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General information
Season 1
Setting Parthia, Canada
Country Flag of Canada Canada
City Parthia
Population 300,000+
Primary LEA Parthia Police Force
Key city figures Régis Legrand (Mayor)

Felicia Melody(Chief of Police)
Perri Lorenzo (Head of Charity Fund)

No. of cases in season 46
No. of districts in season 8
Season guide
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Parthia is a city appearing as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in Canada, Parthia is a city with 8 different districts. A total of 46 cases are situated in this city. These cases will be written and created by the 3 users NixoKnight, KarumiIsHiding and BloodyNightWolf.

The Parthia Police Force is the featured law enforcement agency in Parthia.


Parthia features 8 districts with 6 cases each, except for the last district, only featuring 4.

Grove Harbour

Grove Harbour is the first district of Parthia. It features slums, poor people, gangs, illegal business and even more.

Cases #1-#6 are situated here.

Case # Case Name Creator
#1 Words of Wisdom KarumiIsHiding
#2 Bet of the Dead BloodyNightWolf
#3 Heaven and Hell NixoKnight
#4 Glistening Nights KarumiIsHiding
#5 The Crashing Truth BloodyNightWolf
#6 Total Chaos NixoKnight

Ackerly Center

Ackerly Center is the second district of Parthia.

Cases #7-#12 are situated here.

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Case # Case Name Creator
#7 ??? NixoKnight
#8 ??? KarumiIsHiding
#9 ??? BloodyNightWolf
#10 ??? NixoKnight
#11 ??? KarumiIsHiding
#12 ??? BloodyNightWolf
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