Paul Waters was one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first season, Townville.


Paul was a middle-aged man who worked as a bank manager for Jade River Bank and was enrolled in the Capitalist Alliance, going on to win the Townville Mayoral Elections. It was later discovered that he was the leader of a criminal organization, the Black Eagle Society. He died and was unable to complete his term as Mayor of Townville. He was responsible for the creation of the Information Protection Programme as well as the founding of a new district which he called New Townville.

Role in cases

The team first met Paul during the murder investigation of Josephine Yode, a bank manager who was murdered at the location of Jade River Bank where Paul worked. The victim had died following an after-office party to celebrate his candidacy for the Townville Mayoral Elections. He said that Josephine wanted a spot in the elections as well and claimed that she was jealous of his success. He also talked about wanting to fire Jonas Gadell because he was not a valuable worker. In the end, he turned out to be innocent.

The day after the investigation, he asked the player for some help on retrieving important documents.

Paul didn't physically appear in this case, but he was mentioned by Arnold Eastfield as one of the richest people in Townville.

Paul was suspected for the murder of Alberto Gandil during a meeting of all mayoral candidates in the City Hall. Chief Alan Smith, who partnered the player in this investigation, became more suspicious of him when his fingerprints were found all over the tray that had the poisoned canapes that had killed Alberto. He turned out to be innocent again. He also asked for help from the player this time since he had lost $400 at the City Hall's second floor.

On election day, the player and Evan Day ran into Paul at a bar where he started choking to end up being taken to hospital. Upon analyzing Paul's food, Sabrina Stone determined that Paul had been given human flesh. He was interrogated as a suspect one more time when it was discovered that he had been present at the cold storage plant that was providing the bar with meat, and could be the origin of the victim's flesh. The victim was unidentified but it was strongly presumed that it was Zachariah Loas, the current Mayor and candidate for the United Socialism, since he was missing.

However, the victim turned out to actually be Mitch Anteur, CEO of Today's Network. Paul was asked his opinion on Mitch and he said that since Zachariah controlled his company, Today's Network was specifically harsh when it came to critiquing the Capitalist Alliance. This resulted in influencing the population to have a negative image of him. Mitch's killer was eventually arrested and Paul's innocence was proved.

The following day after voting, Paul asked the player to retrieve the suitcase that he had left at the bar. After examining his suitcase, the team found out a letter asking Lucy Loas to help him win the elections so they confronted him about but it turned out to be a letter that Alberto Gandil had written to her. Later that day, Alan Smith announced at a public ceremony that Paul had won the elections and therefore was elected to be the Mayor of Townville for the next four years. As the new Mayor, one of his first acts was to promote the player's team to the Residential Zone.

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Paul Waters
Biographical information
Full name Paul Waters
Alias(es) "The true leader"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Gunshot to the head (suicide)
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Occupation Bank manager, City Mayor, Mob leader
Affiliation(s) Jade River Bank, Capitalist Alliance, Black Eagle Society
Game information
First appearance Greed Of The Treasures
Suspect appearance(s) Greed Of The Treasures
A Lethal Campaign
Fishy Tastes
The Electrify
Toxic Ingredients
Bloodstained Race
Rewards given Greed Of The Treasures - 12,000 coins
A Lethal Campaign - Burger
Fishy Tastes - 300 XP
Bloodstained Race - 600 XP
Game stats
Height 6'00"
Age 65
Weight 192 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood AB+
Hair Gray
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