Phoebe White
Full name Phoebe 'Sprinkles' White
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1989
Nationality American
Residence Shernola
Family Amberlyn White (sister)
Profession Pop Star
Appearance(s) Case #1:
Sing Your Heart Out
Phoebe White was a suspect in the murder of her sister, Amberlyn White, in Sing Your Heart Out (Case #1 of Shernola).


Phoebe is a 29-year-old singer. It is known that she uses adrenaline, knows how to operate a peacemaker and owns a cat. It is also known that she wears a flower in her hair.

Events of Criminal Case

Phoebe was first interrogated when the Player found the victim's phone and a plethora of selfies and tweets between her and her sister. Phoebe exclaims that she was the best sister she ever had, and no one can ever replace her.

Phoebe was interrogated once again when the Player found a threat from her directed to the victim. She said that Amberlyn stole the lead role from her, and made the show boring and uncool.

Phoebe was innocent after the team incarcerated Patrick Hull for the murder. However, after the trial, it was revealed that she had a past with gang activities. She needed the money for a wedding of the lifetime. She was fined.

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