Philippe Montgomery is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's second season, settled in the city of Blue Coasts. He's the father of the team's forensics expert, Kyle Montgomery.


Philippe is a wealthy man from the city of Blue Coasts, who acquired all of his fortune thanks to Montgomery Publication House, a company that was founded by both him and his wife, Julep Montgomery. He is a snobbish person who acts formal at all times and has a personality a bit annoying, not being considerate towards others and only caring about his own well-being. He has a stranded relationship with his son Kyle as well as a troubled marriage with Julep.

Profiles known from cases:

  • In Deathblood Whirlpool, it was shown that he doesn't use coconut cream, doesn't use healing stones and doesn't thread eyebrows.
  • In Phantom Ballplayer, it was shown that he doesn't drink protein shakes, doesn't use dynamic sand and doesn't swim.

Role in cases

This case marked Philippe's first physical appearance. Kyle Montgomery had already told the team that he hadn't talked to his parents for around 12 years and they had already talked to Julep Montgomery more than once. Julep and Philippe were sponsoring Miss Blue Coasts, the city's beauty pageant for women which was taking place in the district of South Coast, where Montgomery Publication House is also settled. However, most of the pageant's sponsors were involved in an evil scheme regarding weapons smuggling so Julep and Philippe were trying to get the police to help.

Philippe showed up uninvitedly at the team's HQ and demanded to talk to the player. Kyle revealed that Philippe had disinherited him, to which he replied that it shouldn't matter to him since he had chosen to be a biochemist instead of taking over his parents' company. Philippe had gone to the headquarters due to the sponsors' scheme and brought them a recording of one of their meetings. Thanks to it, Thomas Ravens was able to determine that the pageant was actually a cover-up for a gunrunner and had been like that ever since the first year it was held.

Philippe became a suspect in the murder investigation of Alexander Peek, a baseball player from Townville. Alexander had written a book and published it with Philippe and Julep's company. Thanks to him, the company was expanding its horizons and to show some gratitude, Philippe decided to pay for half of Alexander's hotel bill during his stay in Blue Coasts.

Philippe Montgomery
Biographical information
Full name Philippe Percival Montgomery
Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality Flag of United StatesAmerican (Blue Coasts)
Residence South Coast
Occupation Montgomery Publication House CEO and co-owner
Family Kyle Montgomery (son)
Partner(s) Julep Montgomery (wife)
Game information
First appearance Deathblood Whirlpool
Suspect appearance(s) Phantom Ballplayer
The Hottest Girl
Quasi-suspect appearance(s) Deathblood Whirlpool
Rewards given Deathblood Whirlpool - 4,400 coins
Phantom Ballplayer - Baseball cap, Baseball jersey
The Hottest Girl - Burger
Game stats
Height 6'00"
Age 57
Weight 166 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood O+
Hair Brown
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