Previously on The Secrets of Parinaita
Kia: Oh dear god, there's a human hand in here
Henry: That's not all, there's a note, I'll read it
Henry: It reads "I guess she lose the bet. Oh well, I don't care, I need to feed this lusting for blood. I guess I'll go to Larry's fundraiser party for the autistic and murder a famous person there...if my coin lands on heads!"
Kia: Oh yes. I remember Larry mentioning a fundraiser for "Help Autism UK"
Samuel: Well if this person thinks they can get away with murder. They are mistaken! Get to that fundraiser before it's too late!
Back in the present; at the Fundraiser party
Henry: Greetings <name>. It's nice to see that you got in or we would be in trouble.
Henry: No no, I was just worried that the chief might have moved you over to solving the murder of the four other people.
Henry: I've got to say that Larry choose a nice place to hold the event
Larry: Greetings <name> and Henry. Welcome to the event
Henry: Speak of the devil himself, how are you Larry
Larry: I'm alright thanks. I've send Edward to one of my friends to keep him out of harms way
Henry: Possibly for the best, we don't want a repeat of the last case.
Larry: Oh indeed. Are you sure you're alright with standing. I don't mind if you need to sit down or something
Henry: I'll be fine, thanks for the offer anyway
Edward: Oh hi <name>, Larry, your "Friend" was busy doing something so they send me back...
Larry: Oh well. That better not be alcohol in your hands
Edward: Nope. Just some of the lemonade they were doing. It's so nice
Larry: Anyway. What brings you her-
Larry and Henry: A murder!?
???: I-It's in the backroom
Henry: Then me and <name> shell investigate this murder. Take us to the body at once!

Chapter 1

Investigate backroom
Larry: Dear god, that man had a 'Dalon' thrown at his heart, there's so much blood!
Henry: Indeed there is. Can you get everyone out of the building, there might be clues that we need
Larry: Y-Yes Henry. I mean sir
Henry: As Larry said, the man was murdered with a sharpened Dalon, can you see the coin now has spikes and not a gear pattern.
Henry: What did you find that might be able to help us with the case?
Henry: A pink slip, that means someone was fired, let's uncover the writing on it.
Henry: And you also found a map of my home country, Singapore, but there seems to be a hidden message on it. Hopefully you can make out what it says.
Henry: Come on <name>. It's time to get investigating!

Examine Map of Singapore
Henry: There seems to be a threat on the map. It reads "Backward P is dangerous my friend. Good night and may your blood ruin the party!"
Henry: I don't understand a word of what the killer is on about. Let's get this message to Rupert right away!

Examine Pink Slip
Henry: So you uncovered the writing for the pink slip and the reason this 'Bert McCoy' was fired was because of Laziness in the making of coins at the bank of Parinaita.
Henry: It seems pretty ironic that the victim died by a coin, if that's Bert, we better go and talk to his boss
Henry: You've already met him in the last case, John Edgeheart took over from the last owner. Let's talk to him!

Speak to John Edgeheart about the victim's firing
John: Oh, it's you again <rank> <name>!
Henry: I don't believe we've met sir. I'm Henry Jolipop. We're investigating the murder of Bert McCoy
John: Wait, another murder you're trying to pin on me!
Henry: Not at all sir, we thought you might know something important about the murder itself.
John: Like what? What would I know
Henry: About his firing, he was fired for laziness in making coins
John: Oh believe me, that Bert was a nightmare, he didn't understand a thing about coins and how to make them.
Henry: I see. Can we have a look at where he worked please
John: Sure, just don't stay here long!

Investigate Bert's office
Henry: That John guy needs to chill his beans. I can't believe how rude he was to us!
Henry: You found open wooden box, let's see what's inside of it!
Henry: And you also found a strange eye glass, maybe turning it on will help us.
Henry: Let's not waste any time and let's get to work!

Examine wooden box
Henry: On, you manage to find a party invitation hidden inside of the box!
Henry: Wait, it was for Larry's party, the one where the victim was murdered. We better go and talk to Larry right away!

