Pandora's Wrath
General information
Season 1 (Tales of Olympus)
Location Athens, Greece
Region East
Case # 15
Initial release date 24th November 2020
Partner(s) Apollo (All Chapters)
Case chronology
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Hold Your Horses All Hope Abandon
(in Greek Isles)
Our perilous mission brings us to Athens, in hopes of repairing the harp and rescuing Zeke! However, a withered body is found in the foreboding acropolis! Work together to solve the case and close Pandora's box, or otherwise, Tartarus will be empty... and all the devils will be here.
—Case Teaser

Pandora's Wrath is a case featured in Criminal Case, it appears as the fifteenth case in Tales of Olympus and the fifteenth case overall. It takes place as the fifth case in the East region of Greece.


The team's boat sliced through the waves of the Aegean Sea as they watched from deck. Athens readily approached through the crashing waves, the wind lashing their hair as they knew it was now or never; that if they were too late, Tartarus would be opened. Docking elsewhere and walking into the city, they met Sammy Duncan by his workshop in Plaka, where he offered them a place to stay for a few nights while he worked on repairing Ariadne’s harp. Time ticked by as the team’s nerves increased, and as the sun rose two days later, a nervous Apollo asked the player to accompany him to the acropolis where he would pray to Zeus for good luck. As they walked up the mountain path, Apollo stated the epidemic had spread to other cities of Greece, including Athens. An hour or so later, the pair arrived at the acropolis and began looking for a quiet corner. However, Apollo sighted a glimmering shade of green clothing from behind a pillar. Their steps echoed across the stone as they ventured closer, before Apollo let out a sharp gasp. There, bathing under the midday sun, was Sammy’s body, withered, sunken and cold - the spark of his eyes gone.

Haunted, Nicoletta clutched her chest upon seeing Sammy’s body, but forced herself to blink her tears away and push on - for her friend. A few hours later, Nicoletta confirmed Sammy had died from starvation, but considering they had spoken to Sammy only a few hours prior, she was dumbfounded as to how. Resolving to investigate the inexplicable murder, they first suspected a panicked Lykaon Forrest, who confessed he had seen Sammy hike to the acropolis at sunrise but his worry for Zeke clouded his thoughts. After searching Sammy’s workshop, they then found reason to question volunteer worker Clarice Owens, artist Andrew Night, and teenage oracle Iris Rosi - also known as The Way. Back in Plaka, the grief-stricken team mourned the young engineer; tormented his short life ended so violently. Dexter then ran in, stating he had good and bad news. The lab chief gravely divulged that the number of daily deaths from the epidemic was rising in Greece, but insisted there was still hope; then exclaiming that - after reanalysing Hephaestus’ cape - he might’ve found Zeke’s location.

An elated Dexter elaborated that dirt samples found around the buttons traced back to the Kerameikos Cemetery and declared his belief that Hephaestus and Persephone were hiding there. Rushing to the cemetery, Apollo and the player were unable to find Zeke, but did uncover evidence needed to question Unity ally Theodore Gardenia, poet Markos Vassotis, and inventor Krista Moore. Furthermore, they learned Sammy had attempted to offer his inventions to help Clarice but she rejected them - doubting his skill - and that Andrew continually saw Sammy loot material from nearby scrap yards to repair the harp, prompting him to contact authorities. Lykaon also threatened Sammy and sternly reminded him that Zeke was the priority, though he insisted it was a moment of weakness spurred by grief. Aisha then asked the pair for a debrief and fast, as she feared they were too late to stop Pandora’s box. Suddenly, the clouds above them darkened and concealed the burning sun as a desolate chill fell over the city like a veil; they were running out of time.

As rain droplets echoed against the dismal roof tiles in a foreboding symphony and lightning danced across the sky in a devil’s tango, Aisha declared there was no time to waste; asking the pair to reinvestigate the acropolis to find the clues needed, as they had no chance of fixing the harp without Sammy’s murderer uncovered. They later learned Sammy accused Iris’ prophecies of being a hoax years prior, before discovering Theodore was following the engineer as he believed him to be a threat to the Unity. Markos also attempted to bribe Sammy for information on the mythological world for his poems, and that Sammy believed Krista was hiding Zeke - even threatening to take his theories to Lykaon. The crackle of thunder clapped through the city like the beat of a heavy drum as Dexter finished his analyses. With nothing left to lose, they confronted Markos.

Facing the murderous poet in the pantheon, Markos shrugged and told them he had no knowledge of even speaking to Sammy that day. Apollo angrily demanded he cut the crap and ordered him to explain why he murdered a teenager, to which Markos snapped the pen in his hand and desperately uttered that it was either Sammy or him. Markos slowly undid his tie and threw it to the ground; beginning to morph before their eyes - just like Dolrit. He then loudly exclaimed he was Dolrit’s brother - Famine - but unlike his brother, Markos simply wished to see the Earth and bask in the sun, having been trapped in a small and desolate box for millennia. Markos, however, soon learned of the Unity’s intentions to drag him kicking and screaming into the empty beyond and vowed to change his fate - no matter the cost - as he couldn’t cope with facing the lonely dark again.

