The whole world comes to the investigation in Police International Edition of Criminal Case (also known as the first season of CutePets95 's game). Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across the globe, but The International Police Department serves as the top police force specialising in difficult crimes to deal with by average law enforcement localities.


There are 7 regions in total, all adding up to the season's 54 cases.


Asia is the first district of Police International Edition. Cases 1-8 happen here.

This starts out where, from intel from an ally, it was revealed that the man who ordered the murder of the chairman, was a member of LOS Criminales, an international criminal organisation suspected to be hell-bent on all sorts of crimes around the world. They end up meeting, a suspicious informant, XY who tips them off into the Siberian wilderness where not only does one teammate's mother kill their grandmother and the biological mother of another ending up abducted, the team ends up on a race to find her and arrest the man suspected of being behind it called the Black-Eyed Eagle.

Case Country City Case Name
1 Russia Moscow A New Beginning
2 Russia St. Petersburg St. Bloodersberg
3 Russia Siberia Freeze!
4 India New Dehli Down like a Devil
5 Bhutan   Pero Dragon in Peace
6 China Beijing/Shanghai Head through the Hole
7 South Korea Busan Historical Deaths
8 Japan Kyushu Out-trick the Eagle

Australasia (the modern name for Oceania)

Australasia is the second region. Cases 9-16 happen there.

This revolves around a precious jewel stolen that can control the weather from a sacred city known to be on the west coast of Australia: the Weathering jewel. With a notorious branch of Los Criminales planning to sell it, one of the agents catching a virus in Thailand and a new ally from the force nicknamed The Weathervale Guardians join as a liaison, the race to stop uncontrollable weather begins.

Case Country City Name
9 Thailand Bangkok/Ayutthaya Thai Hot Death
10 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Deatharazzi
11 Indonesia Bali/Java Indonethrone
12 USA Hawaii
13 French Polynesia Tahiti
14 New Zealand Southern Islands Deadly Tackle
15 Australia Sydney, New South Wales Mysteries Down Under
16 Australia Weathervale Weathering Down


Africa is the 3rd region. Cases 17-22 happen there.

Case Country Location Name
17 Madagascar Antananarivo
18 Kenya Nairobi
19 Botswana Gaborone
20 South Africa Durban
21 Namibia Windhoek
22 Angola Luanda

South America

South America is the 4th region. Cases 23-30 happen there.

Case Country Location Name
23 Argentina Cordoba
24 Chile Santiago
25 Bolivia Sucre
26 Ecuador Quito
27 Brazil Rio De Janeiro
28 Venezuela Caracas
39 Colombia Bogota
30 Panama Panama City

North America

North America is the 5th region. Cases 31-38 happen there.

Case Country Location Name
31 Mexico Mexico City
32 USA Los Angeles, California
33 USA New Orleans, Louisiana
34 USA Baltimore/Washington DC, Maryland
35 Canada Montreal
36 USA Grimsborough Back into Roots
37 USA Pacific Bay Countdown to find Evil
38 Canada Toronto/Ottowa One Ends, Another Begins


Europe is the 6th and the 2nd-to-last region in PIE. Cases 39-46 happen here.

Case Country Location Name
39 England Manchester
40 Wales Cardiff Cawling Death
41 France Paris
42 The Netherlands Staadskaanal
43 Germany Berlin
44 Hungary Budapest
45 Italy/Vatican City Rome/Vatican City
46 Spain Madrid

North Africa

Africa is the 7th and last region. Cases 47-54 happen there.

Case Country City Name
47 Mali
48 Chad
49 Sudan
50 Egypt Cairo
51 Eritrea
52 Iran
53 UAE Dubai
54 Israel Tel-Aviv


  • The total of stars used will not always add up to 36.
    • This is seen in Case #1 with 33 stars used out of 45. 
  • The title of the series is a spin-off of Police World Tour Edition, a series created by Luismaverdyum
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