Ask Larry about the victim
Larry: Good news you two. I've manage to get everyone home
Henry: Larry, how did you know Bert?
Larry: Bert McCoy? We met during a meeting at the bank
Henry: Do you know of anyone who might have wanted him gone?
Larry: No sir. I didn't know Bert like the back of my hands so I can't tell you much
Henry: That's alright Larry, if you remember anything, please come to the police station
Larry: I'll do that. I wish you luck with your investigation officers

Examine Strange eye glass
Henry: You managed to fix the eye glass and now it's telling us to look into it. Let's look though it!
Looking through the eye glass
Emily: Oh yeah brother. Like you couldn't do ANY better. Do I have to remind you about the time you poisoned Mr Tibbles!
Emily: GO ROT IN HELL!!!
After looking out of the glass
Henry: It seems our victim had a sister and judging by how they talked to else other. I think it's a good idea to go and talk to her right away!

Speak to Emily about her brother
Henry: Emily, we've found this eye glass which shows you and your brother shouting like you're on the top of a hill. Care to explain why?
Emily: Why do you even care. He just choose a wrong time to annoy me
Henry: It could be important, we found your brother murdered at Larry's party!
Emily: Wait, Bert's been murdered...
Emily: And the last thing I said to him was "Go rot in hell". What a horrible sister I am!
Henry: We're sorry for your loss, please stay in town until the investigation is over.

Analyse threat on map
Henry: Rupert, what did you manage to find out about the threat on the map
Rupert: Well it seems your threat was send by someone who was off their rocker. Can you see how the word are all misspelled and wobbly
Henry: Yes. I do see what, but what can you tell us about that, do we know what drink they might have been drinking?
Rupert: Well, of course, I don't have the things to examine substance but Jessica does, so I send it to her
Rupert: And she told me that it was a good old gin and Tonic. I believe your killer was drinking this before they murdered the victim
Henry: So our killer drinks a gin and tonics, let's hope they try not to get too drunk when we talk to them next!

Analyse Victim's body
Henry: Duncan, can you please give us the report on the body
Duncan: Well, as you could tell from the body, the coin was the murder weapon.
Duncan: But the victim had a terrible smoking problem, his lungs were black and they shouldn't be like that at 32!
Duncan: However a single human throw would be too weak to get shot the coin in the victim's chest
Henry: So we're looking for a gun?
Duncan: Something like that, yes, but then again I did find some bits of melted white chocolate on the coin
Duncan: It could be possible that the killer was eating white chocolate while holding the coin
Henry: So we're looking for someone who likes white chocolate. Well they'll soon be as white as a ghost when we arrest them!

Later; at the station
Henry: So we have a victim, Bert McCoy, murdered by a Parinaita coin. I got to say that it's one of the strangers things I have ever heard!
Henry: We also have 3 suspects who are connected to the victim in some way.
Henry: Firstly, we have John Edgeheart, from the last case, and he seemed to have fired the victim for being lazy
Henry: We also have Larry who claimed to only know the victim from a meeting at the bank
Henry: And then there's the victim's sister, Emily McCoy, who was shouting at our victim for some strange reason
Henry: Also what's with the looking glass and being able to see things
Samuel: <name> did you tell the news about the victim's murder
Henry: No sir, why do you ask?
Samuel: Because there's a reporter outside wanting information on the murder!
Henry: Don't let them in!

Chapter 2

Henry: So we have a victim, Bert McCoy, murdered by a Parinaita coin. I got to say that it's one of the strangers things I have ever heard!
Henry: We also have 3 suspects who are connected to the victim in some way.
Henry: Also what's with the looking glass and being able to see things
Samuel: <name> did you tell the news about the victim's murder
Henry: No sir, why do you ask?
Samuel: Because there's a reporter outside wanting information on the murder!
Henry: Don't let them in!
Samuel: I'll try to keep her away from your investigation. Go and investigate the coin making room in the bank of Parinaita, there might be more clues there!
Henry: We'll go right away sir. come on <name> but can we go out the backdoor, so the reporter doesn't see us.

