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“Party with Flying Colors”


Party with Flying Colors
General information
Season 4 (Mystical Investigations)
City Maplemoor
District Blackhill Heights
Case # 7
Initial release date 22nd August 2020
Partner(s) Diego Redmoon (All Chapters)
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Dying of Excitement Darkness of the Outdoors
Thanks to Max's lead, we investigate a crypt party, only for the limelight to fall on a dead body! As our victim sings tunes of her murder, you got a killer to catch, before the party ends!
—Case Teaser

Party with Flying Colors is a case featured in Criminal Case as the one-hundred and eighty-eighth case of the game. It is the seventh case of Mystical Investigations and the second case in the Blackhill Heights district of Maplemoor.


The player and Diego Redmoon then headed to the crypt where the slaughtered vampire coven used to pray and do their religious beliefs, which was currently resided by night parties attended by humans and supernatural alike. However, when they got to the entrance of the crypt, they then found a slumped woman next to the entrance, and discovered that partygoer Minnie Hamilton had been murdered, her throat gouged. After Diego was confused about the music playing from the victim's corpse, Ariella revealed that the music was from a recorder jammed into the victim's neck. After Peony revealed that the victim's vocal cords was ripped out of her throat, they then found clues to suspect previously suspected partygoer Flora Walsh, as well (with help from Kimberly) tea-obsessed lunatic vampire Ursula and local vampire Cassius de la Mort in the homicide. Soon after, Tobias told them that he had found out that someone had been vlogging the crypt party that night.

Tobias then revealed to them that vlogger Becky Halton had been vlogging the evening's festivities, and that they should speak to her. Diego and the player then questioned Becky about the murder, along with disc jockey Julian Everett in Minnie's death. After they found the killer threatened to silence Minnie with a Oscar Wilde quote, the detectives then found out that Cassius had tried to flirt with Minnie and that Flora and Minnie had kissed while the two were haphazardly drunk. Shortly after, they were informed by Kaitlyn that Ursula was having a tea party on the crime scene. The detectives then stopped Ursula, who pouted before she reluctantly left the crime scene to go hang out with her best friend, Melanie. They then found out that Ursula had nearly bit Minnie, Becky had made Minnie look like a joke and Julian rejected Minnie's advances on him. In the end, the detectives found enough evidence to arrest Julian Everett for the murder.

They then confronted Julian about the homicide, and the disc jockey then denied the accusations against him, until Diego reminded Julian about the record he used to gouge Minnie's throat, which made Julian snap. Julian then revealed himself to be a vampire as his eyes then turned red and fangs sprouted from his mouth. Julian then admitted that he had killed Minnie before he then told them that she had rejected his advances on her that night, unaware of his vampire state and Julian was devastated. Later that night, when Julian's music began to falter due to his emotions, he then walked to the singer's square, where he thought of his undeniable love for Minnie. He then started to sing to himself about his love for Minnie, before he then devised a plan to kill Minnie. He then told them how he then saw a drunken Minnie outside of the crypt party, and he then shattered a record into pieces and gouged Minnie's throat. He then explained that he ripped out Minnie's vocal cords and then placed a recorder that played his secret song that he had yet to release to the world, leaving her to sing his last song. Disgusted by the murder, Diego then arrested the vampire and took him to vampire coven leader Silas Cruorem, who banished Julian from the covenant before he told the detectives to take him to trial. There, Judge Blackmoon was about to sentence Julian to a fifty year sentence when Julian then said that he would be singing in the stars with his beloved before he staked himself in the heart, dissolving before the judge's eyes.

After the surprising end to the trial, they then spoke to Silas, who admitted that he had came all the way from Romania a decade ago with his vampire coven. Diego then asked Silas if he was aware of the coven, and Silas told them that he was friends with the count, before he then pointed them to search the entrance for a secret statue that hid more on the coven's prayers. They then investigated the entrance gardens, where they then found an angel statue made of a strong metal, with a combination lock on the side. After the player and Diego were able to unlock the statue's lock, they then found a book along with a bottle of blood inside the statue, which they sent to Kaitlyn to analyze. Kaitlyn then revealed that the book was some form of a vampire Bible, and that there was inscriptions in it that proved that the count feared a group of vampire hating insurgents, which worried Kaitlyn. After Diego reassured Kaitlyn, the detectives then spoke to Silas, who told them that the insurgents were hellbent on having vampires removed for being "demons from the moon". He then suggested that they speak to one of the most known protestors Hyacinth Merrill, who told Diego and the player that vampires weren't to be trusted. The protestor then told them that she was doing what was right for Maplemoor, before more were drained of blood by thirsty vampires, despite the law restricting her statement.

