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General information
Type Province
Season 2
Setting The late 21st century
Country Unknown
Primary LEA The OLEA,the local agencies in every city
Key city figures Dennis Goldstien(mayor)

Desmond Wallbrown(judge) Clifford Reynolds(chief of OLEA)

No. of cases in season 39 (formerly 50)
No. of districts in season 8
Appears in Mysteries From the Future
Season guide
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Sunny Ville Avantia

Ozonia:Rising of the Darkness is the 2nd episode from the fanmade series Criminal Case:Mysteries From the Future


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Ozonia is semi-indpendent (like hong kong) large province,its divided into 8 districts


is the first district.its a big district and a melting pot,although the whole ozonia is a multi-ethnicity,but this district eslecially is the most various.focus on..


  • Case #1-Whodunit
  • Case #2-
  • Case #3-
  • Case #4-
  • Case #5-
  • A.I:

Elm Heights

Is the 2nd district,it's a rich district where Neoto,the province capital is located.focus on...


  • Case #6-
  • Case #7
  • Case #8-
  • Case #9-
  • Case #10-
  • A.I:

Cropworth Acres

is the 3rd district and the agricultural district.focus on...


  • Case #11-
  • Case #12-
  • Case #13-
  • Case #14-
  • Case #15-
  • A.I:

Fortlux Route

is the 5th district.focus on the shady disappearnce of some individuals,and investigating the claims of some people that they saw these disappeared individuals but glowing in orange.


Canis forest

is the 4th district,its a foresty ditrict with mountains and other beautiful natural scenaries.focus on catching a seria killer who calls themselves "Sickle of Ghosts",and haunts the district and targeting certain people according to the zodiac/horoscope.and the team trying to find the ties between the serial killer's victims.



is the 6th district.its the technological and industrial district of ozonia with many factories ,labs,VR clubs..etc around...have 2 plotlines,one about trying to repair a capital error that occured in most VR clubs servers and made all the people who was there stuck in the virtual worlds (as in this era people can teleport into the computers by their bodies using special helmets) and cannot return to the reality,and the doubts that this is sabotage,not by chance.other is about a dangerous chemical-nano leak from some labs around.


Pearl Shore

is the 7th district.its a commerical touring district with many beaches.focus on the aftermath of the nanoic leak and pollution that spreaded in the previous district and broke out in this district too,and the mystrious disappearance of many hovercrafts and aircrafts that travels across ozonia espicially the ones that flied over or on the sea near ruinia islands.


Ruinia Islands

Is the 8th and final features a serveral mystrious semi-uninhabited islands in the eastern sea that have many caverns,jungles...etc.focus on(...predict...).


A.I:On the Darkness' Edge

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