Investigate coin making room
Henry: I really hope that reporter person didn't follow us. It's always a bad time when the police want to follow us.
Henry: Anyway, you found a recycling bin, there might be something in there, let's dig through it
Henry: Also why did you pick up the laptop, you believe it will give us something we need? Then let's unlock it
Henry: Now let's quickly go back to the station before anyone tells the reporter that we were here

Examine Recycling bin
Henry: What's that you found in the bin? You seemed to have found a poster with a boys face on it. who is this man?
Kia: Hello guys. I was just wondering if you wanted some coffe-
Kia: What are you doing with that poster of my brother?
Henry: Wait, he's YOUR brother, You never told us you had a brother.
Kia: Of course I do, his name is William, he worked with our victim once or twice but he always moans about how Bert complained about love.
Henry: Alright, this might sound crazy but we need to talk to him now
Kia: I'll call him in for you

Question William Longfoot about the victim
William: My sister called me in, is everything alright officers. I would hate if something happened to my sis
Henry: Your sister is alright, we just wanted to ask you about your relation with the victim?
William: Victim? Who's the victim?
Henry: Oh sorry. We found Bert McCoy with a coin in his heart.
William: Wait, Bert's been murdered! Oh dear lord...
Henry: Is everything alright sir?
William: Yeah, it's just that Bert was there for my first day at the bank and he helped me settle into Parinaita.
William: He often talked about love but who can blame him. It's a loney place without anyone by your side to support you.
William: Not even the white chocolate or gin and tonics will help with the depression and anxiety the job gives you.
Henry: Okay Mr Longfoot. Please try and relax and we'll come and talk to you later.

Examine laptop
Henry: You unlocked the laptop. I wonder what's on it, let's send it to Jessica and see what she can find!

Analyse laptop
Henry: Hey Jessica, we are here for the laptop results, we hope you found some interesting things
Jessica: Oh. I did indeed and I now know the meaning of delete your internet history!
Jessica: But other then that. There really wasn't much, just a lot of work relating to the victim
Henry: Anything that would be useful
Jessica: Let me show you.
(She turns the laptop around to show a whole page on types of guns)
Henry: All I see is a lot of guns. I don't get what you're trying to show us
Jessica: Well if you look at the logo of the website. It shows "Guns for real UK". It's a website that helps guns get over to the UK from the USA. We've been having some problems with them for a while now
Jessica: But if your killer made this page. I bet you that they use this website
Henry: So our killer uses an illegal gun website, even if we can't arrest them for that, we will be able to arrest them for murder!
Henry: And I agree, we should have another look at the victim's office, maybe there's something there that will help us!

Investigate victim's desk
Henry: I'm amazed the reporter hasn't come looking for us
Henry: You found a ripped newspaper, let's put it back together!
Henry: And what is this little box, it seemed to be covered in something strange
Henry: You think the eyeglass will help us open it. Very well then, if you relieve it will help us

Examine ripped newspaper
Henry: It seems the newspaper is a issue from the Parinaita times but the newspaper is faded and see what is going on here

Examine faded newspaper
Henry: Excellence, you uncovered the rest of the writing on the newspaper and the title reads "Coin maker runs naked around town"
Henry: Alright...Oh wait, there's more. it seems the victim wrote something and it reads "You bow faced LIAR!"
Henry: Well. It seems it's time to speak with our reporter, let's get her in

Question the reporter about the newspaper
Carrie: Oh finally. I've been waiting outside for the last hour in the freezing rain
Henry: We're sorry about that but we have some questions for you. It seems you wrote an article about our victim, Bert McCoy, which he didn't take too warmly
Carrie: Oh, you've been the article have you, did you like it?
Henry: We're the ones asking the questions here. Did you know the victim well?
Carrie: Nope. I'm just the people's reporter, they hear what they want and I wrote it
Carrie: Even through I love my gin and tonics and white chocolate. I have to write about them
Henry: I see, do you know of anyone who might have wanted to hurt the victim?
Carrie: Let me think...
Carrie: Well there was the victim's sister who kept swearing him our of her house
Henry: Kept swearing him out of her house?
Carrie: Yep, according to her. it was something about him ruining her love life
Henry: Thank you for the help, we shell question her at once!