The “poet” first opted to kill Aisha and finish what Dolrit started, hoping that, like the historic titans, the Unity would crumble to pieces without their leader. Methodically, he watched them like clockwork, even bribing Sammy for information - Markos concluding that before you can destroy any enemy, you must know them first. However, the young and hopeful engineer refused vehemently - proving his loyalty. Unable to strike the team at its very core, Markos improvised and decided that if Sammy were to fall prey, the harp would never be fixed, and thus, his time in the light would never end. At sunrise, Markos penned a letter under the guise of Theodore, asking Sammy to meet him at the acropolis to resolve everything. Then, his trap was set and, the second Sammy set his foot against the stone, it sprung. Markos revealed his true form and quickly infected the engineer in only a single moment, watching as he fell to his knees and withered away. Through the lashing wind, Sammy weakly prophesied that ‘weak people fall at the hands of the strong’, before hitting the ground - cold as ice. Markos tore apart his letter, watching as the pieces floated away - a young and passionate beating heart still.

Markos hollowly admitted his sympathy for Sammy, but maintained that he sealed his own fate by messing around in a dog eat dog world he didn’t belong in. Before Apollo could restrain him, Markos scurried away into the treeline - determined to prevent his sundown. Back in Plaka, Aisha began to cry uncontrollably, unable to help the feeling that telling Sammy about the unity had led to his death. Iris then emphatically consoled them after approaching, looking to the storm-ridden sky and heavily confessing to herself the time had come. She then accepted they needed to know the truth about her and began to glow faintly, declaring there was still hope.

The team stood in awe at the glowing oracle as she smiled sheepishly, brushing her hair and pulling her cape nervously. She revealed she was neither Iris or the Way, but the final spirit of the box; Hope. Hope recounted the legend of Pandora and how, when she opened the box, only Hope was left inside. However, Pandora spent the rest of her life atoning, and, on her deathbed, opened the box once more - releasing Hope into the world. Inspired by her life, Hope spent centuries in the cenoborium restoring the broken to completeness and the damned to redeemed - such as Daniel, Julian, and Aisha. After, Hope then accepted her time had reached sundown and promised to help - one last time. 

Hope told them to bring the pieces of the harp to her so she could attempt to use her magic to restore it. The team dutifully nodded and set to work, Olympia and the player searching the workshop for the pieces while Apollo quelled a relentless Phoebe. Hours ticked by as the storm worsened, before they returned the harp pieces to her. She then held the broken pieces and sealed them together, a dazzling white light gleaming through the room and out the windows. Then, Hope revealed the repaired harp - even strumming a chord in delight. Now needing Pandora’s box, Hope reluctantly confessed she couldn’t locate it, to which Nicoletta emptied Montmorillonite into a box and passed over his jar, insisting they use it to trap the spirits.

Hurrying to an abandoned street, Hope strummed the harp and called to her siblings, a beautiful melody echoing across Athens. Slowly, the music enticed the spirits to the empty street - their unnatural forms crawling from the treeline. She continued playing the harp and beckoned them to her, and when the time was right, Hope screamed for Apollo to open the jar. He did, as a large and formidable whirlpool of wind lashed at the spirits, trapping Dolrit. As his brothers fell by his side, Markos gripped onto a tree branch, but it snapped and he was pulled back into the jar. The wind started to pull Hope off her feet, the ‘youngster’s eyes looking to the team. She nodded and told them it had been an honour, before asking them to keep hope alive within them always, as it was the only thing that could stop what was coming. Hope then faded away, leaving only her white cape behind.

Afterwards, a panicked Krista burst in and admitted she and Sammy had been working to find Zeke, even tracking him to a mausoleum. She confessed, however, that the mausoleum could only be opened by a key which Sammy had crafted the night before. When asked why she had lied before, Krista sighed and divulged her torment over choosing either justice or her father figure, but knew a child’s life came first. Uncovering the key buried in the dirt, they unlocked the mausoleum as Lykaon suddenly rushed to a petrified Zeke- hugging him tightly. Lykaon tearfully promised to always protect Zeke, to which the relieved youngster happily left the mausoleum. Wiping his eyes, Lykaon agreed a deal was a deal and approached Phoebe. He placed his hands up, but nothing happened. Before Phoebe could neigh hotly, Zeke asked to try, stepping forwards and stroking her mane. Slowly, she morphed, before the archer returned to her familiar form and hugged her arms. They all finally looked to the sky and agreed they wouldn’t be here without Sammy, saying goodbye to him by leaving flowers on a nearby rock.

After the eventful case, the team regrouped, deciding to celebrate their victory in Athens. Aisha’s phone buzzed and she answered, stepping to the window. Theodore shouted that Persephone and Hephaestus were at the acropolis, before a large surge of light appeared on the horizon. The team raced to the monument, finding Persephone clutching a glowing and ignited Night Sword, Hephaestus by her side. Persephone congratulated them on their valiant efforts, but coyly declared they were too late. Despite the team’s best efforts, Persephone shouted that the time of Olympus was over and Typhon would be free, no matter what. She swung the sword violently and a portal to Tartarus opened like a mongrel’s mouth - sparks shooting off like saliva and tendrils of energy snapping like sharpened teeth. The rogue Gods’ then jumped through the portal and disappeared like smoke, as the team - within a split-second - realized they had no choice but to chase them to Tartarus… and into the the belly of the beast.



  • Sammy Duncan (his withered and cold body was found in the acropolis)

Murder Weapon

  • Hunger


  • Markos Vassotis



Killer's Profile

  • The killer wears hiking boots.
  • The killer rides a moped.
  • The killer has a cat.
  • The killer has brown hair.
  • The killer wears a tie.

Crime Scenes

Athens' Acropolis Old Ruins Athens' Acropolis Bonus
Sammy's Workshop Harp Station Sammy's Workshop Bonus
Cloudy Cemetery Grand Mausoleum Cloudy Cemetery Bonus


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