Meanwhile, vampire artist Melanie Blackmoon came to speak to the player and Destiny, explaining that she saw Kimberly wandering around the party earlier that night, and that she worried for her since she didn't show up again. The player and Destiny then went to the crypt party to investigate further, where they then found Kimberly's plastic cup in the scraps that remained from the party. They then sent the cup to Cato to analyze, Cato then revealing that he had found traces of cheap beer on the inside of the cup, and blood soiled tea on the outside of the cup, meaning Ursula met with Kimberly. They then went to see Ursula, who eagerly told them that she and Kimberly had went to the singer's square after the party, where the two had a small conversation. They then went to the singer's square, where the player then found Kimberly's silk scarf, before they then found her in the square. Kimberly then admitted to the player and Destiny that she was spending some time to muse over her thoughts and past. Destiny, having faced her past back in Paix, then asked Kimberly to tell her and the player, if she could. Kimberly then admitted that her boyfriend had hidden his identity as a vampire for months after the source turned the city into what it was, including her boyfriend. She then revealed that she had to kill her boyfriend in self-defense after her boyfriend attacked her, which prompted Destiny to hug Kimberly to comfort her. Destiny then told Kimberly that she wouldn't have to hide her past when she had the team to support and help her. Kimberly thanked the duo for the support, before Destiny and Kimberly returned to the precinct.

After all the events, Chief Lucero then revealed that with their findings, they had to look more into the organ and blood trafficking, while keeping an eye on the vampire protestors, before the lights flickered and the room went dark. Soon after, Tobias revealed that a city-wide blackout had struck Maplemoor.



  • Minnie Hamilton (found dead, a recorder jammed into her gouged throat)

Murder Weapon

  • Broken Record Shards


  • Julian Everett


Flora Walsh
Height 5'6"
Age 25
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A+


  • The suspect drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails
  • The suspect eats pig roast
  • The suspect reads Oscar Wilde
Lunatic Vampire
Height 5'8"
Age 234
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+


  • The suspect drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails
  • The suspect eats pig roast


  • The suspect wears glowsticks
Cassius de la Mort
Local Vampire
Height 5'10"
Age 287
Weight 165 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+


  • The suspect drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails
  • The suspect eats pig roast
  • The suspect reads Oscar Wilde


  • The suspect wears glowsticks
Becky Halton
Local Vlogger
Height 5'7"
Age 28
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood O+


  • The suspect drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails
  • The suspect eats pig roast
  • The suspect reads Oscar Wilde
Julian Everett
Disc Jockey
Height 6'1"
Age 32
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A+


  • The suspect drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails
  • The suspect eats pig roast
  • The suspect reads Oscar Wilde


  • The suspect wears glowsticks


Silas Cruorem
Vampire Coven Leader
Height 6'1"
Age 515
Weight 172 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+
Hyacinth Merrill
Vampire Protestor
Height 5'6"
Age 41
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A-
Melanie Blackmoon
Height 6'6"
Age 21
Weight 142 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+
Kimberly Dawson
Weapons Expert
Height 5'10"
Age 35
Weight 165 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood A-

Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails.
  • The killer eats pig roast.
  • The killer reads Oscar Wilde.
  • The killer wears glowsticks.
  • The killer has blue eyes.

