Percy Parkepper
Full name Percy Parkepper
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 19/02/16
Nationality British
Residence Botanical Gardens, Kensington Heights, England
Family Petra Parkepper (Niece) Lydia Parkepper (Sister-in-Law) Ron Parkepper (Brother)
Profession Park Keeper
Affiliation(s) Botanical Gardens
Appearance(s) Open the Gates

Percy Parkepper was the victim of Open the Gates (Case #6 of Kensington Heights).


Percy wore a green-brown flat-cap with a black rim, he had grey hair. He wore a green-brown jumper and a white shirt and green trousers and brown shoes. He had grey eyes.

Murder and Details

Percy was found chained to the gate, and was bleeding at the stomach. The team sent him directly to Duchesse Carne, who said that the wound had several plant cells on it, meaning the killer had knowledge in gardening.

Killer and Motives

Verity Balbagage, a worker in the green house was found guilty of killing Percy.

Verity said that Percy had once came up to her in a drunken rage. The two were good friends since school. Percy started going on about how she left him one night alone, and he waited three hours for her. And listed all the times she betrayed him. And then, Verity explained that she was sorry, but then Percy started shouting, and argued with Verity. Verity picked up the shears, to put them away, Percy forced her to face him, and without thinking, stabbed Percy. She needed to get rid of the body, so she put it on the second entrance where no one ever used, and slipped into the crowd at the last minute before ROX-ANN and the player left to search for Percy.

Verity was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by Hamani.



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