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Parinaita Police Department
Type Law enforcement agency
Common name Parinaita Police Department
Abbreviation PPD
Headquarters Parinaita (The Secrets), United Kingdom
General nature Law enforcement
Formation ???
Founded by ???
Leader James Ramless (Commissioner)
Years active ??? -
Colors Gold, Green and red
Motto "In our darkest hours, we must bring the light"
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s1)

The Parinaita Police Department acts as the primary law enforcement agency in the city of Parinaita, making its appearance in the first series of Doctor Bonnie's series.


The Parinaita PD investigates murders in the city of Parinaita, searching crime scenes for clues, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyzing evidence in order to progress. After gaining all the criteria, the force is able to apprehend the actual killers behind the murder and put them behind bars.

Key personnel

fourteen people, ten from the Parinaita police force and four from the New Parinaita police force, including the player character, have acted as key members of the Parinaita PD over the course of the game, with each of them assigned a particular job:

New Parinaita Police Force

After the events of In the Castle of Despair, the New Parinaita police force, from the year 4019, joins the team to help them travel through time. After the events of Transmission Ended!, with all of them ending up dead, they "Left" the Parinaita police force.

Name Age Position Status
Knox Ties 31 Chief Deceased
Kiwi Kindson 31 Investigator Half human
Charlie Gilingbeo 18 Unknown Deceased
Jacob Geloilafama 26 Historian Deceased

Parinaita Police Force

Name Age Position Status
Samuel Goldlane 57 Chief of Police Deceased
Player N/A Police Officer Resigned
James Ramless 57 Comissioner Deceased
Kia Longfoot 25 Investigator Deceased and Resigned
Henry Jolipop 24 Investigator Deceased
Duncan Fullmen 32 Coroner Deceased and Resigned
Rupert Johnson 37 Profiler Deceased
Jessica Darwin 31 Tech Expert Deceased
James Crane 27 Gem Expert Deceased
Edward Xoilin 20 Historian Resigned

Notable arrests



<references "note">

  1. Amy is send to a mental hospital after the team found out that she was depressed
  2. Is freed after the team found out that he wasn't the killer.
  3. Escaped the police by draining himself
  4. Was unfit to be sentenced.
  5. Was let off by the chief of her department.
  6. Escaped.
  7. Let off
  8. Murdered
  9. Murdered
  10. Murdered
  11. Murdered
  12. Murdered
  13. Left to help
  14. Killed himself
  15. Escaped
  16. Pulled into Hell