a problem this afternoon.
Evan: And Gustave... I used to admire him, <Name>. But he's not what I thought. I don't mind if he has the most urgent urgency ever, I won't go check up on him!

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Congratulations, the both of you! I know night shift isn't adorable, but many leads would have disappeared, you understand?
Alan Smith: Now, send Doodley back to jail. And make sure he stays there.

Evan: <Name>, we can't do that! Doodley said that-
Evan: However, at least we can ask him if he's Gary Perkins. And why he can't go to jail.
Gino: <Name>, Pablo Sount called and he-
Evan: I told you, <Name>. I told you. What does he need?
Gino: Well, he says he wants to talk to you. But he also mentioned Juliet is drunk and can't even open her house's door.
Evan: Ok, Gino. We'll go and do that.

Ask Doodley about Gary Perkins
Doodley: You again? I haven't stolen anything yet-
Evan: Now speak, Doodley. Who's Gary Perkins and why can't you go to jail?
Doodley: Do you know the hell I lived when you sent me to jail? No, you don't. I thought I'd die, I thought I'd be another one of your murder investigations.
Evan: Gary Perkins...
Doodley: You want to know about him? Well, listen. I lost my King & Trotter 42 in the armory.
Evan: Bring it back to me and I'll tell you.

Evan: I hate to deal with criminals, <Name>. But it won't hurt and it'll be a favor exchange.
Evan: Doodley painted a grafitti in the backyard, so let's look there!

Investigate Backyard
Evan: If it was a normal house, we could get straight back to Doodley, but it's an armory.
Evan: It could be another of the million guns, so let's see if it's a King & Trotter 42.

Examine Gun
Evan: Yes, <Name>! This gun is a King & Trotter 42. You have a great eye.
Evan: Now, we need Doodley to talk about Perkins.
Evan: You're right! We'd found a photo of Gary in Yale's suitcase back in that case in the train. Maybe they knew each other. Let's ask him.

Make a deal with Doodley
Evan: Doodley, the first times we interrogated you, we were investigating the murder of a woman called Yale Williams. Did you know her?
Doodley: No. Did you find my handgun?
Evan: She was also called Susan Vianne.
Doodley: Yes, she was the president of Green Year Parade's jury! Is she dead?
Doodley: What a shame, <Name>. I heard Gary Perkins will be contesting in the Parade.
Evan: <Rank> <Name> for you, first. Second, here's your gun. Third, talk to us about Gary. It was our deal!
Doodley: Perkins is an informant who works in Columbia Park. I heard his bills are very expensive.
Evan: Does Gary do that work for the ones that also force you to be a thief?
Doodley: Gary, they and I know everything that happens in this city. That's all I say.
Doodley: Now, my gun please.

See what is wrong with Pablo
Evan: Officer Reina said you called us, Pablo. Is everything ok?
Pablo: Let me tell you something. My dad had bought me the Revolver #3 of the Lightrack Revolvers Collection, but I can't find two of the three revolvers.
Pablo: It's a collection of three luminous revolvers. And there are only five of each one in the world!
Pablo: Dad had told me he'd give me the collection tomorrow, that he'd just brought the last one.
Evan: I found this one, but there are other two missing. Can you help me?
Evan: Of course, Pablo! First let's see which one this revolver is.

Examine Revolver
Evan: Look, <Name>. It says "Revolver #1". You could decipher it perfectly.
Evan: Let's look for the other two. Maybe Ignace kept them in the armory.

Investigate Armory
Evan: And... we found the "Revolver #2". The number one was yellow and this one is blue. Nice colours to kill someone, <Name>!
Evan: Yes, yes, it was a joke, of course. Now, did you find the Revolver #3?
Evan: In a trash bag? Why would Ignace put a limited-edition revolver- Ok, you never fail so... Let's try.

Examine Trash bag
Evan: So trash in an armory is broken guns, burnt bullets, useless gunpowder... It's not even trash at all.
Evan: But we found a pink revolver! And it says "Revolver #3". Now let's give Pablo the full collection!

Give Pablo the other two revolvers
Pablo: This... This is the Lightrack Revolvers Collection! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Pablo: You know, I know my father is guilty for the murder, and I won't be angry at you.
Pablo: So please... Take this if you want to meet me at the shooting range, ok?

Help Juliet Aiken
Evan: Are you drunk again Juliet?
Juliet: Haha! I have a gun, and I can shoot, Evan! <Name>, tie him up!
Evan: Juliet, do you have a gun license?
Juliet: Oh, where is it? I must have lost it at that party.
Evan: We'll look for it, ok? Go have some coffee. C'mon, <Name>.

Investigate Fremont Road
Evan: This girl must be alcoholic, <Name>. Now let's see if this torn card is her gun license.

Examine Torn card
Evan: Well, it's got a photo of Juliet so it's hers. Now let's give her her license.

Give Juliet her license
Juliet: Thank you a lot! You found my driving license!
Evan: No, Juliet. We were looking for your-
Evan: Driving license? No! How many things can a normal person lose in the street?
Juliet: What happens, <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: Nothing. <Name>, we can't leave this woman without her gun permission. Let's go back to the road.

Investigate Fremont Road
Evan: I wouldn't be surprised if we found Juliet's oven in the street, <Name>.
Evan: Let's see if her gun permission is in this purse.

Examine Purse
Evan: Now, we'll make sure it's the gun permission this time. Let's see...
Evan: Yes, this is Juliet's gun permission. Let's give it back to her!

Give Juliet her gun permission
Evan: Take care of your things next time, Juliet. And don't drink alcohol, please. Here's your purse and your gun permission.
Juliet: Had I lost it? Oh, well... Thanks anyway.
Juliet: Why don't you take something to eat? It's a bit late for lunch, but who cares?

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