Pacific Bay City
General information
Season 2
Established 1789
Country Flag of United States United States of America
Year 2015-16
Inhabitants Americans
Population 4.5 million+
Primary LEA Pacific Bayside Police Department
No. of cases in season 64
No. of districts in season 9
Initial release date Some point in 2019
Unlocked by All 60 cases in Waterborough completed
Appears in Season 2
Criminal Case
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Prepare for the time of your life when you pack your bags and arrive in the large metropolis of Pacific Bay City! Solve cases in many unique areas such as, high skylines to scorching deserts to high mountain ranges. Will you uncover every secret PBC hides and become a famed hero? Or will you be defeated by the immense horrors the city has to offer? Only one way to find out!
Pacific Bay City is a major city in the United States, and the main setting for the second season of Criminal Case,

Located in California and composed of nine districts, Pacific Bay City is a huge metropolis with various different cultures, ranging from avid party-goers to prestigious film-making industries, just to name a few. The Pacific Bayside Police Department (PBPD) acts as the law enforcement agency that serves the city.


Pacific Bay City features a total of sixty-four cases, which are located across nine different districts:


Bayside is the first district investigated in Pacific Bay City. It features a beach-themed urban setting, and mainly deals with raving and lawbreaking individuals who have a tendency to participate in illicit activities. It also focuses on shutting down the Italian Mob.

Cases #1-#8 are situated in this district.

Wickam City

Wickam City is the second district investigated in Pacific Bay City. A suburban neighborhood,

Cases #9-#16 are situated in this district.

Lunawood Hills

Lunawood Hills is the third district investigated in Pacific Bay City. Based on Hollywood,

Cases #17-#24 are situated in this district.

El Barrio

El Barrio is the fourth district investigated in Pacific Bay City. A Spanish neighborhood, fill with people of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, the district focuses on investigating a former drug lord and his possible criminal activity. It also focuses on Jasmine’s troubled past

Cases #25-#32 are situated in this district.

Moonlit Peaks

Moonlit Peaks is the fifth district investigated in Pacific Bay City

Cases #33-#40 are situated in this district.

Oasis Springs

Oasis Springs is the sixth district investigated in Pacific Bay City. It is a small desert town in the western part of Pacific Bay City, commonly referred to as the "Wild Wild West". The district focuses on UFO sightings and how the government manipulates information about alien life on earth. It also focuses on Autumn, whose life was ruined when it was manipulated by government and military officials.

Cases #41-#48 are situated in this district.

Bitcoin Valley

Bitcoin Valley is the seventh district investigated in Pacific Bay City. Based on Silicon Valley, it is recognized as the technological epicenter of Pacific Bay City. The district focuses on the dangers of fast-progressing technology spurred by two high-tech companies. It also focuses investigating "Project Imperium" and the resulting cloning and potential human experimenting from the project.

Cases #49-#54 are situated in this district.

Ruby Street

Ruby Street is the eighth district investigated in Pacific Bay City. Based on Las Vegas, it is Pacific Bay's largest entertainment center, famous for its casinos, brothels, and expensive hotels. The district deals with organized thieves planning on a heist in one of Pacific Bay's most highly-respected casinos. It also focuses on identifying a member of the police who was working with the heist crew the entire time.

Cases #55-#60 are situated in this district.

Misty Wastes

Misty Wastes is the ninth and final district investigated in Pacific Bay City. It is a barren enclosed area known for its dangerous sandstorms and high levels of radiation due to nuclear experiments carried out there for years. The district starts out focusing on Finn, Lauren, and the player pursuing the fugitives from the final case of Ruby Street.

Cases #61-#64 are situated in this district.


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