Crime Scenes

Creepy Crypt Entrance Cemetery Graves Creepy Crypt Entrance Bonus
Flashy Crypt Party Party Banquet Tables Flashy Crypt Party Bonus
Local Singer's Square Singing Podium Local Singer's Square Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Creepy Crypt Entrance. (Clues: Victim's Body, Torn Photo, Pile of Leaves)
  • Examine Torn Photo. (Result: Photo Restored; New Suspect: Flora Walsh)
  • Speak to Miss Walsh about Minnie's murder. (New Crime Scene: Flashy Crypt Party)
  • Investigate Flashy Crypt Party. (Clues: Tea Cup of Blood, Faded Poster)
  • Examine Tea Cup of Blood. (Result: Saliva Sample)
  • Examine Saliva Sample. (Result: Vampire Saliva; New Suspect: Ursula)
  • Interrogate Ursula about her presence at the crypt party.
  • Examine Faded Poster. (Result: Poster Revealed; New Suspect: Cassius de la Mort)
  • Question Cassius de la Mort about the homicide.
  • Examine Pile of Leaves. (Result: Bloody Gloves)
  • Analyze Bloody Gloves. (03:00:00; Attribute: The killer eats pig roast)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body. (18:00:00; Attribute: The killer drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails)
  • Go to Chapter 2. (No stars)

Chapter 2

  • Interrogate Becky about Minnie's death. (Attribute: Becky drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails; New Crime Scene: Local Singer's Square)
  • Investigate Local Singer's Square. (Clues: Faded Cover, Victim's Handbag)
  • Examine Faded Cover. (Result: Man on Cover)
  • Examine Man on Cover. (Result: Man Identified; New Suspect: Julian Everett)
  • Speak to Julian about the murder at the crypt party. (Attribute: Julian drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails and eats pig roast)
  • Examine Victim's Handbag. (Result: Message to Victim)
  • Analyze Message to Victim. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer reads Oscar Wilde; New Crime Scene: Party Banquet Tables)
  • Investigate Party Banquet Tables. (Clues: Waiter's Tray, Locked Box)
  • Examine Waiter's Tray. (Result: Torn Pieces)
  • Examine Torn Pieces. (Result: Torn Pieces. (Result: Photo of Kiss)
  • Examine Locked Box. (Result: Gift to Minnie)
  • Analyze Gift to Minnie. (09:00:00)
  • Ask Cassian about his gift to Minnie. (Attribute: Cassian reads Oscar Wilde, drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails and eats pig roast)
  • Go to Chapter 3. (No stars)

Chapter 3

  • Investigate Cemetery Graves. (Clues: Bloodied Handkerchief, Locked Phone, Torn Pieces)
  • Examine Torn Pieces. (Result: Message to Minnie)
  • Interrogate Julian about rejecting Minnie. (Attribute: Julian reads Oscar Wilde)
  • Examine Locked Phone. (Result: Buzzer Post)
  • Confront Becky about her post. (Attribute: Becky reads Oscar Wilde and eats pig roast)
  • Examine Bloodied Handkerchief. (Result: Blood Sample)
  • Analyze Blood Sample. (09:00:00)
  • Ask Ursula about biting Minnie. (Attribute: Ursula drinks Vampire Kiss cocktails and eats pig roast)
  • Investigate Singing Podium. (Clues: Broken Pieces, Bushes)
  • Examine Bushes. (Result: Jarred Vocal Cords)
  • Analyze Jarred Vocal Cords. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer wears glowsticks)
  • Examine Broken Pieces. (Result: Fractured Record)
  • Analyze Fractured Record. (15:00:00; Murder Weapon Found: Broken Record Shards; Attribute: The killer has blue eyes)
  • Take care of the killer now!
  • Go to Judge, Jury and Executioner (2/6). (No stars)

Judge, Jury and Executioner (2/6)


  • Speak to Silas about the deceased vampire coven.
  • Investigate Creepy Crypt Entrance. (Clue: Angel Statue [Statue Lock])
  • Examine Statue Lock. (Result: Statue Safe Unlocked)
  • Analyze Safe Contents. (09:00:00)
  • Speak to Silas about the vampire insurgents. (Reward: 20,000 Coins)
  • Speak to Hyacinth Merrill about her protest against vampires.
  • See what Melanie wanted to tell them.
  • Investigate Flashy Crypt Party. (Clue: Pile of Party Scraps)
  • Examine Pile of Party Scraps. (Result: Trashed Plastic Cup)
  • Analyze Kimberly's Plastic Cup. (06:00:00)
  • Ask Ursula if she knows where Kimberly went. (Reward: Burger)
  • Investigate Local Singer's Square. (Clue: Torn Fabric)
  • Examine Torn Fabric. (Result: Kimberly's Silk Scarf)
  • Ask Kimberly about why she partied the night away. (Reward: Masquerade Vampire Hairstyle)
  • Go on to the next case! (No stars)