Question Emily about the reporter's claims
Henry: Miss McCoy. We have some claims that we want you to listen to
Emily: And what would them claims be?
Henry: According to a reporter, you were heard shouting your brother out of this house because he ruined your relation with someone?
Emily: Them claims are true. I did shout my brother out of this house but he ruined my relation with my girlfriend, Anna.
Emily: It was a lovely warm day in the meadows with her. She was so lovely and I tried my best to dress up. We were sharing gin and tonics with white chocolate, fair to say we were a little drunk
Emily: But then he came and...and...
Emily: (Crying) H-He shot her until she was dead and he told me off for being a lesbian...I-I can't help who I am
Emily: I still have nightmares about that day...all the blood on her beautiful face...there was nothing I could do
Emily: but now I hope he has fun rotting in hell. He murdered my girlfriend in cold blood and now he's burn for his sins!
Henry: What a sad story, let's just hope you didn't murder your brother over him murdering your girlfriend.

Examine Little box
Henry: What a weird puzzle that was. Anyway, there seems to be something belonging to the boss of the bank. It reads "Follow every lead"
Henry: Interesting if I say so myself. Let's ask John what he means

Ask John by what he meant by the message
Henry: John, we found the message you wrote about "Following every lead", care to explain?
John: Oh, that silly thing. It was something to remind me to investigate claims that Bert was doing his work and not being lazy
Henry: And what did you find?
John: Well I found him being lazy and sleeping on the job, what else. I did fire him after
John: He wasn't so scared of the gun I got from Guns for real but he was scared about how much gin and tonic and white chocolate I took a day
John: That boy was an idiot and didn't understand the first meaning of the word "Work". I'm glad he's now gone for good
Henry: Let's hope when you say "Gone for good" you don't mean "I murder him to get him out of my life"

Back at the office
Henry: We did good work there. We manage to find two more suspects and hear the motive of two more
Henry: We met Kia's brother, William Longfoot, who claimed that he and the victim were fine together
Henry: And that reporter lady did help a lot by telling us information we didn't know
Henry: Emily was mad at her brother because he murdered her girlfriend and told her not to be a lesbian
Henry: And I don't trust John that much. I think he might be lying
Kia: And it gets even worse. I've just found this on the outside of the building!

Chapter 3

Henry: We did good work there. We manage to find two more suspects and hear the motive of two more
Henry: We have two new suspects, Carrie Johnson and Kia's brother, William Longfoot.
Henry: Of course there's John, who I don't trust in the slightest, but there's also Emily, who the victim murdered her girlfriend!
Kia: And it gets even worse. I've just found this on the outside of the building!
Kia: I-I don't know, we NEED to disarm it
Henry: Right, give it here and I bet you anything that <name> can defuse it!
Kia: Just be careful with it and good luck, if you was nice knowing you
Henry: Quickly, to the back of the room, we need to turn off that bomb!

Examine bomb
Henry: I-Is it off? Can I open my eyes?
Henry: Oh thank god! I was so worried that you would run out of time on that ball puzzle
Henry: I agree, let's send this bomb to the lab and see who tried to bomb us!

Analyse bomb
Henry: Jessica, you better have answers about whom tried to bomb us.
Jessica: Well you're lucky it was just a fake bomb, one of the connections failed to break free
Jessica: But it was a well made bomb, other then that connection.
Jessica: But I found some fingerprints on the bomb and they belonged to that news reporter, Carrie Johnson!
Henry: Wait what! Why would she try to bomb us. We need to bring her in for questioning NOW!

