Patrick Dawson
Biographical information
Full name Patrick Dawson
Gender male
Status Alive
Birth 1982
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Stanford Bay Police Department
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case: Stanford Bay
Murder and weapon are no joke. Hey! Give me my coffee mug back!

Patrick Dawson is a main character in Criminal case: Stanford Bay. Where he will serve as a Field Expert for the Stanford Bay Police Department.


Patrick is a 36 year old Field Expert for the Stanford Bay Police Department.

Patrick is a Military officer turned Field Expert who worked for the military before but quit his job to later on be a field expert for Stanford Bay Police Department. He is a serious person and rarely laughs. Hasuro calls him Grumpy Cat for his such type of behaviour. Patrick often gets annoyed of Hasuro for always joking around and giving people names. He sometimes also get annoyed of Manny for her geekiness. He also complains about the Chief for not being too serious. He likes to drink coffee, Especially black coffee.

Events of Criminal Case


As the Field Expert of SBPD, Patrick Handles hanlysis of murder weapons or anything related to it.

Welcome to Stanford Bay! (Case #1 of Stanford Bay)

  • Handgun (9:00:00).

Out of Breath (Case #2 of Stanford Bay)

  • Metal Rod (15:00:00)

Case Appearance

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