Phillip Daley was the murder victim in “Back To The Glory Days”, the first case of Hidden Missions.


Phillip was a detective who consulted for homicide cases in Acropolis Secret Intelligence. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. At the time of his death, he wore a light brown blazer covering a white buttoned shirt with a dark brown tie. At the time of his murder, Phillip also wore black trousers with a brown leather belt and office shoes. He had his glasses in his blazer pocket.

Murder Details

Jonathan Fellowes, director of the Acropolis Secret Intelligence, asks the player and junior agent Kate Wong to check on Phillip when he did not arrive to work. When they arrived in the estate, they found Phillip on his office couch, with a large stab wound in his stomach with blood gushing out. Agent Wong discovered that there was an Aztec spear missing in Phillip's display cabinet, suspecting that it was used to kill him.

According to the chief medical examiner, Dr. Graham Fraser, Phillip died of massive blood loss after his abdominal aorta had been severed. Dr. Fraser also found traces of cooked fish scales on Phillip's necktie, specifically salmon scales. Since Phillip had no salmon dishes found in his stomach contents, it was clear to determine that the killer eats salmon.

Mid-investigation, the detectives were able to recover the spearhead from the cliffside area of Greenstone Natural Reserve's picnic area. Per Randall Collins, the team's weapon expert, he confirmed that the Aztec spear was used to kill Phillip. Additionally, Randall found traces of white powder on the spearhead, with the help of lab chief Dr. Candy Orson, he was able to identify that it was medicine used to treat epilepsy, determining that the killer is epileptic.

Relationship With Suspects

Phillip was in a relationship with Lilly Dexter, but they grew distant as he focused more on his consulting work.

Phillip works alongside A.S.I. senior agent Nick Daniels in solving crimes. Despite having respect for being intelligent, Phillip put Agent Daniels into trouble when Phillip recklessly confronted a criminal with a gun. 

Private detective Hermes Perrot and Phillip were friends, they have a civil rivalry in solving the most bizzare crimes.

Field agent Debbie Sommers claimed that she did not know Phillip personally, but she knew that Phillip was planning to file a complaint against her over her anger issues.

Phillip was also volunteered as a test subject in Cerebrum Laboratories' research, which is headed by Dr. Damian Mallory. It turns out that Phillip had joined the program to investigate the mysterious organisation's activities.

Killer and Motive

It was discovered that the victim's investigating partner, Agent Daniels, was Phillip's killer.

Upon being accused of killing Phillip, Agent Daniels denied the claims. The agent finally broke down in a rage after being confronted with solid evidence against him. Agent Daniels admitted that he killed Phillip out of anger because private consultants are taking over the agents' job, with that being evident in Phillip's reckless confrontation. The final straw for Agent Daniels was when Phillip applied to become an agent. Knowing that Phillip could easily replace him, Daniels went to Phillip's house and impaled Phillip with an Aztec spear from the display. Agent Daniels was then shipped to court, receiving a forty-year prison sentence from Judge Shields for Phillip's murder.

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