Question Carrie about the bomb
Carrie: Oh hello officers, did you enjoy the bomb?
Henry: Did we? DID WE ENJOY THE BOMB! Are you mad?
Carrie: Is it mad in these times to carry a gun from that website, it is mad to treat everyone as an enemy until you can trust them?
Henry: Why did you place the bomb outside our police station
Carrie: Just for sales, I can just see the headlines now, "Police scared by Bomb dropped by god"
Carrie: Since Bert wouldn't let us have his headline, we went with you!
Henry: And that lust for a good headline has just got you arrested for threatening the police force!
Carrie: Whatever. I don't care.
Henry: While I go and take Carrie to the police station, you go to the coin making room and see what else you can find

Investigate Conveyor belt
Henry: Now with Carrie at the police station, we need to find more clues
Henry: Oh, you already have.
Henry: There's a puzzle box, let's open it and see what's inside
Henry: And what is this strange object? Let's put it back together and see what it is.

Examine Puzzle box
Henry: Great work, you opened it, now all we need to do is dig through it and see what's inside!

Examine opened puzzle box
Henry: You found a card with the victim's face on, but there seems to be writing on it.
Henry: It reads "Why does he get a card when he does NOTHING!"
Henry: I bet you anything that this writing is William's. We better ask him about what is going on here

Ask William about his comment on the card
Henry: William, we found the card where you commented that it wasn't fair that Bert got a card and not you, care to explain
William: Oh, you found that card did you? Well I don't anything I said!
William: All that man ever did was lay in his chair and never did anything but moan about his sister being a lesbian and how bad his life was
William: I said "Hey mate, cheer up, it can't be all bad". I was shocked when he revealed that his sister uses the same website to get guns that I do
William: But yeah, all that man ever did was be so annoying and not caring about safety or work. I did fill a complain form with John and hopefully he was going to do something about it
Henry: We really hope that you didn't, but if it turns out that you murdered Bert because he was too lazy, you'll be going to prison.

Examine Broken object
Henry: You resulted a target board but it seems to have a picture of...
Henry: Wait, what's Edward Xoilin. What was the victim planning to do!
Henry: Maybe Larry will know, let's question him about this at once!

Ask Larry about the victim's target
Henry: Larry, we found this target board in the victim's work place with a picture of Edward on it, do you know anything about it
Larry: All I know is that it confirms my worst fear, Bert was only coming to these parties to try and Edward away from me
Larry: That's why I was scared last week when you found Edward. I was scared that Bert had finally got him.
Henry: Why was Bert trying to kidnap Edward?
Larry: Oh who knows. I just wish I had never invited him to my parties now...
Larry: I'm just going to...go...I need some white chocolate to get these feelings out of my head!

Back at the police station
Henry: Well that was quite eventful if I must say so myself.
Henry: First we found out that Carrie was the one who put the bomb outside of the police station.
Henry: William told us about the victim complaining and being lazy
Henry: And finally Larry told us that the victim was trying to get his hands on Edward for some time.
Henry: Anyway, we can't stop here. We need to find that gun
Henry: Wait, you thought you saw it when we were speaking to Larry and you didn't say anything?
Henry: We better hope it's still there. Time to go to the backroom and fast!

Investigate old Arcade machine
Henry: So there's the gun you were talking about. It looks different to any kind we see here in Parinaita. Like it's been modded
Henry: Indeed. I see the same fibers as you, let's grab and sample!
Henry: And you also picked up that party box, let's dig through it and see what's in it

Examine Gun
Henry: Did you get some of the fibers from the gun? Excellence, let's get them to the lab on the double!

Analyse fibers
Henry: Jessica, we hope you can tell us something about the fibers we found on the gun
Jessica: I did indeed but the fibers were covered in gunpowder so I cleaned them up
Henry: And what did you find?
Jessica: A very thin piece of blue spring and I concluded that it must be from the killer
Henry: And how can you tell that?
Jessica: Because the victim wasn't wearing blue
Henry: Well...that was easy. Anyway, our killer wear blue!

Examine Party box
Henry: What is this strange item you found in that box?
Henry: I agree, getting it to the lab will help us a lot!

