Peter Mansfield
Full name Peter Mansfield
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1966
Death 2018
Nationality American
Profession Convention planner
Appearance(s) Case #5: Bloody Tears

Peter Mansfield was the victim in Bloody Tears (Case #5 of Fario).


Peter was 53-years-old convention planner with brown eyes and stylished black hair. He wear glasses and black suit with grey stripped white tie.

Murder details

Peter was found dead in Oliver Street Alley with his eyes pulled out. After autpsy Andre found that wound is maded by right handed person, which mean that killer was right handed.

Later on, player found murder weapon is Alley containers. After analyses Kim found saliva mixed with sweat with leaded to extract not demaged DNA and give player last evidence, that killer have brown eyes.

Killer and motive

The killer turned out to be his adopted son Eric Son.

After his parents was killed by Illuminated Minds, by Eric words he was reason why. He told to player and Diego that he promise them new members, but he didnt success to get them. He also say that he never tried to get to them, that he was a lier. On the trial he confessed murder and he was sentaced to life in jail for murder and 5 years abusing of him.

Case appearances

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