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Paint it Red
General Information
Season 2
City West Ridge
District Old Paradise
Case # 8
Initial release date 20. VI 2021.
Partner(s) Lucifer Coltrane (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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Showtime-Deadtime! One Ticking Box
The West Ridge Gallery is painted with blood as the important figure is nothing bush a floor paint... Tho it seems like the victim isn't the only person laying down... On your feet, young Detective! Its time to paint Justice for this victim....s?

Paint it Red is a case featured in Season 2 of Criminal Case as a 8th case of the season and 34th case overall. It is the third one to take place in Old Paradise, a district of West Ridge.


After Bianca didn't returned from from the Art Gallery the player and Lucifer got into the car and went to the Art Gallery to save Bianca and arrest Nikita. However as they parked the car and entered inside they eventually found a lots of blood on the floor leaking from the the floor in the gallery center hall. They rushed there and as soon they entered Bianca turned around and loudly screamed, making the cops from the outside to rush inside and now the entire backup squad saw Bianca shaking with her bloody hands next to a brutally smashed body of Nikita herself.

Lucifer looked at her and asked what happened only for Bianca to stay mute. The cops approached and based on what they saw needed to arrest her. Lucifer pleaded them to let the player and him handle this and interrogate her. The officer sighed and let them as the cops took the body to the morgue. Knowing that Bianca would be taken off duty and be in the custody cells, Lucifer asked her what happen only for her to reply that she came to Nikita here, they started to argue and next she knew was her bloody hands and her bones almost non existing. Lucifer sighed and said that they will prove her innocence as she handed herself to got to the custody cells. They began the investigation and found reasons to suspect serial killer enthusiast Mitch Siding and the collage athlete Gabriel Vega in the murder investigation. Katerina soon finished the autopsy of what remained of Nikita and said that she was killed by a powerful mallet that they discovered next to her before confessing how the killer hit hard and precise, not playing in Bianca's favor who is a sharpshooter. she also concluded how the killer works out in order to give such hard hits, which also matched Bianca's profile.

Returning to their desks to recap the case and express their wishes for Bianca to be clean they began to see where to look next as then a shy girl approached and while her crystal necklace through tears said that she needs to that with the player. A girl then seat on the chair and introduced herself as Alessandra Serentium, a sister of Astan Serentium and the victim's hookup and expressed concerns why she didn't called her after their date only for the team to inform her about her death. Alessandra tried to be strong and said that they had a date as "Le Coff" bar before excusing herself and rushing out of the station. Following her tip, the team searched "Le Coff" and found reasons to suspect a venture capitalist William Minstone and Pope himself, Pope Yovan VIII. they also discovered how Nikita made fun of Mitch and called him a creep before discovering how Nikita tried to sabotage Gabriel on one competition so her sister could've won but failed, making the young athlete angry to this day for that attempt.

With extended suspect list and motives for murder Lucifer said how this won't be easy ride as Chief Liazúli came closer to the team, saying that Judge Hyundai said how the team has only 5 hours to prove Bianca innocent. Having a new time limit the team decided to go to the murder scene where they discovered the footage where the victim and Bianca had a little hand-to-hand combat before the footage shut off which contradicted her story. They went to ask her about that where Chelsea was with her, talking about how she is innocent before she was faced with the questions about the combat that she said she doesn't remember because everything went black for her so suddenly as Chelsea hugged her and said that she needs break and for the two to go and back to work. Then they discovered how the victim insulted and shamed her hookup before discovering how the victim threw cold water back on the Pope.