Analyse Strange object
Henry: Jessica, what can you tell us about the strange object we send you
Jessica: Well, that's the interesting part. It was from the order from Guns For real UK. It's one of them sending tubes!
Henry: Ah yes. I think I know what you mean Jessica, they use air to get your mail to you
Jessica: Yes and I managed to find some DNA on the tube. however I didn't have time to test it all the way
Henry: Anything will help us, please tell us you had time to find something
Jessica: No worries. I find out your killer is male!
Henry: So our killer is a male. Well soon we can have a nice little chat with our killer mate!

Before arresting the killer
Henry: You're really getting the hang of this. We found Bert McCoy murdered with a coin in his heart
Henry: And now it's time to arrest his killer once and for all!

Arrest Killer

Henry: John Edgeheart, you're under arrest for the murder of your worker, Bert McCoy, why did you do it
John: What's all this hu ha about. I wouldn't murder anyone in my life. As my mother once said in a warm Texan morning. Murder is the lowest thing you can do
Henry: And yet we found your gin and tonic on your threat to the victim
John: I like gin and tonic like the next man but I didn't murder Bert
Henry: And what about the white chocolate we found on the victim's body?
John: It helps me relax
Henry: And what about your gun we found that murdered Bert
John: You found my gun have you. I've been looking for it everywhere
Henry: Just confess already. We found your blue fibers on the gun itself!
John: What? Are you mad. How can I murder a man if I was in the bank stopping people from fighting and counting the money
Henry: Stop the act, John, you're just trying to wiggle your way out of the truth.
John: Then explain how I was told to wear blue by a strange man
Henry: We'll be taking you into custody then until we can prove your innocent.
John: Do that then. Talk to your chief. Nothing will change the fact that I'm innocent
Henry: <name>, we better talk to the chief now!
With the chief
Henry: Chief, we seem to have a little problem
Samuel: And what is that?
Henry: John keeps saying he's innocent even though he matches the profile
Samuel: Have you double checked?
Henry: Sir, he has everything so he should be the killer
Samuel: How troubling...
Henry: What is sir?
Samuel: It doesn't make sense. John should be the killer but he claims to be somewhere else
Samuel: can't be possible
Henry: What is it chief?
Samuel: You got the wrong person
Samuel: Even you said that John was told to wear blue
Henry: But <name> never gets anything wrong!
Samuel: I know, I know...
Henry: So what do we do chief?
Samuel: Be quiet for a second and let me think
A few minutes later
Samuel: That's it. The killer is STILL out there
Samuel: Right. I want you and <name> to find the real killer and try and prove John's innocent!
Henry: We'll try our best sir but where do we start
Samuel: From the beginning
Henry: What do you mean by that
Samuel: Henry, A man could go to prison if he isn't proven innocent. go to the bank and prove his innocent and don't come back until you do!

Winds of Justice (2/6)

Previously on The Secrets of Parinaita
Henry: So what do we do chief?
Samuel: Be quiet for a second and let me think
A few minutes later
Samuel: That's it. The killer is STILL out there
Samuel: Right. I want you and <name> to find the real killer and try and prove John's innocent!
Henry: We'll try our best sir but where do we start
Samuel: From the beginning
Henry: What do you mean by that
Samuel: Henry, A man could go to prison if he isn't proven innocent. go to the bank and prove his innocent and don't come back until you do!
Back to now
Henry: So <name>, I bet you have an idea on what to do. Of course, we have an innocent man in custody and we need to prove his innocent
Henry: You want to have a look at the coin making room. I do see your point there, let's go right away!

Investigate Coin making room
Henry: You seemed to have found a pile of books, if you think there's hiding something under them, let's look thought them
Henry: And that safe might have something important in it. Let's unlock it!

Examine pile of books
Henry: Well, what would you know. it's a book on the "Winds of Justice". We last heard of him in the last case
Henry: There seems to be a few pages missing but maybe dusting it will give us the information we need!

