You can't be more obvious than that, princess.
—Phoebe Yates

Phoebe Yates is an agent of the Rocksfellow Police Department. She is one of two partners assigned to the player in their tenure in Rocksfellow.


34 years in age, Phoebe has red hair in a ponytail that brushes down her left shoulder. She wears a deep blue police shirt with multiple pockets and badges. She wears black pants. She is often seen wearing glasses with no lenses. She wears a light amount of purple lipstick.

She is known to be resourceful, sarcastic, and deceiving to strangers.

Notable Events

Phoebe patrolled with the player for the first time in My Head's Underwater. Phoebe helped the player go through many clues.

Phoebe was investigating the recording room in Trial by Fire. After she and the player entered, Phoebe began falling asleep and getting dizzy. Phoebe told the player to get away from the room as there was poison in it before collapsing entirely. She was taken out from the investigation in order for her to rest.

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