With all evidence now clean they menage to arrest Alessandra. Alessandra just rubbed her crystal necklace before kissing it, saying that she would not kill a human but that Nikita wasn't a human but a monster disguised as human. Her eyes filled with this as she clutched her fist, saying how she never dated anyone who was more narcissist, bully and gaslighter. She said how when she met her via dating app Tibber she seemed sweet and loving and as the time went on her possessive and narcissist side showed more and more. She sit down and rubbed her eyes as she continued and said how almost every day she would insult her, nitpick and act like her feelings are toys, threatening to expose her, break up with her if she doesn't do what Nikita wanted her to. With a heavy sigh she looked down and said how all that was too much for her to handle but that her feelings were stronger, fear or love. As her tears fell on the floor she put her hands on her legs and confessed that they recently decide to meet in person only for Nikita to flirt with everyone she saw and kick her leg whenever she would look at anyone who isn't Nikita and after their date threatened to publicly humiliate her if she even think to break up before kissing a stranger in front of her which drove her to the limits. She looked at the player and said that she is not object to be tossed around and be pretty accessory but that she is a human, Serentium family member before her sanity finally broke and she made the plan to kill her and end her suffering once and for all. Using her skills she convinced Nikita to come to the Art Gallery after her "wanted" wqs issues and said how she would've protect her but instead she would kill her. she took the mallet and waited for her to come closer before attacking and venting her entire anger, sadness and tears onto Nikita eventually making grounded meat out of her but that she then needed to set up the detective so she could escape and then Bianca showed up who was perfect match. She then said how she is sorry but that she needed to save her honor and using her anatomy knowledge knocked Bianca off and set up to look like she killed Nikita. The team then arrested her as Judge Hyundai sentenced her to 5 years in jail.

Upon returning to the station, Ian said that he found something that the team needs to see. Ian then told the team how while they ran around and arresting people he discovered that Nikita's bank account went dry by anonymous people, assumingly by the mysterious organization and how the address of the transaction match the bar Nikita and Alessandra had their date. They then went there and searched again, discovering a broken piece of technology that after restoring ended up to be a phone. The shipped it to Ian who after analyzes said that the phone belong to Nikita and how she had the conversation with Mitch about something called "Crimson Palace" and how to get to it. The team questioned Mitch about that on what he said that it's the legendary palace where major criminal and conspiracy organizations gathered and that it is in this city but that it was destroyed 20 years ago when Nikita left for Hollywood and how he also don't know much about it. However he said that William might know since he is a venture capitalist after all. A due them talked to William about his on what he scratched his stubble and said that he might know something about it but that he will need his book of buildings that he left in Art Gallery yesterday. A due returned to the Gallery and obtained the book that they sent to Walter who quickly pointed that the old mysterious palace one day used to be where today is the famous Hotel Rensylvania. Lucifer then said that there is where Nikita wanted to run and explained that he will let local patrol inspect the area before the main unit do that.

After they left Walter's lab and Lucifer went to deal with the hotel question, Bianca came to the player and said that she is happy they proved her innocence and decided to get the player a burger. However, they were then approached by Gabriel who pleaded for them to assist him about something. Gabriel said that he wants to prepare surprise for his boyfriend Raymond because he study extremely hard and he deserved some break. Bianca said how that is very sweet from him and asked what he plans. Gabriel said that he would've take him to the movies and asked if they could fetch him some tickets. Bianca and the player agreed as they searched the movie lobby and obtained tickets for the premiere of the new Transmutators movie that they then gave to Gabriel who told them that they can join them anytime.

After everything was done, the team returned to see what is happening with the hotel and connection to the Crimson Palace and what importance is for this organization. As Lucifer talked with the local patrol, Bianca and the player approached Walter who told them that by his research a powerful organization under to give meetings here but that the organization disappeared 20 years ago but that is possibility that they still are here just pore secret. Bianca agreed that this organization they hunt could be the very same one. Lucifer then hang his phone and approached saying that everything is clean and that they should go to the hotel quickly before things go south.



  • Nikita Durpe (Smashed by a mallet)

Murder Weapon

  • Mallet


  • Alessandra Serentium


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer drinks whiskey.
  • The Killer works out.
  • The Killer visited Louvre.
  • The Killer wears purple crystal necklace.
  • The Killer is 5'6" tall.

Crime Scenes

Gallery's Center Hall Sculpture Exhibition Gallery's Center Hall Bonus
Movie Theater Popcorn Machinery Movie Theater Bonus
"Le Coff" Bar Bar Counter "Le Coff" Bar Bonus