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Pamela Campbell
Suspect 1 - Pamela Campbell
Vital statistics
Position Nelson Campbell's sister/Expectant mother
Age 28
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'0
Weight 129lbs

Pamela Campbell was one of the suspects during the investigation of the death of her brother and anthropologist Nelson Campbell in So It Rebegins (Case #1 of Return to Grimsborough).


Pamela is a pregnant 28-year-old woman with green eyes and blonde hair tied up into multiple ponytails with fortune-cookie clips. She also has little freckles above her nose and a beauty mark on her left cheek. She wears a blue one-sleeved dress with a white and black collar and black buttons with a rope underneath. She also wears a white gauze bandage over her right eye. It is known that Pamela wears running shoes.

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