This page is about the original rendition of the city that was discontinued. For The Secrets rendition that continues this city’s legacy, see Parinaita (The Secrets).
Parinaita (Cancelled)
General information
Season 0
Setting Present-day
Founder unknown
Established unknown
Country Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Population 50,000+
Primary LEA Parinaita Police Department
No. of cases in season 38
No. of districts in season 7
Appears in Season 0 of Criminal Case
Season guide
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Parinaita (The Secrets)

Parinaita is the city for the first season of Doctor Bonnie's version of Criminal Case. It is situated in the United Kingdom. It is also, to many people, a city trapped in the Victorian era even though they have very modern things like television and phones.


Parinaita has a total of 7 districts. Each have different storylines and settings.

New World Point - The Mysteries of the New World

New World Point is the first district of Parinaita. It is the port of Parinaita that brings all the people to the city but beware. Gangs walk the streets and are not scared to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Case #1 - #6 are in this district.

Sleepy Hollows - The Shadow of the Party

Sleeping Hollows is the second district of Parinaita. It is the party district where the rich and famous come to party. However the Ripper of Time will appear and ruin your day so never get in his way or else...

Case #7 - #12 are in this district.

Devil's Way - A Special Type of Hell

Devil's Way is the third district of Parinaita. It is the district where all the bad people go to be sentenced. It is also where the asylums of Mr. Jojo is. Please be careful because the devil walks this way down his path. Just watch out this night or tomorrow you might never wake up ever again

Case #13 - #18 are in this district.

Rochester Road - Good or Bad Ending

Rochester Road is the fourth District of Parinaita. In this district you will meet the whole of the Looper Rochester family who made Parinaita what it is today. Sadly the Looper Rochester are hiding a secret and you also have to find out who Is letting people out of prison. Can you find out what is going on in this district before it's game over

Case #19 - #24 are in this district.

Life Rivers - Gone in a Minute

Life Rivers is the fifth district in the countryside where you are insured a nice and available living spot. However don't miss the latest tech and other things because when appearance is everything. Anyone may murder for that spot!

Case #25 - #30 are in this district.

Raven's Head - New Blood!

Raven's Head is the sixth district of Parinaita. Tourist come here from all over the world but when someone threatens to murder the tourist. It's your job to find them before things fall apart and when you work out that the Tourist Killer was working with The Darkness. It's your job to end The Darkness before it's too late!

Case #31 - #36 are in this district.

Rose Hill - Let the Brush Tell the Story

Rose Hill is the seventh and final district of Parinaita. Welcome to the art district of Parinaita. Here you will see new artist and makers of a better parinaita. However when murder in the art world is the norm. Can you find out who is trying to win the artist cup though the worst means?

Case #37 - #38 are in this district.



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