Power to the Plant is the first case of CartoonLover's The Antisocial Amalgamation collab. and the first case in the Xanadu Industrial Park.


The Player arrives via bus at Pinnacle Metropolis, a thriving Cityscape which is said to be a shangri-la... for murderers. so Police Commissioner Ralph Willoughby, assigns the player and junior policeman Heath Tassius to answer to a call to come to a Junkyard. Once They arrived, the locate the corpse of Factory Foreman, Micah Karlton, buried under a ton of garbage and holes over His body.

Along the way, Three Suspects composed of Randall Soriani, (A Worker who worked at Construction for 20 years) Edwina Karlton, (The Victim's Wife) and Malcolm Miller (An Anti-Nuclear Activist) with the evidence, the player and Tassius arrested Randall Soriani for Karlton's Murder.

Soriani learned that Mr. Karlton was going to fire Him, refusing to go job-searching for a low-paying job, and that He needs money to pay for house repairs, killed Karlton in the Scrapyard. Soriani was then sentenced to Life in Prison by Judge Matthew Tudor.


  • Micah Karlton (Found Buried under a ton of garbage, riddled with nails)

Murder Weapon

  • Nail Gun


  • Randall Soriani


Randall Soriani Unemployed
Height 5'9''
Age 44
Weight 185
Eyes Green
Blood B+


  • Wears Size 13 Shoes
  • Draws Is Right-handed


  • Wears a Yellow and Black Vest over a Blue Shirt and has short brown hair.
Edwina Karlton Victim's Wife
Height 5'5''
Age 58
Weight 176
Eyes Blue
Blood O-


  • Wears Size 13 Boots
  • Is Right-handed


Wears a Light-Blue Sweater with dark-blue squares. has long grey hair.

Malcolm Miller Activist
Height 5'3''
Age 24
Weight 123
Eyes Green
Blood A-


  • Is Right-handed


  • Wears a Short-Sleeve Shirt with Red and Blue vertical stripes. has Black hair.

Killer's Profile

  • Wears Size 13 Boots
  • Is Right-handed
  • Is Male

Crime Scenes

Scrapyard Construction Yard Scrapyard Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Scrapyard (Clues: Victim's Body and Worker I.D. Victim Identified : Micah Karlton)
  • Talk to Worker who found the body (New Suspect - Randall Soriani)
  • Autopsy Victim's body (Result, Victim wears Size 13 Shoes)
  • Tell the Bad News to the Victim's Wife (New Suspect - Edwina Karlton)
  • Disperse the Protestors (New Suspect - Malcolm Miller)
  • Investigate Construction Yard (Clues - Nail Gun and Bulldozer)
  • Analyze Nail Gun (Result - Killer is Righthanded)
  • Dust Bulldozer's controls for fingerprints. (Result - Killer is a Male)
  • Arrest Killer!
  • Go to Additional Investigation
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