General information
Season 1
Setting Paxerton
Primary LEA Paxerton Police Department
Key city figures Pamela Merriweather (mayor)
Lucy Joust (chief of police)
No. of cases in season 60
No. of regions in season 10
Released January 2018
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None (first season) None
Paxerton is... well, a really peaceful and idealistic city! The crime rate of the city is basically nonexistent!
—-David Jones

Paxerton is a peaceful and idealistic with little-to-no crimes occurring in the city. Pamela Merriweather is the current mayor of the city.

The city is divided into 10 districts with distinct environment: Cosgrove Outskirts, Big Wave Beach, Shiver Mountain, Covered Caldera, Goldenburg, El Dorado Thickets, Treasure Isles, Posy Farmlands, Democratic Lane and Ruined Ruins.




Cosgrove Outskirts

Cosgrove Outskirts is the first district in Paxerton. It features peaceful forests, rustic cafes and the Paxerton University. It focuses on the sudden rise of crimes in the usually peaceful city and an enigmatic blog which seems to be causing it. Cases 1-6 are situated here.

Case Name Case Number Release Date
Tourist Trapped 1 February 16, 2018
A Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste 2 February 17, 2018
And the Dog Bites Back 3 February 25, 2018
Adding Fuel to The Fire 4 March 3, 2018
Click, Die and Subscribe 5 March 7, 2018
Moral Decay 6 March 13, 2018

Additional Investigation - New Beginning Don't Always Mean Well

Big Wave Beach

Big Wave Beach is the second district in Paxerton. It consists of gorgeous beaches, shady motels and numerous bars. It focuses on the sudden eviction of its residents and the emergence of a supposed seer. Furthermore, it also focuses on Katrina Rink's home life. Cases 7-12

Additional Investigation - Swept Away By the Waves

Covered Caldera

Additional Investigation - Limit Reached

Shiver Mountain

Additional Investigation - All Alone in the Mountain


Additional Investigation - City of Dreams

El Dorado Thickets

Additional Investigation - The Long Lost Conspiracy

Treasure Isles

Additional Investigation - Dancing with the Devil

Posy Farmlands

Additional Investigation - Calm Before the Storm

Democratic Lane

Additional Investigation - All for One and One for All

Ruined Ruins

Additional Investigation - Crumbling City

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