Parker Armstrong
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Gender Male
Status Alive
Nationality American
Residence Eurrera, California
Profession Detective
Affiliation(s) Eurrera Leisure Kilo Corporation
Appearance(s) Case #1: Hitting The Hay
“Hm, you must be [PLAYER]. Relax, I’m just here to make a living and go on adventures as well."
—Parker, upon meeting the Player
Parker Armstrong is a main character in the sixth season of Criminal Case, acting as one of two partners to the Player in the Eurrera Leisure Kilo Corporation.


Parker is 36 years old, acting as a detective to the ELK-C. He has messy, brown hair and wears brown-tinted aviator sunglasses. Over his pinstripe shirt, he wears a bulletproof vest, along with a radio strapped to his right side of the vest.

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