Otis Hausen was the killer of convict Gerald Deckerton in Lies And Deceit (Case #6 of Toomeswood), prior to that he appeared as a quasi-suspect in A Devastation Of Love (Case #3 of Toomeswood)


Otis is a 44 year old convict who is bald with blue eyes, as well as multiple scars. He sports a black muscle tank and a black collar with silver spikes as well as a silver ram skull necklace.

In his first suspect appearance, his outfit had changed into a standard orange prison uniform. It is discovered that he is ambidextrous, watches horror films, takes anti-depressants and is physically fit.

Height 6'3"
Age 44
Weight 296 lb
Eyes Blue
Blood AB+

Events of Criminal Case

A Devastation Of Love

After arresting Lorena Esposito's killer, Jordan and the player went to arrest Otis after Elanna Esposito stated that she had seen him at the Toomeswood-Carville Border Station. When the team arrested him, he simply told the team that war would soon be upon them and that it would be inevitable.

Lies And Deceit

Otis was immediately flagged as a suspect after attacking Lucas via chokehold and punching him. He told the team that he hardly knew the victim aside from being across from his cell but told Jordan and the player that the victim looked "punchable".

Later on in the investigation, Otis broke out of his cell and attempted to choke and assault convicted stoner Sean Crackton to unconsciousness in front of the latter's boyfriend vlogger Brad Ryder. Brad however peppersprayed Otis and Jordan safely escorted Sean to the prison infirmary.

Otis was spoken to again when the team found a pig that he butchered,given that he was originally sentenced to life imprisonment for butchering baby piglets. Otis told the team that it was a threat to the victim who insulted him several times. He also admitted that poured pigs blood all over the victim's cell to further threaten him.

In the end, Otis was ultimately found guilty of the murder. After thoroughly denying involvement, Otis admitted that he was ordered to kill Gerald by their employer who had been operating from Columbia Heights: Lord War. The convict explained that Lord War had been furious about the money Gerald embezzled having been seized and ordered Otis to gut Gerald to death for having failed to deliver the money. Jordan didn't hesitate to ship Otis to trial where Judge Whiterock gave him an additional life sentence but this time with maximum security in solitary confinement. Otis, on the other hand laughed in her face (mirroring the exact words of the late Principal Gideon) that war would soon be upon the community.

Delete My Heart


  • Otis resembles former wrestler Kurt Angle
  • At 6'3", Otis is the tallest killer in Toomeswood
  • At 296 lbs Otis is also the heaviest killer in Toomeswood

Case Appearances

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