Paula McGee
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Biographical information
Full name Paula McGee
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2018
Cause of death Punctured heart
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Movie Director
Game information
First appeared Case #40 The Forest Game
Paula McGee was the victim in The Forest Game (Case #40 of Laroy Bay)


Paula was movie director with short nech-length blonde hair and brown eyes.She wore black shirt under a blue Stockinette stitch cardigan.She also wore black pants.

Murder Details

Megan Alan said that cause of death was punctured heart from spear wound throught the heart.Basing herself on the spear trajectory and its position in the body, Megan deduced the killer was left handed.

Killer and motives

Shockingly,team arrested victim's assistant Josip Filipovich for a murder.Josip tried to lie,but he confessed.He said that it was her or him and he had to kill her.Team asked him why and he showed them threats that were sent to him from unknown person.That person told him that he has one week to eliminate Paula or he and his family are going to die.Josip panicked and didn't told anybody about that.So when he got on movie set,he speared Paula in chest and staged murder as an accident.Judge Eva Rose sentenced him to 8 years in prison with chance for parole in 4 years.

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