Examine Book's page
Henry: You managed to clear up some of the writing on the page. We don't have time to look at it
Henry: I heard Rupert loves a good read, lets send it to him!

Analyse "Winds of Justice" book
Henry: So Rupert. What did you find out about the book?
Rupert: What an excellence read. It tells the history of the "Winds of Justice". From what I understand, you've already heard of the fellow?
Henry: Yes, we have. He died in prison about 60 years ago
Rupert: Well my research says otherwise, According to this book, He somehow escaped the prison only to be murdered himself
Henry: I don't get it. Why would his grandchild lie to us?
Rupert: Well remember that he was a teenager when it happened so information may have come out that he didn't know about. Now let me read you something interesting
Rupert: "The ghost of the Winds of Justice can be seen escaping the prison and then falling down as through he was shot!"
Henry: Ghost? Sounds...strange
Rupert: I bet you his ghost is trying to escape his fate and trying to find his killer!
Henry: Okay Rupert. That's enough of the ghost stories
Rupert: If you say so, but I would talk to the writer, Kia's brother
Henry: William wrote that book. I didn't see him as the type, we better ask him about the book!

Ask William about his book
Henry: Hey William, we wish to ask you about your book
William: You found my "Winds of Justice" have ya, eh? What do you need to ask me?
Henry: We just wish to ask you about where you got information for the book because his grandchild seemed to disagree with the claims
William: Oh him, he would. He kept saying "He's dead. Leave it be" but I'm interested in history so I wanted to know about him
Henry: I see, Is this information from eyewitnesses?
William: Yeah. It is, now if you don't mind. I have to get back to my work, coins don't make themself
Henry: Of course William, you take care of yourself
William: Thanks, means a lot. Here, take some of the coins I have made, I'm sure they'll come in useful!

Examine safe
Henry: Huh? What is this little device?
Henry: Oh, you say it's a tracking device and it seems to be working
Henry: You say you want to put it on John and see if anything happens.
Henry: I don't judge you mate. I'm just a little worried that something will go wrong
Henry: We better ask John and see if he agrees being track...

Talk to John about being tracked
John: Have you managed to prove my innocents yet?
Henry: Sadly not, but we do have an offer for you which could help you
John: An offer, go ahead
Henry: We want to track you and see what happens, if you go missing. We can find you
John: You're not seriously suggesting that the strange man is coming after me do you?
Henry: Of course not John. We have a motto which is that we must protect everyone in Parinaita. Now will you take the offer or not
John: Fine. I will but just promise that I will be alright. I don't want to go missing and then wake up in the city of ghosts!
Henry: John, my friend, you have no need to worry. With this chip. We can find wherever you are!
John: Alright. Well, it was nice meeting you fellows and thanks for trying to prove my innocent. I believe we I have a spare burger and some clothes I can give you.

After everything is done
Henry: So John, take care out there please. We don't want you getting hurt or anything
John: I'll try my best, good luck on finding the person who tried to frame me for the murder
Henry: We'll try our best
John: Alright, see you later. This...tracker is working, right?
Jessica: Once you leave that door. It will be online
John: Alright, back to normal everyday life.
{John leaves the police station and a beeping noise could be heard}
Jessica: He's online
Henry: Now I guess we just wai-
Samuel: Not so fast you two. We've just got a packet from the Winds of Justice himself!
Henry: Where is the packet?
Samuel: Here. <name>, open it and fast!

Examine wooden box
Henry: Wait, this looks like the object we found with Bert and Emily. It's one of them eyeglasses
Samuel: There's also a message with it, it reads "Maybe you need to look a little harder to find the killer of Bert McCoy. I am still around but your mind hasn't been expanding at all!"
Henry: Wait...What does that even mean
Samuel: Wait, there's a message on the back "Yes. I killed Bert McCoy, let the hunt begin!"
Henry: Wait what! The Winds of Justice murdered Bert McCoy!
Samuel: It seems so. We can't just let this go. We need to follow every lead we have and find this supposed ghost!
Samuel: <name>, get your kit ready. We're going ghost hunting in the waters!

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